WATCH: ISIS Suicide Bomber Blown to Bits by Kurds’ Rocket

As ISIS faces what has been called by experts “the end of days,” as a combined Iraqi and Kurdish military force of about 30,000 pushed toward the northern Iraq city of Mosul — which has been the ISIS “capital” in Iraq since June of 2014 when the terror group took over the city — the desperate militants have stepped up suicide attacks against the attacking troops.

In the above video, shot on October 20 at a location to the north of Mosul, Kurdish Peshmerga troops deal with one attempted ISIS suicide attacker in emphatic fashion.

The Kurdish fighters spotted the car barreling toward them, in the distance across the desert, as seen in the following screen capture from the video which was posted by the Kurdish network Rudaw TV.

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Sources who spoke to the BBC said that the top ISIS fighters have already abandoned Mosul, leaving only their local recruits behind.

“The frontline foreign fighters are rarely there. They’ve vanished. The houses they occupied are vacant,” the source told the British TV network. “They’re leaving it to the local fighters, who will become the scapegoats.”

An academic who originally hailed from Mosul, but was quoted anonymously by the BBC presumably to avoid retribution againsts his relatives or friends still in the city, called ISIS’ last stand in Mosul, “a lost cause. It’s the end of days for them.”


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This is a stage play for Obama. Looks good: newly trained Iraqi Army takes Mosul. No bombing like the nasty Russians in Aleppo. All clean – a few ‘suicide cars’ for good measure, a few rockets into the hills. Next is the crowds of locals welcoming their liberators, women weeping. crimes of ISIS are uncovered.
But the reality is that ISIS left ages ago. All the foreign fighters and their leaders were allowed out. The Shiite PMF said the US didn’t even try to bomb ISIS as they streamed out. The only ones left are locals who can easily disappear into the crowd.
It’s all for the cameras folks. Trump was right.

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