NBC ‘Fact Check’ Says Trump Lied Because Clinton Didn’t Use Actual Acid to Destroy Emails

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In a fact check about a last night’s debate, NBC is refuting Donald Trump’s claim that Hillary Clinton didn’t literally “acid wash” 33,000 emails, but used an app called “BleachBit.”

The fact check was featured in a post-debate article by NBC titled “Sixteen Fact Checks From the Second Presidential Debate” and reads:

Trump said Clinton “acid washed” her private email server. She didn’t. She used an app called Bleachbit, not a corrosive chemical.

The fact check refers to Trump’s claim in the debate that Clinton destroyed 33,000 emails after receiving a subpoena. The Clinton camp has denied the claim, but an August 2016 FBI report shows that Trump is speaking truth.

In a subreddit about the NBC fact check titled “They Just Gave Up,” Trumps supporters are up in arms about the literal interpretation of Trump’s statement.

Redditor bushtuckrman added:

Well obviously Trumps statement was false because Bleach is an alkaline not an acid

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  1. Were is the fact check about Hillary’s reply to “did you wipe the computer drive(?),” to which she answered, ” You mean like with a cloth?” Equally odd!