Wikileaks Press Conference: What Did Julian Assange Say?

Julian Assange is holding a anniversary press conference. (Getty)

Julian Assange is holding a anniversary press conference. (Getty)

Today, Julian Assange spoke at Wikileaks’ highly anticipated 10-year-anniversary press conference. Was there an October surprise? What did he say? Many people were expecting him to say something about Hillary Clinton, although Wikileaks never specifically indicated that was going to happen during this press conference. Although a big release did not happen during the press conference, Assange said he is planning to release all the election-related documents before the election. Wikileaks’ first new publication is happening this week.

Here’s what you need to know.

Julian Assange Said New Publications Are Coming, With the First Happening This Week

Assange started out by saying that over the last 10 years, Wikileaks has had about 10 million documents with 10 million words. “It corresponds to approximately 3,000 documents a day on average. That’s a hell of a lot of work.”

“Some of our sources have suffered terrible consequences in the United States.” He mentioned Chelsea Manning being among those. “It teaches you something about the structure of power,” he said.

Next he addressed the expectations from U.S. viewers who were watching the press conference: “Some of those expectations will be partly answered.” But, he added, if they were going to do a publication concerning the U.S., it wouldn’t be at 3 a.m.

You have to understand that if we are going to make a major publication in relation to the U.S., at a particular hour, we’re not doing it at 3 a.m.”

He continued: “We have a great many upcoming publications.” And many of these will concern the U.S. electoral process, he said.

We hope to be publishing every week for the next 10 weeks.”

Wikileaks intends to publish all the U.S.-election-related documents before November 8, he said. These documents will cover topics including war, arms, oil, Google, and U.S. elections, he said. In fact, Wikileaks is going to begin with its first publication this week, although he later said that he did not want to specify whether this week’s publication would be election-related or not.

As for whether the publications will destroy Clinton? He said they don’t intend to harm her. The misquotes come from people trying to personalize their publications.  But, he added:

Do they show interesting features of U.S. power factions and how they operate? Yes they do.”

A journalist asked if any of the releases would also cover Republicans. They answered that they typically don’t give that type of information out before a release, so there’s not time to spin a response in advance.

Several Videos Were Also Shared That Were Not Related to the Election

Before Assange spoke, Wikileaks journalist Sarah Harrison gave a short introduction. Next, Wikileaks shared a special 10-year-anniversary video. You can watch that video below:

After the video, Harrison then talked about Wikileaks’ history, propaganda attacks, and lessons learned. Next, John Goetz, a German investigative journalist, and Stefania Maurizi, an investigative journalist in Italy, talked about working with Wikileaks as media partners. Then an “Assassinate Assange” video was shared, which you can watch below:

Melinda Taylor, Assange’s lawyer, spoke next about legal threats. “There is an ongoing national security prosecution of both Julian and Wikileaks,” she said, adding that it’s the largest Espionage Act prosecution by the U.S. in history. A five-minute UN press conference video was then shown. The UN ruled that Assange should be released, but he remains in the Ecuadorian embassy in London.

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  1. the sad fact is that wl has failed to achieve it’s purposed goal after all this time, which must be frustrating for him. i think now that the best for him is to actually turn himself over and become a martyr. yet nevertheless, i wish him the best regardless…

  2. What’s sad is that he is risking his life to inform us of our own governments misgivings and we won’t do a thing about it. We expect him to expose Hillary but when he does we the people as well as our corupt government give her a pass. We sit by passively while the government, banks, big companies, insurance companies, and the pharmaceutical companies rip us off. They get richer and richer and we pay the price and it won’t change until we say enough is enough. They make promises they don’t keep and we allow it to slide. We need to boycott banks, we need to protest and demand change. We need to vote and hold cheaters accountable. We should all refuse to vote when our choices are manipulated and our candidates are chosen for us. We should be protesting this election. It doesn’t matter who wins, we have been cheated, our vote has been stolen. We make excuses and justify why one candidate is better than the other but we are missing the point. We are being cheated and we need to demand accountability, this is our fault and responsibility, we deserve what we get. I just hope we can live with it.

  3. It is outrageous American media did not publish what Assange said on October 4, 2016. In ‘Pravda’ learned that Madam Clinton, according to the release, lied under oath stating she s Secretary of State had never dealt with terrorists. Assange release stated INDEED SHE DID with the Muslim Brotherhood in regard to Qaddafy. See ‘Pravda’ issue October 6, 2016. Wondering which if any America media outlet is covering for Madam Clinton. All said Assange hadn’t released anything or anything of interest. Most said he’d released nothing. Leaves open who influenced American media to not GIVE AMERICANS WHAT ASSANGE ACTUALLY RELEASE, and whether it was a deliberate cover over, cover up by Democrats… that quesion now is CERTAINLY OPEN.

    From ‘Pravda:’ stating about Assange Leak on October 4. CLINTON ORDERED TO DELIVER THE US WEAPONS TO QATAR, WHICH WAS CONNECTED WITH THE MUSLIM BROTHERS AND HAD FRIENDLY RELATIONS WITH THE LIBYAN REBELS IN AN ATTEMPT TO TOPPLE GADDAFI’S REGIME AND DEPLOY THESE WEAPONS TO SYRIA THEN IN ORDER TO HELP AL-QAEDA TO DETHRONE ASSAD. Clinton also played the leading role in organizing the so-called ‘Syria’s friends’ in support of the revolt against Syria which was carried out by the CIA. Hillary Clinton REJECTED UNDER OATH that she had been aware of weapons supply during public evidence in 2013 after attacks in Benghazi. It is asserted that all the saved 1,700 Clinton’s e-mails directly connect her with Syria, Libya, al-Qaeda and the Islamic State.