Kayla Berg: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Kayla Berg

Kayla Berg. (Facebook)

Kayla Berg, a 15-year-old teenager from Antigo, Wisconsin, vanished without a trace in 2009, but a newly discovered and very disturbing YouTube video raised fresh concerns about her fate. Antigo police now say, though, that the YouTube video is fake and was an acting skit.

That leaves Kayla’s grieving family with no more answers than they had before about the enduring mystery of the young woman’s disappearance but with hopes that the national spotlight could churn up some clues.

Antigo police confirmed October 11 that they were investigating the bizarre YouTube video posted two months after Kayla disappeared but discovered recently.

Some people thought Kayla was the woman seen screaming and cowering in a bathroom in the video, which has been viewed more than 1 million times on YouTube, and some people thought all along that the video might be a hoax or an attempt at bad acting.

In fact, amateur sleuths dredged up another YouTube video of a man who closely resembles the man in the disturbing video, acting out a completely unrelated scene with a woman in a wig. The second video, which is clearly an acting attempt, was posted to YouTube in October 2009. It’s not clear whether the two videos are at all related, though, as police did not identify the actors in the creepy video that went viral.

Kayla vanished in August 2009 after a friend dropped her off at her boyfriend’s house in Wausau, Wisconsin. She has not been seen since. A young woman is still missing. She simply vanished into thin air one day, and she leaves behind a grieving family desperate for answers. Her brother posted:

The hope of those who love Kayla is that the public interest doesn’t wane now that the video has been debunked so the national spotlight on her case can lead to answers about the central mystery: What happened to Kayla Berg?

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Police Say the Scene in the Disturbing Video Was Faked

The creepy video is headlined on You Tube, “Hi Walter! I got a new gf today! Hi Walter! Its me Patrick!” It’s not clear who Walter or Patrick are. The video has now been removed from YouTube, but you can watch a copy above.

Antigo, Wisconsin police initially posted a statement on Facebook about the video, indicating that they were investigating its origins and soliciting information from the public about it or the man in it. It took them about a day to unravel the fact that it was an acting skit.

On Wednesday morning, police posted a new statement, saying the actors did not intend any resemblance to Berg, and clarifying that the video was posted in 2011.

Police Chief Eric Roller told WBAY-TV: “We’ll do whatever we can to find out who’s in there and identify them. Sometimes that’s hard on the web because of wherever this stuff may originate from [but] we’re going to do everything we can to get to the bottom of it.”

Tragically, the skit put Kayla’s family through a heart-wrenching series of emotions.

Kayla’s mother, Hope Sprenger, told WAOW-TV that she was worried the girl featured in the video was her daughter.

“[It] sounded like her, looked like her, it gave me chills,” Sprenger said, according to the Wisconsin television station. “Disturbing. It made me sick to my stomach.”

KTLA said Kayla’s mother considered it a “red flag” that the video was posted just two months after her daughter vanished.

Kayla’s brother posted on Facebook that the family contacted the FBI, and he almost had a panic attack at work after seeing the video.

A woman who identified herself on Facebook as a friend of Berg’s wrote, when asked by another user if it sounded like Kayla, “Honestly, yes. From what I saw, the sound of her struggling.. I’ve listened to it a million times and it sounds like her voice.”

You can get a better view of the woman in the video if you brighten a screen shot:


The video starts with a dialogue from the man facing the computer screen. This had led some to wonder: If the video had been real, why would the man expose his face so carelessly and clearly?

“Hi Walter, I was at the mall today and guess what happened? I met the most wonderful girl,” the man says in the video. He then says:

We went shopping at JC Penneys, and she tried on a lot of clothes, and she ended up buying a whole lot of them, you know what I mean? And then we decided to go and take a look at some of the jewelry at Kay Jewelers. She picked out this most awesome necklace, the most amazing necklace I’ve ever seen. And, I know she wanted me to buy it for her, because she kept on giving me the look, you know the look. And then we got kind of tired at the mall, and I brought her back to my place. And I know she hates cameras, Walter, but I’m going to show you anyway. Are you ready?

The camera then shows what appears to be a basement door to a bathroom.

“Why are you doing this? Help!” the crying woman screams as the man opens the bathroom door, showing her inside, and then goes inside himself and shuts the door as her screams escalate. The Daily Beast said the video was the user’s only post.

Sprenger told the TV station: “The clothing could be a big possibility. We do believe she was wearing that type of shirt, we know she had jeans.”

The description on the YouTube channel read, “my videos to Walter. My friend which cannot seem to find me.”

kayla berg

Kayla Berg. (National Center For Missing and Exploited Children)

People filled the Antigo police thread on Facebook with theories. Internet sleuths studied the video and said they noticed various clues, such as the fact there was someone’s reflection in the man’s glasses. Police also spent the day debunking other theories. Police wrote on Facebook that a somewhat lookalike man named by amateur sleuths was ruled out as having any connection to the video, and they asked people to stop harassing him.

One particularly intriguing theory all along: Another man posted a separate YouTube video to the police thread that features a man who resembles the man in the creepy video acting out different scenes with an actress wearing a wig. The date of the video with the actors? October 9, 2009.

Some people theorized “Walter” could refer to Milwaukee serial killer Walter Ellis, however the modus operandi and most victim profiles in Ellis’ serial killings did not resemble the Berg disappearance at all (they were, generally, older prostitutes or otherwise vulnerable women who lived in Milwaukee), and Milwaukee is three hours away from Antigo, which is located north of Green Bay.

The police chief told The Daily Beast that “an out-of-state tipster alerted him of the video last weekend.” It was posted in 2009 but only went viral recently. A Facebook page devoted to the video posted it in July 2016.

One man who has dissected the video online claimed he could hear the man in the video say “action” before he opens the door to the bathroom with the girl inside. He thought from the start that the video was faked, and police now say that’s correct.

However, it leaves Kayla’s mother and brother no closer to finding out what happened to her.

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2. Kayla Vanished After Being Dropped off at Her Boyfriend’s House

Kayla Berg

Kayla Berg in 2007, two years before she disappeared. (Facebook)

According to Crime Watchers, Kayla was last seen in Antigo, Wisconsin on August 11, 2009 by a friend, Kevin Kielcheski, 24.

The crime site says the friend dropped Kayla off at her boyfriend’s home in Wausau, Wisconsin between 9:00 and 11:00 p.m. “He said it looked like no one was home as all of the lights were off, and he never saw her go inside,” says Crime Watchers. He says he left and had nothing to do with her disappearance.

The home was abandoned, says WKOW-TV. CNN says it had been condemned and was undergoing renovations.

The FBI, which is offering a $20,000 reward in the case, says, “Kayla May Berg was last seen on August 11, 2009, in Antigo, Wisconsin. Kayla was last seen at her father’s home until she was picked up and given a ride from Antigo to Wausau, Wisconsin.”


The Charley Project says Kayla’s boyfriend said that he never saw her that night.

Kayla’s missing poster with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children says Kayla’s “ears and navel are pierced. Kayla has a scar on the right side of her nose. She also has a scar on her right shin.”

The Charley Project says that Kayla was last seen wearing “a red spaghetti-strap top, a dark blue hooded sweatshirt, blue jeans, tan low-heeled sandals, and a silver ringed necklace.”

However, CNN says there conflicting accounts of what she was wearing, and the person who last saw her said she was wearing a long-sleeved shirt.

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3. Police Considered Berg a Possible Runaway at First

kayla berg

Kayla Berg. (National Missing and Unidentified Persons System)

When Berg first disappeared, police considered the possibility she was a runaway, but after time passed, that theory became less likely, according to The Charley Project.

Berg’s parents did not immediately report her missing because each thought she was at the other’s house, according to CNN. That made the investigation harder from the onset.

Berg’s mother’s Facebook page reads, “I am the mother of missing Kayla May Berg, 8-11-2009, from Antigo, WI. I just want answers…”

kayla berg

Kayla Berg memorial on her mother’s page. (Facebook)

According to CNN, the family – including Kayla’s older brother Jimmy – had just moved to Antigo from Texas because the children were raised in Antigo and were homesick for the small Wisconsin community. Kayla’s father and grandparents lived in Antigo, said CNN. The parents had an open arrangement where Kayla went back and forth between the homes whenever she wanted, often walking or biking there, said CNN.

Kayla had called her mother the afternoon she disappeared from a local McDonald’s, where she was hanging out with friends, and said she was going to go to her dad’s, according to CNN.

Police initially believed her friends were not being forthcoming about her whereabouts, but as time passed, that theory evaporated, said WSAW-TV.

WKOW-TV says Kayla’s mother said from the start that she did not believe Kayla had run away, quoting her as saying, “Kayla if you can hear this, please just call me, you’re not in trouble. Just call mom. I need to know.”

On Kayla’s 16th birthday, a candlelight ceremony was held in her honor, says WKOW-TV.

WATCH: Video With Girl Tied Up in Bathroom May Be Lead in Kayla Berg Disappearance

A video published in 2009 titled "Hi Walter! I got a new gf today!" by Hi Walter! Its me Patrick! shows a woman chained and crying in a bathroom. Police are investigating if it is connected to missing Wisconsin teen, Kayla Berg.

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4. Kielcheski Was Initially Charged With Endangering Berg

Kayla Berg

Kayla Berg. (National Missing and Unidentified Persons System)

Kielcheski was charged with “recklessly endangering Kayla Mae Berg’s safety in August 2009 after he admitted smoking marijuana with her, then giving her a ride to a home in Wausau,” says WSAU-TV.

However, Kielcheski’s attorneys argued that the charges should be dropped “for lack of evidence.” In 2011, WKOW-TV reported that the charges against Kielcheski were dismissed for lack of probable cause.

WSAW-TV said police revealed in 2011 that “things of interest were found” on his property that they would not identify, “but there was no indication that Berg was on his property.”

CNN says that a friend of Kayla’s brother had dropped her off at McDonald’s. She spoke with a friend and said she planned to ride around in a car for awhile, and the next thing police know is that Kielcheski says he dropped her off at her boyfriend’s house 34 miles away in Wausau. The boyfriend was 19 and Berg was 15, says CNN.

5. Kayla Had a Passion for Gymnastics

Kayla Berg

In 2014, Kayla’s mom wrote under this montage, “Ok FB friends its getting close to Kayla’ Birthday she’ll be turning 21 on Friday Aug 29. Lets flood fb with her photos……” (Facebook)

WSAW-TV reported that Kayla had a passion for gymnastics, quoting a friend as saying. “She wanted to go to gymnastics camp and I told her that she would make an Olympic gold medalist.”

CNN said Berg was looking forward to competing on the high school gymnastics team.

At one point, police received a tip that Kayla was seen getting into a truck at a Wal-Mart parking lot, but the driver was found and cleared, said WKOW-TV.

In August 2016, the community released balloons in memory of Kayla, said WSAW. Kayla’s story was featured on CNN and America’s Most Wanted.

If you have information that could help find Kayla Berg, call the Antigo, Wisconsin Police Department at 715-627-6411.

Read more about Kayla Berg and this disturbing video in Spanish at

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    • I agree… it is SO SICK and SCARRY it make you want to cry. God only knows what this poor girl went through. Why is the world so full of evil? Look what ISIS and the Cartels are doing to their own people. I will pray for this girl and only hope she has found peace.

  1. He dropped her off at her boyfriend’s house ? This was a friend ? That noticed no lights were on, and it looked like nobody was home ? and he didn’t wait to see if she went into the house ? he just drove off ? but he remembered the house being dark ? The door to the bathroom is original I’m thinking maybe forties or fifties maybe early sixties because of the light switch ?Now the calendar on the wall should be identifiable ? and then you have to go frame by frame to see what you can see in his glasses ? his glasses are prescription which will give you the maker ? he’s also had dental work it’s ? definitely a basement or a root cellar ? and all the cabinets and the door are the same color should be able to get a color match because it looks like the kind of paint you can buy already pre-made ? there’s new handles on the Cabinetry but there’s no dirt from opening and closing the cabinets !! so were they moving out and painting ?Now the clothes he’s wearing those are special fitted clothes for large people and could possibly if he weighed that much then, he might way that much now ? it would be a guesstimation of size and then a process of elimination of who has sold those, kind of clothes ? unfortunately it takes a lot of money and it probably won’t get done ? but I would check all the houses being sold in the area ? The door will definitely give you an age of the home ! I would start looking at the sale of homes and that’s easy to find out ! Maybe seeing, the first house was abandoned ! and the other one in the video looks like fresh paint, it could be a link to someone in construction ? real estate ? house flipper ? If it was my child that’s where I would start

        • I don’t think dude on FB looks like that nutcase in the video, but I guess ya never know. I’d report it anyway just to be safe. Even though I really think they are not the same guy

    • This is very intriguing, I would like to know if anyone had a link confirming or denying that the video is fake, not just someone’s opinion.

    • Well I certainly agree they have a striking resemblance. Worth reporting it to somebody just to be safe. The house in his FB photos looks like it’s built the same as the one in the video too (older model possibly). Scary stuff.

    • I checked out the guy’s page. Pretty similar, but the dimple gave it away that it may not be him. Also his lips are different. Granted there is age difference, but I think it may be someone else.

    • Yeah, but Patrick Rozmenoski has a birth mark on his face that Patrick in the video does not have. Also look at the ear lobes. Ear lobes do not change over the years. And the guy in the video has way bushier eyebrows.

      • There’s only one picture with a birth mark.. this is def the same guy just a little aging. You can’t see his dimples in his pictures because of his straight face. Same crooked glasses and offset eyes, same hair color and nose, same chin (he’s just shaved in his recent pictures.) The pics of his house and cabinets match up.. the cabinets have just been painted over with a wood stain. This NEEDS to be looked into by the police.

        • The cabinets are not the same. Look at the layout of the house again. There is a doorway behind him immediately to the right of the cabinets. If that house is his house, the house in the video could not physically be the same even if it was re-painted.
          But yes, he looks nearly exactly the same as the man in the video.

          • Scary stuff watch alot of csi Miami but that guy on facebook looked like the guy in video would put money on it in Vegas just aged some.hope and pray it was a hoax not all!!

        • Your so stupid perhaps it is you in the video, get your facts straight before you accuse or maybe get a damn life!!!

    • I do not think it is same guy just by seeing he has no dimples, he doesn’t have the same facial stubble, lips and he has the obvious birth mark. Also this could also potentially ruin an innocent mans reputation.

  2. Wow at 15 this girl had way too much freedom. Keeping better tabs on her would have been nice. Also who allows their 15 year old to date a 19 year old? Shame on the friend to drop her off at a dark house in
    the dark at night and not wait to make sure
    she gets in. Was she mistaken of the address? Why did she tell her mom she was
    going to her dads but then went to some boyfriends house which wasn’t really his house but was abandoned? Nothing makes sense.

  3. The abandoned house! She must have known it was abandoned ? Maybe somebody took her there before? A friend dropped her off ? So if the house was dark! We know it was dark outside unless her friend lied about the time of day when he dropped her off, (that said) : being dark outside you have a 1 and 100000 chance of pulling up to the driveway that nobody is home !! So she must have been there, before,and during the day !! and knowing the house was vacant. But we don’t know how far the house was from her own house, because if the house is in the neighborhood you would know that nobody was living there! So the question is how far is it from her house to the vacant house ? (That’s the another clue) He had a bunch of keys ? The only people I know with a bunch of keys (security guard) an (apartment manager) would have a lot of keys ! A (maintenance man) would have a lot of keys a (locksmith) would have a lot of keys !! But looking at his age, I’m not too sure he was a locksmith and I will not rule out the security guard , a janitor has a lot of keys, I remember a case in where the mall security beat up the people they detain for the police !! So, if she did purchase these things,did she pay in cash or a credit card ? Mall security has access to all the cameras and they would be able to watch somebody walking through the stores !! So if I was asking about a man and woman, the answer would be I don’t remember a man and woman !!! Because she was alone and somebody was watching her through a camera ! (just a hunch). But he would know,what she was purchasing, if she was being watched through a camera !! Maybe he was fantasizing being with her in the mall ? But not knowing, what her friend did for a living ? that dropped her off . But with not having all the information, it’s more of a guessing game at this point.

  4. SICK, yes. I would like to think that if it was a “hoax” those involved back then would now come forward saying, hey, it was me, etc. It does not look like it was a hoax.

  5. Well.. Her Brother’s friend story sounds spooky.There are strong possibilities that he sold her off to human trafficaking mafia for big chunk of cash. Another possibility is that they might be having an Affair. Why would somebody drive off 34 miles for friend’s sister. Something else is going on. Normally if people drive that Far they stop to make sure everything is allright Especially for a girl that too a Teenager.Nevertheless About the video.The camera Quality is Great as it can Film HD videos back in 2009.The way he readjusts it and shakes it tells it isnt too big to Handle most likely Inbuilt Camera. Now start looking for inbuilt cameras which can shoot HD vids or any purchase of HD webcams prior to 2009.That guy clearly have ADHD. Cloths size XXL wont giveaway too much as most stores dont keep puchase records.Hard to detect the paint as the paint is commonly used in America.Maybe door handles but they are just common as well.That Guy is Around 5 feet 8-9′ as the toilet door is around 6 feet and he is clearly lacking few inches.

    • I thought the same thing, Mary. The girl’s part is on the wrong side. But then I was thinking that if I put my head forward like that while leaned over my part changes, so it is still possible. The dude in the video gives me the creeps. Could definitely be fake but idk..who would fake that if a young woman was recently (at time of video) abducted in your town that looks almost the same. Why would that be funny to any normal minded person? And it would be so insensitive. For those reasons I feel the video may be real. Either way. The man in the video does look like the fb photo of Michael Ausloos like someone suggested.

  6. Police should focus on the last person to have seen 15-years-old Kayla Berg alive : 24-years-old Kevin KIELcheski, who told police he had driven Kayla to her boyfriend’s house, but told Kayla’s mother he didn’t know where he had dropped off Kayla,

  7. I find it difficult to believe this is fake. And do they actually believe the story that the guy dropped her off at a home with no one around? Seriously?

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  9. I get that fat geeks with mental issues make stupid videos but that is just in sick taste if there is a taste at all involved and the people that did the video need serious help. Sorry they did not find this missing girl, but sadly young girls like this all over the world are picked up by human traffickers and predators it is the true sickness of this world we live in. We stupid Americans think slavery ended with a proclamation by Abe Lincoln but sadly it went from color to skin trade commodity and by governments making every citizen a slave to a national debt making us all indebted servants to governments… If you want to end slavery then dump the national debt and quit making us all slaves, make human trafficking punishable by death only and kill off every single sick minded pimp out there, make it so egregious a crime that parents won’t be able to sell their children off to scummers that deal in little girls, and kill all men and woman that are found in possession of slaves or attempting to buy their services… You want slavery to end that is the only way this sick sex slave trade will ever be put down… legal prostitution if that is what one wants to do with their lives should be just like any other business, well regulated and taxed.

  10. What this article didn’t include is that Kevin and Kayla’s brother, Jimmy, had been best friends for a long time. It was not unusual for him to give his best friend’s sister rides. He also risked incriminating himself, revealing he smoked pot with her, because he wanted ALL of the facts on record so she could be found. It’s an all around sad situation for all parties involved.

  11. first off, that’s not rozmenoski’s house, it was his godmothers apartment, and the two people look nothing alike, you people need to get your facts straight