Who Won the Third Presidential Debate? Polls Say Clinton



Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump faced off in the third and final presidential debate Wednesday night.

The debate was the last opportunity for Trump to persuade voters after a rough October. Heading into the debate, the latest polls showed the GOP nominee with an extremely narrow path to victory. According to the RealClearPolitics average of recent polls, Clinton leads Trump by 6.5 percentage points. Wednesday’s debate was pegged a must-win for Trump, whose campaign has been reeling in recent weeks, however scientific polls show Clinton came out on top.

Among the scientific polls evaluating who won the debate, it marks the third win for the Democratic nominee– with the numbers following each debate fairly similar.

According to a CNN / ORC poll of debate watchers immediately following Wednesday’s debate, Clinton won the debate. The results showed 52 percent said Clinton won, as opposed to 39% for Trump. That’s a tighter margin than in the first two debates.

The CNN / ORC poll following the prior two presidential debates showed victories for Clinton as well, giving the former secretary state a clean sweep across all three of the debates. 62 percent of debate watchers saying she won the second debate, and 57 percent saying she won the first debate.

YouGov’s post-debate poll, also shows Clinton winning the third presidential debate. According to their poll, which interviewed 1503 registered voters who watched the debate, Clinton won the debate against Trump by 49 percent to 39 percent. 12 percent said it was a tie.

YouGov also showed decisive victories for Clinton after the first and second presidential elections. Following the second debate YouGov’s post-debate poll showed Clinton won the second presidential debate over Trump 47% to 42%. That poll interviewed 812 registered voters who watched the debate.

Over the past three weeks, Clinton’s chances to win the presidency have increased across all election forecasts.

Before the first presidential debate, there was a major deviation between some of the polls-based forecasts and market-based forecasts. However, the gap among the different election forecasts is steadily closing with Clinton near or even above 90 percent in most projections.

Since the first debate, Clinton’s odds of winning the election at Predictwise, which aggregates data from betting markets have increased from 69 percent to 91 percent.

FiveThirtyEight’s “Nowcast,” which attempts to convey what might happen if the election were today, also shows Clinton having a substantial lead. Their latest forecast, which was updated after Wednesday’s debate, shows Clinton has an 87.7 percent of winning.

POLL: Who Won the Third Presidential Debate?

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton faced off in the third and final presidential debate Wednesday night at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

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  1. Clinton been in politics for ages…but until now not able to help the minorities.. the Dems are exploiting their connection with the African-Americans populace but after the election and these group carry their candidate, they just forget about them, and come election time, they start courting them again.. it’s been a cycle for too long that these groups are being exploited by the Dems.

    • What a strange thought. Democrats including Clinton support civil rights, voting rights, tax breaks and benefits for the middle and lower class,a $15 federal minimum wage, and fair taxation of the rich. Republicans are enacting the worst voting restrictions since Jim Crow, fight civil rights, want to give no benefits to middle and lower income people, and fight for tax breaks for the rich and against the minimum wage entirely.

      Democrats are fighting for minorities and all people with this agenda while Trump and others are fighting against it with all their might. Minorities are Democrats and Democrats are minorities — it’s only Republicans who see them as something else.

    • Still under the dems. The GOPs will take away all the welfare benefits the minorities and get you to work and feed at all costs.

    • Democrats don’t need to “exploit” minorities. Democrats represent the best interests of minorities AND all Americans. If you want to talk exploitation, Trump is the master of fooling his base into thinking that he’ll invalidate the United States Constitution, so that religion is put into law and and forced on captive audiences such as our public schools and other taxpayer-supported venues and events. And yet he doesn’t even know how to enunciate II Corinthians, a book of the bible — the evangelicals’ guidebook — and they’re still supporting him. Twenty million Americans now have access to health care, and Trump wants to take that away. What kind of person is that? Clinton wants to perfect the Affordable Care Act to make it more effective and efficient, which will benefit more than 20 million Americans — minorities, non-minorities, women men, children, all cultures all genders/orientations, all ages, all religions. Do you call that exploitation? Seriously? Trump is only concerned about minorities; that they might get some benefit from OUR government.

  2. Tiger, that’s an odd comment given Clinton’s lifelong advocacy for families, women and for children including those living in inner cities, rural areas, and small towns as well as those living in poverty.

    • No doubt Hillary says she is going to keep up Obama’s policies. That has created 20 trillion dollars debt, 45 millions on food stamp, the lowest civilian work force participation in 30 years, 1 or 2 percent GDP growth which has been unacceptably poor performance during all of the last 8 years, too much legal and illegal immigration which will make America like England and France, and so much more downgrading of economics of this country.

      • I sure am better off after the Obama presidency than the Bush recession. The fact that Obama pulled us out of that and created millions of jobs with over 70 straight months of job growth is astonishing. We need more of that and better.

        Now if we could just get rid of the obstructionists in Congress.

      • President Obama has brought us out of the most severe recession since the Great Depression. There’s more still to be done, but the GOP has made it clear that they will block anything our President tries to do for our country. I hope the Republican candidates lose BIG next month. It’s a pity that the Republicans hate President Obama and Secretary (soon-to-be President) Hillary Clinton more than they love this country and their constituents — you know, We the People — the People who own our government! You should not even be mentioning the national debt.

        Let’s go back to how we got here. (The first) President Clinton took the fiscal disaster left to him by 12 years of Reagan and Bush (the first) and turned it into a $200+ billion budget surplus. Bush (the second) squandered that surplus before 9/11 even happened. We all got those lovely government checks in the mail. Of course, the rich people got the biggest checks, and those on the low end of the salary ladder got the crumbs. By the time 9/11 happened, we had nothing in our treasury to fall back on. So we went into debt to fight — not just one, but two — wars. W. then cut taxes, which plunged us deeper into debt. (You’d think your brother, who’s underwater with his house and can’t afford the necessities for his family, who quits his job, so he has no income, is dangerously daft. That’s what W.’s tax cuts did to this country.) W. failed to post to the books a great deal of the money going toward the wars. When President Obama took office, he inherited a tremendous amount of debt, plus the hidden debt, which then had to be posted to the books. That showed up as Obama’s debt since it was posted during his first year in office.

        Then the Great Recession. Have you forgotten that our country was hemorrhaging jobs when President Obama took office. Wall Street had all but crashed. Our country’s infrastructure had been so neglected for the previous eight years that the stimulus bill of 2009 (American Recovery and Reinvestment Act) was more than a whim; it was necessary to shore up our resources — such as interstate highways and bridges — which were crumbling. Yes, that added to the debt, and it created jobs. President Obama put the brakes on George Bush’s slide into the ditch.

        Since President Obama has been in office, he’s stopped two wars, killed Osama bin Laden, made it possible for 20 million people to see a doctor and receive appropriate treatment, including hospitalization. (Try going to a hospital without health insurance.) Remember, he’s reduced the budget deficit (from which comes the debt) by 75%. The unemployment rate is roughly half of the January 2009 rate, and 12+ million jobs have been added. The Dow Jones is more than twice the January 20, 2009, close, 7,949.09.

        Oh, yeah, the issue of food stamps: What kind of person are you that you’d begrudge poor people the food they need to stay alive? How insensitive! If billionaire business owners would pay a living wage to their workers, We the People wouldn’t have to pick up the slack. We taxpayers are put into the position of subsidizing private sector corporations.

        So if President Hillary Clinton is President Obama Jr., no problem!! We need a lot more, eight more years, of the same, honorable administration that we’ve had the last eight years.

  3. Well that sealed the deal for Clinton — she was steady, well informed, thoughtful, presidential, while Trump was his usual thin-skinned, narcissistic, bloviating self. He was uniformed and just making things up. What an embarrassment!

    At this point it looks as if Clinton will win in the largest margin of victory for any candidate in decades.

  4. Hopefully, when this election is finally over, we won’t have to listen to Donald Trump about anything, EVER AGAIN, aNd he can crawl back into the hole he slithered out of last year. The man is disgusting and an embarassment to the country.

  5. 1/ Most of the “scientific” polls pre-date the debate. On-line polls (like GoDaddy polls) are unreliable at best.
    2/ Most media are strongly biased towards Clinton as we all know. Polls are like media, oriented. Part of the republican establishment is supporting Clinton.
    3/ If an election is rigged, and the votes are rigged (like Florida in 2000 with the help of “voting machines”, remember ?) why would the candidate say he will accept the results of a rigged vote in a totally biased and rigged election ? While it might be damaging for Trump to say he’ll wait, it’s also very rational.
    4/ The content of the debate (on political issues only not personality), the policies of each candidate, the total corruption of one of the candidates and the fact that only one of them represents a democratic alternative after 8 YEARS of “democratic” rule should be enough to decide the voters.
    5/ Last but not least, Trump might still be a plant of the Clinton clan to make the worst possible candidate, the most incompetent and corrupted win this election against all odds. Think how she got it so easy since the beginning and how stupid are the republicans to divide themselves in such an important election.

  6. I am still shocked that so many people can support such an ignorant and totally incompetent man who insults everyone. He is not fit to be president and is a total embarrassment to the Republican Party. I am an Independent and I hope the democrats take the Presidency, House and Senate. I can’t wait for this to be over so Trump can stop embarrassing the US.

      • If you think that Hillary Clinton is a criminal, you don’t understand anything about criminal law. Your comment, essentially unreadable, tells me that you don’t know much about anything, especially grammar.

    • Listening to women this election cycle makes me feel that they shouldn’t even have the right to vote. You seem not to have the requisite level of intelligence. You don’t understand the issues. If Trump says a particular woman is fat he is attacking all women and so women should not vote for him based on that. Hillary is a very intelligent but corrupt woman. You women supporting her are definitely not intelligent.

    • Oh .yaa?! Great! look what happen at Europe at this time. you can vote for Hillary but, ISS will be your best companion here in America.

  7. She just prepares better
    She didn’t answer the question about Bill Clinton and his indiscretions
    she is known to be a complete and utter liar
    She actually told the whole world how long it takes from making the decision to actually setting off nuclear warfare
    I wish someone would’ve asked how she has made her millions that she stated she paid her taxes on
    Trump is honest and to the point it’s a treat a lot of New Yorkers have but that doesn’t mean it’s wrong he genuinely cares about the country and his anger comes from a place of fear for his children and grandchildren just like us

  8. CNN Clinton’s news network. Do you guys think the USA people deceive by your false claims? I watched the whole debate .I don’t want to tell me who is the winner.

  9. If readers of ‘heavy’ want to read some facts [as nearly all internet users search for], American voters self-rank 5 issues as most salient. One, the economy, fair trade and lower taxes. Two, enforce already existing immigration laws [build the wall], and defeat radical islamic terror [not russia]. Issues 1& 2 of course are the same as in the EU, brexit,[also france, gemany, iceland, hungary, etc., russia]. Issue three, the constitution, 2nd amendment gun rights. You will notice that all three of these issues relate to ‘security’, and Trump is on the right side of each. Fourth is Obamacare, which even hiilerbilly have both criticized. Also a ‘security; issue, that Trump wins. The final issue, is corruption. Until Monday, crowds were content to shout ‘lock her up’. On Tuesday, Trump unveiled his plan to ‘drain the swamp’. Put it this way, with his winning position on all the issues that matter most, he is unassailable defensively, at about 60% of voters,minimum. Now, with the slow drip drip drip of wikileaks and project veritas, bits and pieces of the undecided vote will go to Trump. Finally, there is zero enthusiasm for hillary, even in the DNC boiler room/war room, while there is unprecedented entusiam for the trump/brexit movement. In short ‘globalist’ and their puppet do not understand and have underestimated Americans

  10. He is a dictator. I’m convinced he is the AntiCrist. America is in real trouble if he gets in he is going to sell us to Russia.

    • Don’t you worry. In a week or so a Russian fleet filled with nuclear weapons will be by the Syrian shores. A good opportunity, after the fleet is there, to Hillary implement a no fly zone over Syria. She is going to get all of us, Europeans, in huge problems with Russia.

  11. The greatest country in the world cannot be rubbished. USA gives hope to all human beings in the world. Mandela set South Africa along the American Godness. Not to deviate. Hillary Clinton has the unique capacity to preside over USA.
    Bishop Longs, UKZN