Ken Bone Halloween Costume Ideas: The Pictures You Need to See

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1 Comment

Jeraldine Eason

Very strange . How does asking a question make you a hero? are we getting so stupid that we do not know what words mean anymore? The man may be cool, he may be interesting and insightful, he may be many things, but “A Hero”? like a fire fighter? or a solder who saves his whole platoon? A doctor who researches a cure that saves thousands? someone who jumps into a river to save a drowning child? what do they mean hero? All the man did was ask the same question that has been asked by dozens of others. Are people really so desperate they will make a hero out of a red sweater? Or (more likely) is this just media hype so we will not be talking about what really went down? like drumph stalking Hillary all over the stage and looking like a coked up freak?

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