Bernie Sanders Challenges Trump to End Racism, Keep Economic Promises [FULL VIDEO]

Democratic presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders speaks during a rally at Barker Hangar in Santa Monica, California on June 7, 2016.  Sanders refused to concede defeat to Hillary Clinton late on June 7, vowing to "continue the fight" for the Democratic nomination despite his rival declaring herself the party's flagbearer for the US presidential race. / AFP / JONATHAN ALCORN        (Photo credit should read JONATHAN ALCORN/AFP/Getty Images)

Bernie Sanders challenged Trump today in a video watched by thousands of his supporters. (Getty)

Bernie Sanders addressed President-Elect Donald Trump during a speech from George Washington University, watched by thousands via a livestream. He called on Trump to keep his economic promises, while stopping the spread of racism and bigotry. The speech cut out at a few times, so we have several videos of his speech below, which you can piece together to watch the whole thing, along with a summary of what Sanders said.

Here’s what you need to know.

Watch Videos of Bernie Sanders’ Speech to Trump Below

Here’s the first part of his speech, shared by George Washington University.

And here’s the last part, shared by Our Revolution:

Sanders Said He Would Hold Trump Accountable to His Economic Promises

During his speech, Sanders shared the economic campaign promises Trump had made and talked about how they planned to hold him accountable. “(This was) certainly one of the most unusual campaigns ever won by a candidate,” he commented. “…Mr. Trump said a whole lot of things… and sometimes I think they’d just come off the top of his head.”

Everyone laughed. Then Sanders got serious.

We have a list of everything you said, and we are going to hold you to account… Pay attention to see what he now does. Whether or not everything he was saying to the working class of this country was hypocrisy…or sincere.”

He talked about how Trump said he understood how American were hurting and he was going to help them. Sanders listed the points Trump made that he agreed with and that he intended to hold Trump to:

  • Trump said he would not cut Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. Sanders said we should expand these, but would support not cutting them.
  • “He wants to invest a trillion dollars into rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure… That’s exactly what we should be doing.”
  • “Mr. Trump … did say we should raise the minimum wage to $10 an hour.” Sanders would prefer a $15 an hour living wage, but $10 is a place to start, he said.
  • “He wants to re-establish Glass-Steagall legislation. I look forward to working with him.”
  • “Mr. Trump said he wants six weeks of paid maternity leave… This is a start.”
  • “[He wants to ] change our disastrous trade policies… I look forward to working with him to make that happen.”

But, Sanders added a warning. ‘Many Democrats will be prepared to work with Mr. Trump if he turns out to be sincere. If those promises turn out to be hollow … we will not only oppose his economic policies, we will expose those hypocrisies as well.”

Sanders Called on Trump to End the Spread of Racism and Bigotry

Sanders then mentioned the areas where he would not be working with Trump and he was met with thunderous applause.

We will not be involved in the expansion of bigotry, racism, sexism… Since our inception, this country has struggled to overcome discrimination of all forms: racism, sexism, xenophobia, and homophobia. … I say to Mr. Trump, from the bottom of my heart … We are not going backwards in terms of bigotry, we’re going to go forward in creating a non-discriminatory society.”

Sanders then called on Trump to rescind any idea of appointing Steve Bannon to his Cabinet. “The President of the United States should not have a racist at his side.”

Finally, Sanders concluded by speaking about climate change.

“Despite virtually all of the scientific evidence, Mr. Trump throughout his campaign proclaimed that his view is that climate change is a hoax created, for whatever reason, by China. … Climate change is not a hoax, it is a great planetary crisis that we face…”

He ended the speech by imploring Trump to listen to the scientific community and not the CEOs of fossil fuel companies.

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  1. Why is Bernie Sanders promoting racism ?

    Is he trying to help newspapers sell their rag ?

    Why did Bernie Sanders make a deal with the Devil ?

    Bernie Sanders is a sell-out !

    He got people to believe in him and then he jumped ship.

    Bernie Sanders you could have been a contender !

    Now you’re just an old man that sold out to the devil !!!!!!!

  2. Bernie is the only candidate who was unable to keep his promise by abandoned his supports dreams and stick with the Hillary campaign.

  3. Bernie Trotsky, the self hating Jew wants to save the world from racism, by resurrecting Bolshevism. All it takes is 25 million in the camps, right Bernie?

  4. Backer for Sen Bernie for over 2 yr before running for President. I was so upset that he sold out also to back this woman when he was attacked by the DNC and his colleagues in Congress backed her also? Like WHY? Never vote for her. Not even he could stand Pres elect Trump but could now back her? Like you sell your soul. So then I had nothing left but Trump and hoping for JOBS and really going to these cities that are dying? Will he? Who knows. Build back our military. Bernie tried to fight to take care of our military? He only made per taxes around $200,000 that she then made $250,000 for one speech to Big Business she would not even show us. WHY NOT? We are being scammed and lied to now to try to find someone that tells the truth. NO racist in Trump see his businesses go media to these and show the people working there all kinds and many women? The MEDIA is driving this now the split see CNN Van JOnes on there he is so wrong? Even now it continues on there the negativity. Why has the media not shown the ghost towns more of Detroit and Baltimore and others downfall per the loss of good paying jobs overseas. Could it just be the majority of these news shows on TV run by a small group of big money.? Why I liked Aljazeera please come back we need you here to show the real side not the money backed side. Yes, I am so now very disappointed in Sen Bernie Sanders and sorry I backed him and I sent money also how much I believed in him. Politicians just not for real after all? I am an older lady and this was my last time I will vote let the young come on board and hope they can try to make things more fair because they are not now?