Middleboro Car Crash: Photos to Remember Victims

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  1. So sad young people with such a bright future taken away so soon
    With everyone so into I gotta have mine
    It really makes you realize what’s important
    May they rest in peace

    • Cory was one of my friends from highschool. No one deserves to die, especially not him. No one’s better off dead. Ever. The track team and I will forever miss him. I’ll pray for you, too.

      • They are if they’re from Middleboro. You are too young. You need to expand your horizons. Now git back to class. Your recess is O-VERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

    • Who do you think you are. There are real people hurting right now because of the impact Cory left on our lives. Please show a little respect.

      • Hey Jon, or whatever your real name is, I’m “Frostee”. Can’t you fukking read or did you not get that far in school? I have Jesus in my life thank you. He is my personal savior and also yours. The truth set me free and that’s why I spread da truth. Learn to deal w/ reality. I see ya’ll never been nowhere else. I’m just keepin her real here folks. Dat’s all. Umph Umph.

        • You are an atrocious person. One day you will experience a loss like this and maybe then you will realize that what you said was completely wrong. Learning to deal with reality and being an complete ass are two different things.

    • Old but Good:
      Well, Frostee, I guess you expressed yourself as negatively as one could be. Why say something that would hurt the parents or the kids living in Paxton? Grow up!!

      • Frostee you are the biggest piece of shitt and Jesus DOES NOT love you, for that I am sure of. One of the victims was my good friends son and not one of those people in that accident are better off dead and not one of those families deserves a loss like that. only person better off dead is your scumbag ass and I hope the “lord” “your savior” really saves you from the dirt bag you really are. burn in he’ll pusssssssy

        • Hey Chris you should expand your horizons a bit. Ever been to the tropics, Hawaii? Europe? even New York? No? I didn’t think so. Shouldn’t you be helping your mom iron clothes or something since you live w/ her w/o paying rent?? LOL now put down your keyboard before I have to go over there and hit you in the head w/ it and you have ‘ASDF’ typed on your head for awhile. Probably do you some good anyway.

  2. First of all what you just said was COMPLETELY IRRELEVANT that I actually laughed out loud. I live in New York and I been to more places than you can name. If you wanna come down and meet me my address is 16 South 8th Street New Hyde Park New York my man. Let’s see what you do with that keyboard. Let’s leave it there. RIP to all the victims of this accident and my condolences to all family and friends affected. I will no longer respond to a jerk off such as yourself. You know where I’m at pal.

    • Gambino huh? Famous name, maybe in over my head. I’m so scared my balls are rattling…….rattle rattle rattle lol. Sigh I’m just so much smarter than everyone else. No one can compete w/ me.
      PS Jesus loves all of us. Read the Bible.