WATCH: Truck Drives Into Reno, Nevada Columbus Day Protesters

A white truck plowed into a group of people protesting Columbus Day in Reno, Nevada as part of Indigenous People’s Day. Watch above.

Several people captured the dramatic and disturbing scene on video. The video above captures the protest for several minutes, and the truck appears in it toward the end. Here’s a shorter version capturing just the tail end of the video:

Some of the protesters carried No Dakota Access Pipeline posters. “We were invaded. We were not discovered!” a woman shouted.

KOLO8 reported that five people suffered minor injuries as a result.

MyNews4 says one protester was taken to the hospital as a result of the October 10 incident. According to Fox News, “about 40 people were blocking Virginia Street in front of the city’s famous arch” when the incident occurred.

The injuries were not life-threatening. “Protesters said a man in a truck was harassing them earlier, and when they gathered on a crosswalk under the Reno Arch to a take a photo, the truck driver wanted to get through,” said MyNews4.

One emotionally upset woman said in a Facebook Live streaming video that the protesters were marching to protest the “injustices caused by Columbus Day” as part of Indigenous People’s Day.

The woman who streamed the video began crying during it and said:

There was a truck that came, and this truck didn’t have their lights on… and they were in front of our people. They were there, standing in front of us, trying to be threatening, and they were revving up their engine, and we stood our ground…they just kept going, and they just stepped on the gas, and we had protesters who were hit in this peaceful gathering here in Reno.

KOLO 8-TV said the protest was put on by the American Indian Movement of Nevada. The TV station quoted police as saying, the protesters were blocking traffic in the crosswalk when “a car started edging toward them. This turned into a heated confrontation and the pickup eventually drove through the group of protesters.”

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  1. The CROSSWALK is for CROSSING the street Quickly,the street is for VEHICLES! IF you are so STUPID,to stay in the CROSSWALK,you are going to get ran over!! DUH!!

  2. So once again morons proclaim their safe space in the middle of a major thoroughfare and wonder how they got injured… hmmm it’s a mystery.

  3. Protesters think they can get away with anything now days. Blocking roadways, looting and burning. Guess they found out that a protest sign and a stick doesn’t stop a truck. Morons.

    • The Native Indians protesting were not looting or burning anything. They were blocking the roadway which is a misdemeanor. It’s no ones right to take vigilante justice into their own hands and commit vehicular homicide.

        • Yep. Not to mention the simple assault, and terroristic threat, then the aggravated battery when they reached in his truck, then assault with a deadly weapon when they hit the driver with a stick, the criminal damage to property on his truck, WHICH ALL OCCURRED BEFORE HE DROVE FORWARD. ALSO, this intersection is one of the most heavily cammed in the state, the “protestors” (bullies who would not have been nearly so brave alone) are LYING like these people always do about the driver “stalking” them beforehand…. or he’d be in jail. If it had been me, the guy who struck me would have been shot dead. They should count their blessings. It’s coming.

      • Maybe they shouldn’t have beaten on the guys truck. I would have gotten out and beat someone’s ass for that. Not a smart protest

    • Products of incest like yourself and all the other likeminded aryans conveniently forget that the street and ALL the land surrounding it to each border belonged to and was stolen from them by your f*ckwad ancestors. You “patriots” are nothing more than skidmarks in the underwear of America.


  5. Shame on those protesters for illegally blocking the street and banging on the truck and threatening the driver. Stupid people

  6. Do you realize that articles like this are why the press as an institution is utterly despised?

    What is wrong with you people? Do you realize how much damage you are doing to our society?

    These people were illegally, deliberately and at length blocking a truck and its legal right to travel on a public road. As they were blocking this young man the mob is recorded making violent threats against the man including threatening to drag him out of the car. The driver gave repeated warnings for the mob to vacate the road and they wouldn’t.

    The man had EVERY RIGHT to extricate himself from a dangerous situation and the MOB HAD NO RIGHTS TO DO ANYTHINGS THEY WERE DOING.

    Yet somehow you pathetic cretins turn the aggressors into the victims.

    You are destroying our society with your lies and distortions and in failing to do your duty as reporters of truth you make life worse for ALL PEOPLE.

    It won’t be forgotten.

  7. If you are blocking g traffic you are NOT a peaceful protestor, you are a target to get hit. Protest on the sidewalks and don’t protest if you are not willing to get hurt for what you. Relieve.

  8. it does not justify such behavior
    it was just a protest movement and will not be longer for a while don’t become as french terrorists last summer ! …..
    Think next year this street could be closed by police for Columbus day and no vehicle will pass trought  
    The driver of the truck should have been charged with attempted vehicular manslaughter.

  9. I’m native American but grew up with white people. I tried to go back to my reservation as an adult but never connected with anyone. They have thier ways n it just want mine. I do stand up for them from time to time but in this case I have to say I would risk jail if anyone young or old blocked me in traffic or threatens me in anyway. Does this group even know what they wer protesting. If it is against Columbus day, seriously. It’s rediculas. Protest your tribal council for things your members are not happy with. If it’s for that pipe line thing I don’t see it. This group was in the street blocking this truck. Some guys, one who pulled the drivers for handle wer aggressive n threatening. I’d run over all of you too. I don’t care if your black Lives mayer, blue lives matter or native American or what it maybe. Don’t block me. Don’t interrupt my life. As for they driver. If you wer tainting or new this was going on don’t be jerks. All in all. .. the natives wer at fault here n I just don’t see the purpose in this protest. Don’t be idiots or make the other native American look like idiots. Have a real cause or stick to the reservation.

  10. the full video shows the person trying to use the road way,being surrounded by a mob and then threatened repeatedly including that they are going to drag him out of car and f him up,after the mob started maneuvering the driver finally decided his life is in danger and to act.
    play stupid games and you will get ran over you fools

  11. So when will these people be arrested for inciting violence? Al least the person in charge yelling for her people to “stand your ground”, and the at least twenty of so very documented people in the mob attacking the people in the truck should see the inside of a jail cell. As this is not a peaceful protest!

  12. Maybe it’s time the Native Americans take their country back from those with Euro trash ancestry like the haters posting here justifying what the morons in the truck did.