Anfisa Arkhipchenko, ’90 Day Fiance’: Top 10 Best Facebook Photos

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  1. Jorge needs to drag her to the airport asap because anyone with a heart can see he is going to be miserable with her because all she wants is money. Unless he is a big time drug dealer he will never be able to afford her.
    erable with her because

  2. No u don’t have chemistry with George, your just after his money. Your crying so the heat is off you ! Question? Who did your lip job ? You look like a clown

    • I was judging George like everyone did:” that George is the victim “since the beginning of the episodes until I watched the final. WAKE UP PEOPLE. I realized that Anfisa is the victim and George was playing it in a very smart way and that he is definitely fake. Anfisa was honest from the beginning, but he was the controlling, manipulating, and the showing off guy. Why I am saying that? Watch the finale carefully and analyse what George was doing.1. He didn’t introduce Anfisa to any of his friends or relatives and even to his family.2. He didnt buy anything to her or taking her out. 3. He gave her his password and access to his personal life (his phone and email) just for the camera so that people can watch what Anfisa s reaction and anger,but not showing the reason behind it( you dont know what is going on behind doors or behind the camera). He knew how to play it smart and manipulate things, and how to show everyone that Anfisa (who is in the cage) is the bad person .After all he tells the camera that he has a nice surprise for her. I would like to ask each and everyone of you; did you see any respect from George towards Anfisa on her wedding day like the other men showed toward their partner? No one was present at the wedding and you hear only promises from George: not the expensive ring that he showed on camera or the royal dress, or the luxury places…..only PROMISES, and showing her anger and her reaction. You played it very well George and everyone believed you….. Anfisa s problem was that she didn’t know how to express herself, and didn’t know how to explain what is going on. George was lying all the time, even though he didnt have a place to live. Just watch the way he was talking and swearing when she was trying to call him and you will judge what kind of person he is and what kind of job he had.

      • George made himself out to have a lot more money than he really does. Anfisa is a gold digger and is trying to get the money he doesn’t have. They deserve each other.

  3. Jorge get an annulment. Send that nasty using conceded ugly bitch back to where she came from. You look like a desperate fool Jorge. Wake up.

  4. Anafisa you need help I don’t know what happened in your past and you have a lot of anger issue but it doesn’t give u the right to treat any one like shit gorge treats u like a princess ,I eloped at 16 in a foreign country to and I didn’t treat me like she u know why I had respect

  5. Jorge get an annulment. Your wife is a discrase to all women. Send that nasty using conceded ugly bitch back to where she came from. You look like a desperate fool Jorge!!! Wake up!!!

  6. I married a woman from Russia. She is pretty, but that isn’t why I married her. We’ve been married for ten years now, and I know she was serious about marriage because we share religious, lifestyle, political and many other aspects of how we think. I know it wasn’t for money or a green card because I live on a Veteran’s disability, and she loves to do her job as an English teacher. I lived with her for two years in Russia after we got married there, and our daughter was even born there as well. I had realistic hopes for the future, and she shares those with me as well. Not every Russian bride is only looking for a green card or a free ride in life. Anfisa will be a problem for ANY man, even if that man could give her everything she wanted. She is still a spoiled little girl, and will likely have the mentality of a twelve-year-old for the rest of her life.

  7. She is all plastic and the work that she has had done is just awful! Plus I can’t get past her baby chin, it doesn’t fit her face. I don’t know who told her the lie that she could be a model lol but hell no! She ain’t nothing but a gold digger who has the mentality of a 4 yr old lmao, bye Felicia!

  8. Jorge is sad and pathetic, he must have very low self esteem if he married an that ugly money hungry bitch. He’s a dumb ass.

  9. This girl is a mess. She’s got narcissistic personality disorder and her anger issues indicate that there is something deeply wrong with her mental state. She needs help. I can’t help but wonder what happened to her growing up. There must have been some severe neglect, abuse or severely sick role models. Jorge, this isn’t love. You are allowing Anfisa to abuse you and it looks bad. I don’t know anyone who places demands on a man like this. Well, prostitutes do. Anfisa is basically a prostitute. She is only with you for money and she’s pissed because you don’t always have it. I am sure she is looking for someone else here in the US to fund her but most normal American guys won’t stand for her crap. She’s one sick little girl.

  10. Hi my name is Louis I’ve been following your shows and i was really touched last night 11/20/2016 I’ve been married for 15 years know and my relationship was a lot like Jorge and anfiisas i wish them all the love and joys life has to offer them and all the other newly weds

  11. Anfisa is very immature and needs to go back to Russia. I do not know why she thinks she is so entitled even if Jorge has money he does not have to buy her things every day and he should not go into debt to make her happy. By american standards she is not tall enough nor beautiful enough to have a career in modeling other than cheap porn. Her eyes are small and slightly crossed, her lips have a very funny shape some what like a duck not attractive at all. Anfisa is short wasted and has heavy thighs. Her nose is large for and wide she needs to measure herself up against models in the USA she may model in Russia but she will not be successful in the US. Go to the Whilamina Agency I guarantee she gets turned away and if they have watched her on TV just her ugly disposition will not get her a job anywhere in the US. Jorge is you want her so badly maybe you should go to Russia because we do not need ignorant people like her here! She is ugly inside and out!

  12. because of such whores like you there is a stereotypes about all Russian women that they are ready to sell their bodies for iphone and chanel bag

  13. Anfisa, you are so despicable and miserable..and u must be pretty to be a Model.
    Save us all and go marry a Russian dude.

  14. Jorge is an idiot doing anything for her. If he’d get in shape n lose some weight he’d probably find a local girl. Plus he needs to be honest.

  15. Just makes you realize how Pathetic some men can be . No redeming values whatsover on that girl ..Looks like he never ever had a decent woman in his life . This is not going to end well . Hope he wakes up some day .