Jessica Leeds: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

On Wednesday, The New York Times released interviews with two women, Jessica Leeds and Rachel Crooks, who claim they were inappropriately touched by Donald Trump at different times over the past 30 years.

Here’s what you need to know about Jessica Leeds.

1. Leeds Says the Incident Took Place on a Plane in the 1980s

Jessica Leeds Donald Trump, Jessica Leeds Claims She was Inappropriately Touched by Donald Trump


In her interview with the New York Times, Leeds, now 74, says that at the time of the incident she was a sales rep hired by a newsprint company. She was traveling back to New York City from the midwest when the stewardess asked if she’d like to move up to first class about 45 minutes into the flight.

Rachel Crooks has also come forward to discuss her encounter with Trump. Cooks was 22-years-old at the time she claims she was touched, and worked as a receptionist at Bayrock Group, an investment company in Trump Towers in Manhattan. She says that in 2005, after her company did business with Trump, she introduced herself to the real estate mogul. The New York Times writes, “They shook hands, but Mr. Trump would not let go… Instead, he began kissing her cheeks. Then, she said, he ‘kissed me directly on the mouth.'”

2. She Was a Businesswoman at a Paper Company

When Leeds moved up to first class, she was introduced to Trump. She admits that at the time, she wasn’t aware of the “real estate world of Trump”. The two chatted casually for some time, but when the stewardess cleared their meal, Trump pulled up the armrest. “It was a real shock when, all of a sudden, his hands were all over me.”

Leeds goes on to say, “I hesitate to use this expression, but I’m going to, and that is, he was like an octopus. It was like he had six arms.”

Rachel Crooks: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Rachel Crooks, one of the two Donald Trump accusers in The New York Times, is a Hillary Clinton supporter and donor who works for a university in Ohio.

Click here to read more

3. She Says Trump Put His Hand up Her Skirt and Grabbed Her Breasts

Leeds admits that she doesn’t think she would be quite so upset if Trump’s hands didn’t venture away from the upper part of her body. “It’s when he started putting his hand up my skirt… and that was it. That was it. I was out of there.” The New York Times writes, “According to Ms. Leeds, Mr. Trump grabbed her breasts and tried to put his hand up her skirt.”

Leeds immediately left and headed back to her original seat.

On Thursday, reports Vox, a spokeswoman for the Trump campaign named Katrina Pierson said that Leeds’ story is a lie since armrests in first class were fixed in the 80s. “We’re talking about the early 1980s, Don, seriously? Back then you had planes — what, a DC-9, a DC-10, an MD-80, a 707, and maybe an L-1011. But she said specifically that this was to New York. This is important, so we can X-out the DC-10 and the L-1011. Guess what? First-class seats have fixed armrests.”

NYC Aviation invalidated Pierson’s claims by Tweeting, “… the aircraft types you mentioned all did operate into New York City.”

4. She Emailed the New York Times After the Second Presidential Debate

During the second presidential debate, Trump said he had never touched or kissed a woman without her permission. Leeds tells the New York Times that she wanted to “punch the screen” when Trump said that.

Leeds didn’t begin discussing her encounter with Trump until a year and a half ago, when it was apparent that he was actually running for president. During the 70s and 80s, she believes society instilled in victims that it was somehow their fault if they were sexually assaulted or harassed. She explains that culture perpetuated the idea that you had to “buck up and [move] on.”

Though many years have passed, Leeds hopes that sharing her story publicly will make a difference in the election and in society.

5. People Are Thanking Leeds On Social Media

Since The New York Times posted their article on Wednesday afternoon, people have flocked to social media to express their gratitude to Leeds for sharing her story.

Others are suspicious of Leeds and Crooks, and wonder why they took so long to reveal their experiences.

Click here to watch the Times video.

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  1. interesting how everyone questions why she waited so long. yet, the celebrated Juanita Broadrick that waited nearly 25 years before speaking out.


      • Juanita Broaddrick did speak out. In 1998, she said under oath that Clinton never molested her. Ken Starr didn’t like that answer, and threatened to bring Broaddrick up on perjury charges. Then Broaddrick changed her story. I don’t believe a word this woman says.

      • Harry– you are wrong. Her story was listened to, given in a legal deposition (under oath) and she denied the rumors about assault by Bill Clinton. Try and keep up.

  2. By a strange ‘coincidence,’ a Jessica Leeds has had some (property) boundary disputes with Trump in the past.
    See for details. Or do a search.

    • I believe she is aware that an Octopus (correct spelling) has 8 tentacles. Her point is, that his arms were everywhere at once….. DOLT!

  3. So she got busted as the armrests on first class do not move. He could not have pulled the armrest up. Clinton paid slander. When will people learn to not trust the Clintons?

      • I saw pixs of the first class seats back then and the center console flipped up and made the seat-back almost solid (like the console of my Kia Soul backseat). The Trump Supporters need to keep up with the facts and not rely on what the Trump Campaign gives out for them to post.

  4. Leeds groped me in 1971 when I was coming home on leave from the Navy. I had on my dress blues…the pants have two sets of buttons on the front. I was sitting by myself and she said “Hey sailor…mind if I sit next to you”? I said that would be OK. I had just been to the head to relieve myself and had neglected to button all the buttons. She glanced down and noticed it and made some remark like she had never seen pants with two rows of buttons, could she button the loose one?
    Before I could say anything, she had slipped her hand inside my bellbottoms and was helping herself to the contents…she was like a squid…tentacles all over me. I have never been so humiliated. Obviously, I never mentioned it, who would believe that a woman could manhandled me like that?

  5. I have a major issue with everything about this. I don’t believe her. I can just see her cooking this story up with Clinton. I just don’t buy it. Seems like nothing else has worked, so they get to use this. B.S.

    • Yeah- Clinton Campaign went all around the country and found women that could place themselves within Trump’s sphere of influence and recruited them. They put an ad on CraigsList. LOL

  6. i don’t believe any of these women…they’re all playing the Hillary pay to play game…..I dont care how many women come vote is for Mr Trump 100%

      • is this the same mark who tried to grope me on the red-eye from Boston to LAX?
        we were in coach & you tried to make me share my Diet Coke but I explained it was the last one
        on the plane & you’d just have to wait ten minutes to taxi to the gate to get your own.
        You bastard.

  7. It’s all about destroying Trump. How about Hillary’s tax writeoffs. How about her lesbian affair, and do we really want adulterer BILL back in the Whitehouse when he doesn’t know what oral sex is???

    • Trump has done just fine destroying himself: bully, braggart, sexist, racist, thin-skinned, egomaniacal. Best get used to hearing Madame President. Bye bye Trump.

      • WRONG!!! Who’s crying now??? Haha… here… let me offer you a binky and warm bottle. Love it!! EVERYONES attempt to push him out FAILED!! We’ve had enough of the bullshit!!! Best Christmas gift!!! Merry Christmas!!! :)

    • Hillary denied being briefed on secure handling of classified material and said Colin Powell advised her to have her private email server. Well in 2005 because of Colin Powell legislation made the rules that would bar such a server more clear that it was illegal. What did Hillary do in 2005; she was a senator who voted on that legislation. There are two cases. She is being as truthful as she can be but has a failed memory, and can’t recall basic situations, thus her judgement is way to compromised to be president, or case two, she is perfectly aware she is telling falsehoods (either way she espouses a situation that is fiction) … do you really want someone whose finger is on the nuclear button to confuse that with the “Reset” button?

      Kennedy slept with mistresses in the whitehouse, LBJ had several mistresses, Clinton was unfaithful and lied about it. Trump may or may not have acted inappropriately towards women. Hillary has allegedly had several lesbian affairs, while married, with some prominent witnesses. Does that factoid single her out as inappropriate for being president. No. but her pushing failed agendas that are destroying the American economy, constant lying on policy (nothing against the second amendment vs. Australian gun confiscation would be a good idea) things like that should make you vote against Hillary. It isn’t her stance on any single issue, it is that she espouses conflicting stances that are audience dependent. He big business private speaking is quite different than her senate floor speeches or public speeches, and often in opposition between them.

  8. First, it was 35 or 36 years ago, not 30. At that time, armrests in 1st class weren’t fixed, especially if the plane was built in the 1970’s or earlier, which would have been extremely likely. Now, this clown from the UK said Leeds was the aggressor. Let’s see a manifest showing all 3 were on the same flight.

  9. Why Donald, the man who always has been surrounded of young and beautiful women, would choose to touch a grandmother’s pus&^%y?? And how is possible that this happened in an airplane, where there is a pretty small space, and people everywhere?? Why didn’t she ask for help??? BECAUSE SHE IS LYING, AND THIS IS A TALE STORY PAID BY HILLARY!!

  10. Im not gonna read all the B.S. just a comment… Trump is a PIG, if you think otherwise your dumb as dirt.. You can still vote for him but just accept it.

  11. Jessica Leeds has had several property disputes with Donald Trump, and clearly has an axe to grind. That, along with the inaccuracies about the seats, the length of time to report the alleged incident, and the fact that it is under 30 days until the election, and Hitlery is trying to distract from the WikiLeaks reports about her, make this woman’s credibility HIGHLY questionable. I would check her financials, as I am suspicious that she may have just conveniently come into a large sum of money.

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  13. Jessica Leeds has again changed her story, and now says the incident happened in 1979, not ‘the ’80’s” Meanwhile, a witness has come forward who sat across the isle from Trump and Leeds, and has refuted the story. He saw nothing inappropriate and states Leeds was the one flirting.

  14. Stewardesses don’t ask Coach passengers to move up to First Class, unless they are willing to pay more, often twice the price.
    It would be unfair to other 100’s of Coach passengers to pick one to move to First Class for free. Why Jessica Leeds?
    It would be unfair to First Class since they paid more money.
    If anyone, the Stewardess would have picked an old or fat lady to go to the front so she could get out more easily.
    Stewardess would have kept her eye on Jessica to make sure she was comfortable, if she put her next to famous playboy Donald Trump.
    The story is obviously bogus.

  15. Being praised on social media for lies? They are refitted on two levels:
    1) There’s a witness claiming she’s lying
    2) She is lying about him moving the armrest

  16. “Leeds admits that she doesn’t think she would be quite so upset if Trump’s hands didn’t venture away from the upper part of her body. “It’s when he started putting his hand up my skirt… and that was it. That was it. I was out of there.” ”

    Is the following possible? A man and a woman start making out. The man tries to go from first base to second base, etc., until the woman says no. Millions of men and women have done this. Is the NY Times trying to tell us otherwise?

  17. This woman claims if he just kept touching my breasts I would not have had a problem. She does have a problem. It’s called no credibility.

  18. I agree with all the comments made about the distance between each passenger when were seated in First Class in the 70′ and 80’s. During
    That time the attendants were always hovering around filling drinks, serving snacks, or meals. They were never out of site unless they used the bathroom. They were asssigned to the First Class Cabin sometimes there were more.They did not serve the other cabins at that time and leave First Class. I am an independent. Last night I googled the accuser and found multiple photos with Hillary and at least one was Bill. Poof! They were gone an hour later. I wish I took a picture of the pictures so I could post them.

  19. Trump supporters: You are all delusional.. Sexual harassment is NOT a partisan issue. You right-wingers claim to be so moral – attending mega churches and praising Jesus on Sundays. … so where is your morality now? Don’t pivot to Bill (who is not running)… just stick to the point about your hero/demi-god Trump. Where is your morality?

    • She let’s hi1m feel her up for 15 minutes, then when he tries to go further, she says stop and he stops… that is not sexual harassment, she was a willing participant and he is a normal guy. Even IF her story has any truth to it at all.

    • You want to talk about morality… about destroying Monica Lewinsky? She was only 21 when she was giving blow jobs to the President. How has Hillary amass a half a billion dollars? She never produced anything. She sold this county out to the highest bidder. She talks about being for women’s rights and she pays her people by two different scales…men are paid more money than women. Again destroying women who were involved with her husband. Exactly what has she done to make life better for women…My biggest problem with Hillary is Benghazi. She let those men die…They say there wasn’t time for a rescue. How do they know how long the attack was going to last? They let those people die because it didn’t fit Obama and Clinton agenda. And turn around and lied to the American public. Do we really want more lies.

    • I totally have none of so-called “moral”, but I do use my brand somewhat compare to you. First of, what proof did the women have to complain about anyone? Even Bill Costby wasn’t legally sued until more legitimate evidence arose. These women just say Trump did it along with Trump’s stupid boy locker’s chit chat, and you bought it. What happened to proofs and everyone is not guilty until proven under the law? I guess all the haters need is a reason no matter what and how credible that was.

  20. Um…i think i smell the pungent odor of BS with Jessica Leads’ story. How old was Donald when this old gal was young, 12? He has beautiful women surrounding him and he hit on this? Not likely. Also, to think that she feels we are stupid enough to believe Trump flew commercial when he owned his own private planes is absurd. Then theres the link between old girl and the clinton foundation. No sale. Try again, methusla. And democrats…when you’re making up lies, make them at least a little believable. So sad. Im sticking with Trump.

  21. I listened to her interview and was cringed when she stated that she may have been alright with him kissing her and touching her breast. What happened to the word NO or STOP. . I don’t believe any of these women with less than a month until we vote. I believe the media as well as Clinton are trying to stop him from winning. Instead of us hearing the real issues facing American, we now have to listen to “respected news men and women” interject their own opinions into our election as, to me they appear, to try to change the vote. I don’t even like Donald Trump but I am going to vote for him. Why? We need immigration change, we need more jobs, we need to reduce the national debt, we need a stronger military, we need health revisions, we need a someone who will appoint a Supreme Court Justice that will follow our laws, and we do not need a woman in office who knew and lied about the use of emails. Donald Trump does not speak political talk but we need to stop and listen to the issues. If later these women were telling the truth, it should be addressed then, now right now.

  22. Lets say this did happen. So What!! All that happened was he went for second base and she was OK with that, so then he tries for third, then see walks way. He go turned down, she walked away. It’s not like he tried to pul lher back into her seat or force her to stay in her seat.

  23. Let’s just say the white cloth was on the tray and the silver, crystal and plate of food on the tray. And he tries using his octopus hands that can’t reach
    Across the privacy middle and instead hits her tray with food flying all over.That would be hard to do. Let’s say she has ordered a double martini and than another and she starts having illusions about creatures. It still comes down to space, timing and the attending stewardess’s, people passing to use the forward restroom, and the convenience of a call button.There is no way my husband in a fit of passion could reach my face and kiss it all over from the sitting position in First Class.
    I would love to see this farce on SNL.

  24. I noticed that the Boeing 727-000 were excluded from the article which did have fixed armrests and are the only planes that Braniff operated between Dallas and New York City at that time. It is also very interesting how they excluded Kathy Shelton, a very powerful refutation of the left’s narrative of the phony contrived “GOP war on women”. Remember that the left pulled this crap against Clarence Thomas in a vicious attempt to derail his confirmation to the Supreme Court.

  25. …would you just listen to all these liberal idiots, making all sorts of ridiculous statements and subjective innuendo. You could see there is blood coming out of their eyes, blood coming out of their wherever. In my opinion… Pathetic!

  26. EVEN IF THIS WAS TRUE which I don’t believe it is.

    Bill Clinton is RAPIST and his WIFE HILLARY COVERED IT UP.
    Like she got the rapist of the 12 year old girl off.
    Like she allows the RAPE OF AMERICA by Wall Street and the Saudis who DONATE HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS to her “Foundation”:.

    Hillary Clinton will rape, sodomize and DESTROY AMERICA.

    If you had enough Obama, VOTE TRUMP.
    If you hate jihad, VOTE TRUMP

  27. Bill Clinton was talking to Ambassadors and diplomats when he was getting gratified. That made me feel during the impreachment hearings that he could or did pass on national security. When I Read Gary Byrne’s book the “Crisis of Conscious” I was shocked and upset even more.

  28. Recently heard a phone interview with a British guy on Judge Jeanne, TV, who flew to the US to particularly rebut Leed’s claim she was molested by Trump on an airplane years ago. Said he was there in another seat on the same plane, same date, same aisle in first class, and said there was nothing true about what she is peddling to the Press. In fact he said she was ecstatic about being seated next to Trump. Surely, this is news. Surely, it can be checked out. While I don’t watch TV 24/7 I still have not seen/heard
    any coverage on this. Why not? I would think the news hounds would be all over it, unless they thought it would hurt Clinton.

  29. When you let a guy kiss you and fondle your breasts for 15 minutes, that is understood around the world in every culture to be permission to try to get to the next level. When the guy tries to get to the next level and you say stop and he stops, that is not being molested. You were a willing participant and he stopped when you didn’t want to go farther. That is not what an attacker would do. Trump just did what any regular guy would do, and he stopped when you wanted him to stop.
    He is not an attacker or molester.
    You are a big fat liar.


  30. Um Jessica Leeds owned a million dollar home on trumps golf course and was in a battle with them over construction and a fence line…this is her way of acting out over a freaking fence line….what a B!!! Well she is debunked..I didn’t buy her story for a second!!! Oh and what she said was totally prewritten…the octopus sign came from a song and also Hillarys VP used the same reference in his debate…wake up people!!!!

    • Here is the first article..New York Daily News dated oct 7th 2007.. she complained about the new wall of trees…the second article was LA Times dated Oct 30th 2008…talking about the fence line and they gave her 10 days to move it..she didn’t so they brought out bulldozers…so so wrong of her to lie about this!!!!!! I am pissed!!!! #Trump2016

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  34. “Leeds admits that she doesn’t think she would be quite so upset if Trump’s hands didn’t venture away from the upper part of her body.” Does this make any sense? She was ok when Trump on her upper part for a while there? Tell me one guy stop there? She was easy but not that easy? Where was her dinner Mr. Trump?