Kayla Yow & Da’von Mullins: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Da'von Mullins Kayla Yow

Yow and Mullins pictured together. (Twitter)

A teenage girl was killed by her boyfriend before he attempted suicide. Da’von Mullins died some time later at a Maryland hospital. WTOP reports Kayla Yow, 18, was found dead inside of her Glen Burnie apartment on the night of October 28. Mullins, who goes by the pseudonym, Stephon Hendricks, was lying by her side. He was alive and was rushed to a nearby hospital. According to his family, Mullins died on the afternoon of October 29.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. It Was Mullins’ Family Who Called the Police

Da'von Mullins Stephon Hendricks Facebook page

Da’von Mullins pictured on his Facebook page.

CBS Baltimore reports that officers were called to Yow’s apartment on the 400 block of Glen Mar Road in Glen Burnie, Maryland, at around 7 p.m. on the night of October 28. The station describes Yow being found dead of “upper body trauma.” While Mullins was found with similar injuries. A gun was also recovered.

Anne Arundel police got the 911 call from Mullins’ family after he sent them “concerning” text messages, according to CBS Baltimore.

Annapolis Patch reports that Mullins’ family didn’t know Yow’s apartment number and were forced to go door-to-door in their search. The website adds that Yow and Mullins “had been in a relationship.”

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2. Yow Said She’s ‘Interested in Women’ on Her Facebook Page

Kayla Yow & Da'von Mullins Facebook page

Kayla Yow pictured on her Facebook page.

On her Facebook page, Yow said she’s “interested in women.” In that section Yow added that she’s been in a relationship since February 2016. While on October 15 she wrote on her page,” Please shut tf up. Thank you. Stephon Hendricks.” Stephon Hendricks is the pseudonym that Mullins used on Facebook. On October 16, on her Twitter page, Yow retweeted two messages from Mullins, one read, “I’m chasing my dreams I’m just worrying about making it to the top almost there Nov. 18th is the day 💪🏾💯 #grindhard God see’s everything.” Another said, “We ready go to the top believe me I’m not working overtime for nothing.”

3. Mullins’ Facebook Page Has Become a Shrine With Friends Issuing Their Condolences

Kayla Yow & Da'von Mullins Facebook page

Condolence posts on Mullins’ Facebook page.

Since news of his passing, Mullins’ Facebook page has become a shrine to his life. One user, Tracey Hartman, posted, “This is so hard for me to believe. You are like one of my children.. Talked to me about a lot of things. Such a resptible young man. You were so proud of how far you came and so was I. Forever in my heart and family Prada.” Prada was the name used by Mullins on his Twitter page.

Mullins graduated from Lansdowne High School in Baltimore in 2012. During his graduation ceremony, Mullins’ photo was used by the Baltimore Sun. Mullins was a track star at his high school.

He writes on his Facebook page, “God is good all the time . The lord is my salvation.” Mullins also says on that page that he’s originally from the Bronx.

His Facebook page features photos of the graves of members of the Porter family. Their family was beset by tragedy. That photo is Mullins’ background image.

Kayla Yow Photos: Pictures of Teenager Killed in Murder Suicide

An 18-year-old was killed in Maryland by her boyfriend, according to authorities. These photos help to celebrate the life of Kayla Yow.

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4. Yow Moved From Florida to the Maryland Area for High School

Kayla Yow & Da'von Mullins Facebook page


In 2012, Yow moved from Florida to Maryland to attend Old Mill High School where she was an honor roll student. According to her Facebook page, she’s from Palmetto. Her father, Todd Saletnik, lives in Sarasota where he has a criminal record.

5. Mullins Would Have Been Facing Murder Charges

Da'von Mullins Jim Harbaugh

In October 2015, Mullins posted this photo to his Facebook page saying, “Cooked for Jim Harbaugh today and the who Michigan St. football team it was cool lmao.”

CBS Baltimore reports that Mullins would have been facing murder and “related” charges. A police guard was on his hospital room. WTOP reports that Mullins was treated at the University Maryland Shock Trauma unit.

Anybody with information about this case is asked to contact the Anne Arundel County Police Department at 410-222-4731 or the Police Department’s Tip Line at 410-222-4700.

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  1. And you call yourself a journalist? I have known this family since the girls were little. You don’t know anything! Does Kayla liking girls or her dad having a criminal record justify this animal killing her in cold blood? Then trying to kill himself because he knew the consequences of HIS choice! Oh and by the way, maybe you should also report that her dad paid for his crimes and is doing wonderful! It’s called making mistakes. At least he owned up and paid the consequences in full for what he did. This murderer got the cowards way, the easy way out! And this certainly was no mistake….it was deliberate. Maybe it would be more fitting for you to write for the tabloids since you like to exploit people. It’s those like you that are responsible for giving honest journalists a bad name…..

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    • Just so everyone knows, they were not a couple. He had previously tried to strangle her until she passed out. Obviously, she dumped him. He would not leave her alone and a few days before he murdered her, she had said that he had threatened to kill her. He planned to kill her. Went there with a gun and when her back was turned, put a blanket over her head and put 2 bullets in her head…..enough said.w

  2. This makes Kayla out to be the one in the wrong. Kayla is my niece. She was a great kid. This bastard killed her after 1, only going out with her after 3 months, 2, she left him because the choked her and told her he was going to kill her. He was a coward and pathetic and deserved to die and I hope he is suffering in HELL for the rest of eternity. F him.

    • Should have nipped it in the bud before it happened Will too late now buddy.You want to get here and act like you have a set of balls after the fact

      • You r an idiot. What does that even mean. Nipped it in the bud. What were any of us supposed to do. She left him. What call the cops what would they have done nothing, get a restraining order again he would of done it either way. How r we or her the ones to blame but he is the victim.

    • Exactly…..thank you! He’s lucky he died before her dad got there! He is by no means the victim…..he showed up with a gun and murdered her. She had tried to get rid of him, but he wouldn’t leave her alone. They call him a respectable great guy! What a bunch of idiots…..

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  4. I have known her since she was young..age 8 or so. She and her sweet sister have overcome and triumphed over so many more challenges than any young person should have to. She was an adult by legal age standards. But, the reality is she was still a teen who deserved to live out her full adult life and whatever came with it. I agree with Kiki. There was nothing that Kayla did wrong to deserve her life to be cut so short. And now her sister, her family and friends pay the consequences for a debt they never owed to begin with. YOU KNOW NOTHING about her! Let her family and friends grieve without your ill and misinformed choice of “FACTS”. Disgusting!

  5. This is ridiculous. Kayla also graduated from high school just recently. All yall are tryna bring up all this stuff to make her look bad. He shot her and it dont matter whether she likes girls whether they were dating or not. He went to her house and shot her there is no excuse for that. I hope he suffered severely his last couple of hours.

  6. Five fact I really need to know not this bull….
    1. Davon drove to kayla’s apartment with a friend, on the drive he was acting funny keep telling him friend he loved him. His friend knew something was wrong and did nothing. His friend waited in the car and Davon went inside. Kayla opened the door, she was a caring trusting person, at some point he shot her in the chest then text him him telling her what he did he then lad next to her and shot himself in the chest. She was dead when cop got there. He died later at the hospital.
    2. Davon was abusive. She BROKE UP WITH HIM because he choked her and told her he was going to kill her. After she left him he texted he hundreds of texts which she didn’t respond to she told him several times to leave her alone.
    3. She was a sweet, caring girl who didn’t deserve what happened. She was loved. Her family and friends will miss her. Her Facebook page has several post showing their love.
    4. Yes she moved from Florida to maryland to see and her to know her family better. She graduated from high school, on honor roll. She worked at Cracker Barrel. She was a few weeks away from getting her license.
    5. He was a pathetic coward who couldn’t take rejection, all she did was break up with him, after only going out with him for 3 months. He took the easy was out. I hope he suffered. Davon is burning in hell for what he did.

      • It did come out that he put a blanket over her head when her back was turned and put 2 bullets in her head. I suppose the blanket was to muffle the sound of the she was not shot in the chest. Her family is suffering horribly as we all are who knew her. Thank God she didn’t know what hit her! I’m sorry, but I hope he suffered!

  7. what does having a criminal record have to do with his daughter being murdered? The comments on this “article” are horrifying as well. I sincerely hope her family doesn’t read any of this.