Williston, Vermont, Crash: Photos to Remember the Victims

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  1. We should not waste our breath saying the name of the man who was driving the truck and killed 5 of our community students.

    • The driver of the pick-up wasn’t the one who caused the crash or tried evading police. Maybe work on reading comprehension before getting so angry.

      • Yes, the pick-up was the vehicle that hit the kids head on while going the wrong way on the interstate. What the police won’t says is that the driver of that pick up is the same man who stole the cruiser and then caused further wrecks. Although it seems quite probable that it was the same driver.

      • Maybe you should work on your reading comprehension Kay. He was the pick up driver that killed those kids and then stole the police cruiser and hit their car again!

  2. From my understanding, this guy was the driver of the pick up truck. He stole the police cruiser while the police officer was trying to assist the teens in the car after the crash. He then proceed to drive tge correct way but when he came to a road blocked, turned around and drove the wrong way again and hit another vehicle.

    • As a parent of an about to drive child i find this one of my biggest fears i am deeply saddened for these teens who had their whole life ahead and the families that will never be the same again rip to them all and the bless the families that are left behind with unimaginable losses

  3. This is another key example of why teenagers shouldn’t be on the roads at night. Anybody care to do a toxicology test on them?

    • WHAT???? They were hit by a vehicle that was going the wrong way on the interstate, by a driver who then, apparently, stole a police cruiser and drove at a high rate of speed back into the scene of the original accident, hitting 7 more vehicles and causing further injuries. And you are blaming the kids?

      • Actually, they will do a tox screen on the dead driver, and his friends, too. That way, if the deceased driver was impaired- even slightly, the families can sue both the deceased drivers family and insurance companies; as well as the other driver for wrongful death because the driver was under age. Don’t right away lose your minds because you’re too dense to know how the law works.

        • Well actually, if you actually know any of the kids you will know that they would never do something like that. And people are grieving here, if you would like to be factual and slightly disrespectful, then please do it in a kinder manner or shut up.

        • They will also look into if the driver was old enough to be 1) driving after a certain hour, and 2) did he have the driving level to carry multiple occupants in his car. VT has a graduated drivers licenses law where the first 6 months of driving are without friends. Being close to 16, it kind of raises the questions. If in fact the driver was breaking the occupancy law, get ready for more lawsuits.

    • You need some serious help, they were leaving a concert that I was at as well. Maybe you need a toxicology test done on you. Those kids did everything they were supposed to do, you clearly didn’t know them, but growing up with them I did and they didn’t deserve any of this.

      • I am so sorry for the loss. Sorry for that, that other people always blame teens for doing something wrong. In my opinion, the teens didn’t do anything wrong. If you believe in ” reincarnation “, don’t worry, there will be back to full fill there new lives together. RIP.

    • None of them were under the influence of drugs, Dave. IF YOU DRIVE TO WHERE IT ACTUALLY HAPPENED, YOU WILL SEE THAT YOU CANNOT SEE ANYTHING COMING FROM THE OTHER DIRECTION BECAUSE IT’S A GODDAMN HILL!!!! FIVE TEENS JUST DIED, DO YOU NOT HAVE ANY RESPECT!?!?!? Also, I don’t think there is any real body to do a toxicology on because THEY WERE BURNED IN A F-ING CAR!!! DAVE!!!! You are a terrible person Dave and your should feel sorry that people have to deal with your obnoxiousness. I can’t even fathom how you could blame this on the teens and not have any respect for the kids and their family and friends. Dave, you disappoint me.

    • You are a asshole. How could you say this. My son lost 5 amazing people and where doing nothing wrong. Why would you say such a thing…..

    • You are a disappointment to all of your family and friends by that one comment. We lost 5 amazing human beings Saturday night, and just because you are incapable of understanding HUMAN EMOTION, does not mean you have to be a bitch about it and make everyone else wanna hurt you for that. I feel sympathy for all of the others who lost good friends and family members in this crash. Rest in peace; Eli, Janie, Mary, Cyrus, and Liam. You are all, and always will be, very missed.(I love you so much Eli!!!)

  4. I didn’t know any of the kids or the driver who drove into them head on but, I do know what it’s like to lose your child. My 18yr old baby girl passed away and it’s the most indescribable pain that any parent should go through. My prayers are with these families.

    • This is such a terrible, terrible tragedy…there are no words that can possibly comfort the families, but please know there are many parents out here who are grieving with you and for you.

  5. How come this stuff always seems to happen to white people? Doesn’t seem fair. Remember that the more white people that vanish means the more their places will be filled by immigration and non-whites (I work in demographics and have been observing this change.) Still though, RIP to the victims.