Can Hillary Clinton Still Win The Election? 5 Fast Facts You Need To Know

can Hillary still win, Hillary Clinton election, did Donald Trump rig election, 2016 Presidential Election

Protests against the election of Donald Trump broke out across the country last week. (Getty)

With the 2016 Presidential election and victory by Donald Trump nearly a week in the past, million of people were left stunned — and wondering, can Hillary Clinton still win? With protests against Trump’s election continuing into the weekend in numerous cities across the country, and hate crimes committed by apparent Trump supporters reported in the highest numbers since the aftermath of the 9/11 terror attacks, millions of Americans are searching for any legal way to reverse the results of the election.

By Saturday, millions had signed an online petition asking for the results — and Trump — to be thrown out, and for Clinton to be declared the winner and next president in his place.

The fact that Clinton won the popular vote, ending up with a 1.2 percentage point lead according to The New York Times, has only intensified the calls to prevent Trump from becoming president. But do Trump’s opponents have a case? Is there any basis on which Clinton could still win the 2016 presidential election after all?

Here’s what you need to know.

1. Clinton Has Already Conceded the Election to Trump

In most elections, the losing candidate delivers a public concession speech late on election night, when the results of the voting become clear. But Clinton waited until the following morning to deliver her speech, in which she admitted defeat and told her supporters — and the American people — that Trump would indeed become the 45th and next president of the United States.

But does the fact that Clinton has conceded make any difference? The short answer is — no. Political concession speeches are merely offered as courtesies and carry no legal weight whatsoever.

In fact, while losing political candidates would often privately congratulate the winners, the “tradition” of the public concession speech at least in presidential campaigns coincided with the rise of television. Though Democrat Al Smith conceded in a radio-broadcast speech in his 1928 election landslide loss to Herbert Hoover, the practice of regular public concessions did not begin until 1952, when Democrat Adlai Stevenson conceded to Dwight D. Eisenhower in a televised address.

In other words, if there were a legal way for Clinton to still win the election, the fact that she has already conceded would be irrelevant.

2. The Electoral College Has Not Voted, And That’s the Real Election

can Hillary still win, Hillary Clinton election, did Donald Trump rig election, 2016 Presidential Election

A voter fills out her ballot on Election Day. But her vote, and those of other voters, aren’t the votes that count. (Getty)

Though more voters chose Clinton than Trump nationwide, she lost anyway, because the U.S. presidential election is really 50 separate elections — one for each state. And in each state, voters are not actually voting for a presidential candidate, but for “electors,” that is, people picked by state political party officials who will then vote in what, under the U.S. Constitution is the second presidential election and only one that actually counts — the Electoral College vote.

Clinton failed to win enough states to give her 270 electoral votes, a majority of the Electoral College.

But neither the Constitution nor any federal law requires that the electors vote for the candidate who won their state. In theory, anyway, they can vote for whoever they want. That’s why an online petition on the site, which has already received more than 4 million signatures, circulated online after the election, calling on electors in the states won by Trump “to ignore their states’ votes and cast their ballots for Secretary Clinton.”

The reason?

“Trump is unfit to serve. His scapegoating of so many Americans, and his impulsivity, bullying, lying, admitted history of sexual assault, and utter lack of experience make him a danger to the Republic,” the petition says. “Secretary Clinton WON THE POPULAR VOTE and should be President.”

The chances, however, that actually turns the election in Clinton’s favor, and functions as more than a symbolic gesture, remain remote. The Electoral College has never reversed itself — even though the 2016 election is the second in the last five elections that the candidate with more votes came out the loser, and sixth time in U.S history. The last time it happened was in 2000, when Democrat Al Gore lost to George W. Bush, despite the fact that more voters cast ballots for Gore.

But individual electors have gone rogue rather frequently. At least one “faithless” elector has cast a ballot for the “wrong” candidate in nine of the last 17 elections, most recently in 2004 when one elector voted for John Edwards, who was running on the Democratic ticket as vice-president.

The electors will not cast their ballots until December 19, so anything could happen — but probably won’t.

3. Some States Could Recount the Votes

Some of the states lost by Clinton were extremely close. Michigan, for example, with its 16 electoral votes, was decided by just 11,223 votes out of nearly 4.8 million ballots cast. Pennsylvania with 20 electoral votes went to Trump by just 68,236 votes — with almost 6 million total votes cast there.

But an automatic recount in Michigan happens only when the vote difference is 2,000 votes to fewer, and in Pennsylvania when the difference is 0.5 percentage points or less.

Otherwise candidates would need to make an allegation of fraud or a serious error in the vote count to demand a recount, and Clinton has shown no signs that she is willing to do that. Even though her concession speech is not legally binding and she could change her mind, no reported statement she has made indicates that she is leaning in that direction, or that she believes she lost do to vote fraud.

Hypothetically, though, even if Clinton demanded recounts in Michigan and Pennsylvania and somehow won them both, she would still be two votes short of 270. Wisconsin, which also finished in a razor-close race, could provide the electoral votes to put Clinton over 270, in this hypothetical scenario.

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4. Trump is Facing a Trial Before he Takes Office — and he Might Lose

can Hillary still win, Hillary Clinton election, did Donald Trump rig election, 2016 Presidential Election

Donald Trump must appear in court prior to being inaugurated as president. (Getty)

Trump is facing a trial date of November 28 in San Diego, California, over allegations that he committed fraud with his profit-making “Trump University” real estate seminar business. Trump seems at least somewhat concerned about the trial. His lawyers filed a motion Saturday asking to put off the trial until Trump is safely inaugurated as the 45th U.S. president on January 20.

The problem for Trump opponents, however, is that even in the Trump University lawsuit or in the other estimated 75 lawsuits Trump currently faces, he is facing only civil penalties — not criminal penalties. While he may end up needing to compensate the victims of his alleged scam or even pay punitive damages, nothing in any of the legal actions would prevent him from assuming the presidency on January 20.

And even if he were hit with criminal charges, as president, he would have the authority to grant himself a complete and unconditional pardon, if he chooses to do so.

5. Milions of Votes Have Still Not Been Counted

can Hillary still win, Hillary Clinton election, did Donald Trump rig election, 2016 Presidential Election

Millions of votes have not yet been counted, and final vote totals will not be known for weeks. (Getty)

While Clinton already holds a narrow but clear lead in the popular vote nationwide, California officials on Thursday reported that more than 4.4 million ballots had not yet been counted, most of them mail-in ballots which voters use commonly in the country’s most populated state.

There were about 8.5 million California votes tabulated on election night, but with the extra 4.4 million from California alone, Clinton’s popular vote lead is likely to swell. Outstanding, uncounted ballots also remain in other states, including Washington and New York.

Again, however, the problem for Clinton supporters looking for a way that she can still win the election is simply that Clinton already won California, Washington and New York — by substantial margins. Increasing her lead in those states will not bring her any new electoral votes, changing the results of the election and preventing Trump from taking the White House in January.

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  1. Hate to blow your over inflated facts up, but Congress can reject electro college votes and award the to the person that earned them. Guess who controls the house…..BOOM !

      • i pray to god hat the raceists lose i hope that trump suports get kicked and hit and beaten they desrve it there all dirty raceists basterds i will never put my hands on anyone but i wont stop thers from kicking and hitting them i refuse to help or protect trump suporters from being beaten and abused

        • To Anonymous. You obviously don’t know the definition of racist. Look it up. You seem to have extreme hated toward anyone not believing as you do. You are certainly entitled to your own opinion, but then so are others who disagree with you. I’m sure you wouldn’t want people saying they want to beat up simply because your beliefs are different.

    • I’m pretty sure Congress only has the authority to get involved if there is a tie. I think otherwise, they just take the vote of the electors and certify it. I’m not saying this is at all likely to happen, but with this election, anything is possible.

    • If we can recount and disregard all the illegal immigrants votes; our President-Elect Donald Trump is still the winner. Sorry!

      • Also, there were no votes from “illegal immigrants”. If you knew anything about voting requirements, you would know that you have to be a U.S. citizen to vote in U.S. elections. Not to mention, many states with a concentrated amount of undocumented immigrants, a Voter’s ID is required.

          • OH my Gosh. Everybody should know that we must be U.S. Citizens to vote in America. Obama spoke without thinking again. I hope he realizes what he said is so Extremely Wrong.

          • Typical gullible republican.. Obama never did anything of the sort. What is your “source” for that insanity? Breitbart? Limbaugh? Stupid republicans toe-the-line and blindly believe the right wing hate media propaganda machine.

    • Actually, Congress does NOT have the authority to overturn the Electoral College’s decision. No where in the Constitution does it state that Congress has the authority to do this. However, in the Constitution (Article II Section 1), it DOES say that, in the event of a tie, the House of Representatives decides the winner. If the House still cannot reach a decision, it is in the left to the Senate.
      So, in conclusion, Anon, you are wrong, and Samir is correct.
      Anon, you should probably actually READ the Constitution before you start making things up. It really truly just goes to prove the stereotype that you Trump supporters are uneducated bafoons.

      • ince 1887, 3 U.S.C. 15 sets the method for objections to electoral votes. During the Joint Session, Members of Congress may object to individual electoral votes or to state returns as a whole. An objection must be declared in writing and signed by at least one Representative and one Senator. In the case of an objection, the Joint Session recesses and each chamber considers the objection separately in a session which cannot last more than two hours with each Member speaking for no more than five minutes. After each house votes on whether or not to accept the objection, the Joint Session reconvenes and both chambers disclose their decisions. If they agree to the objection, the votes in question are not counted. If either chamber does not agree with the objection, the votes are counted.

    • The Congress is scheduled to meet in joint session in the House of Representatives on January 6, 2017 to conduct the official tally of electoral votes. The Vice President, as President of the Senate, is the presiding officer. Two tellers are appointed to open, present and record the votes of the States in alphabetical order. The President of the Senate announces the results of the vote and declares which persons, if any, have been elected President and Vice President of the United States. The results are entered into the official journals of the House and Senate. The President of the Senate then calls for objections to be made. If any objections are registered, they must be submitted in writing and be signed by at least one member of the House and Senate. The House and Senate would withdraw to their respective chambers to consider the merits of any objections according the procedure set out under 3 U.S.C. section 15.

      • anonymous is right! January 6, 2017—Counting Electoral Votes in Congress:
        The Congress meets in joint session to count the electoral votes (unless Congress passes a law to change the date).

      • Maine and Nebraska**

        But I agree, the Electoral College is outdated. When it was first instated, it made sense… but it just doesn’t work anymore. It needs to be amended or abolished entirely.

        • Agreed, as does the Dem’s super-delegates who claimed Clinton won the primaries even before anyone had cast a vote, friggin lame.

      • Harlon Katz: The last time the Electoral College made the exact same kind of awful call as they seem to perhaps be doing (hopefully not) with Donald J. Trump –
        was back when they gave America, George W. Bush for President – when Al Gore had already won the popular vote. We ALL know how
        THAT one turned out!

    • WRONG! The electoral college was put in place to ensure that all states had a voice and the entire country was not controlled by a dense polulation of people. CAN YOU SAY HUNGER GAMES! People were actual thinkers back then. Now, not so much!

      • Sure, when it was made that’s what was accomplished. Now? Not so much. Now, candidates only campaign in swing states. Do you know how many times Trump visited Idaho? He didn’t have to – Idaho is a safe Republican state. Likewise, Clinton never had to go to Vermont or New Mexico – they’re safe Democratic states.

      • So True. liberals are so self-absorbed and undisciplined, that they are clueless. The founding fathers really really had a wonderful purpose in designing things the way they did. But simpletons now think they know better. They are called Millenials! Educated thru the internet! Believe they know more than lawyers, doctors, engineers, astrophysicsts, etc…because they read an article or two on said subject! SMH

  2. ^ok well if you look at how D.C. voted, its 93% in favor of clinton… so you cant just assume republicans from D.C. will vote trump.

    • Sir, The true differences of the democratic process over tyranny are ” electoral college safeguard mechanisms ” designed as faithless electors and contingent elections under the twelfth amendment. These mechanisms are forged in “Free Will” as our constitutional inheritance from our founding fathers to safeguard we, the people, from this vary tyranny and fascist rule. Respectfully yours, Jacob.

  3. Funny how Democrats accused us Trump supporters of being ready to riot and unwilling to accept Shillary’s inevitable victory. Those fools were clearly projecting

    • What’s the matter Anonymous? Afraid to leave your name or even a moniker. “Us trump supporters.” How cute. t-rump the thug that spread hate, fear, misogyny (watch Dr. Phil tomorrow – Megyn Kelly is telling how t-rump threatened her); racism; and lied about Russia. What? You’re not watching the news close enough? You’re a moron.

    • it’s sad that Trump Supporters voted only because they are all racist,troublemakers,AMERICA your not looking good ti us Canadians…do us a favor and don’t expect us to come to your rescue when a race war happens…you made your beds hard…now you lay in it!!!!seeing how your acting…like a bunch of untamed dogs…it’s a disaster…like your racist trump would sa!!!and it’s “WRONG”…grow the hell up…I am happy to be Canadian…those white pillo cases look so very stupid on you…do you hide your faces in shame????because you should be ashamed…you have no place in this world…your people turned on you…simple racist,and uneducated…I see your getting your butts kicked…that tells me visable minorities…etc…aren’t afraid…and maybe your Catholic church should stop molesting young boys,and pointing at the aborrtions in the USA…too bad your momma’s never squeezed your heads…lol

      • Tolerant liberal resorts to blankets prejudices and name calling. Then again Canada is more of an authoritarian society given it does actually have hate speech law, something that is not compatible with our culture here. Fred here is worried about the Catholic church but disregards the fact many Catholics actually are left leaning politically.

        Typical SJW though. When their argument collapses all they can do is resort to name calling and basically telling you how you should be dead. I dunno.. sounds a bit like fascism to me as well.

      • Fred where were you when the towers fell, I don’t remember much more than a “Sorry about your luck” speech. I have seen the stuff going on in your country, doesn’t seem much different than here. So don’t throw stones across that river. I love how so many watch the news and expect what they are saying to be the truth. Guess everyone likes to forget or just not pay attention to all the videos of the DNC saying they were doing all the fighting and placing false ads to try and win the election. George Soros paying people to cause riots and beat up people, basically using voter intimidation. This has been the worse election in many many years, we have seen every dirty trick a candidate could pull and it wasn’t the Republicans doing it. If you keep telling the same lies over and over again people will start believing them. If you read history the civil war was never about South vs North, but Republican against Democrat. It will take awhile for the nation to come together and with all the hype still being played out, this may never heal completely. SAD

      • Hey Fred, Canada sucks and so does your mom….she was awesome last night…she told me that you can’t seem to keep your hands off of those sheep…all I can say is use a rubber! Oh yeah, one more thing…SUCK IT!

  4. The majority of Americans voted for Hilary. Even these delusional nut jobs cannot dispute that. The electoral college is garbage and they know it. They don’t care because their Orange Nazi won. But actually they have been losing for years. Look at the progress America has made in the past 100 years. The right has been folding like an accordion for decades. This is a minor set back. The demographics are changing and this is a last Hail Mary from the GOP. In the mean time do like me and look at the obituaries and smile knowing those old white racist bastards are dying in droves. :)

    • Democrats have relied on growth of favorable demographics to increase their voter base for years now, & they have now lost the White House as well as both houses of Congress & at least 2/3 of the governorships & state legislatures. How can you be crowing over that? Talk about delusional! Taking groups for granted gets you nowhere if they don’t show up to vote (much lower turnout of blacks & youth this time), or vote differently than expected (many more Latinos voted but 1/3 for Trump, much higher than expected). Continually nominating corporatist establishment politicians doesn’t work anymore,as the Republican Party found out in the primaries & the Democratic Party should’ve learned by now as well. Strong straightforward progressive messages like Sanders gave resonate with the majority of the American public, & that’s how Democrats should run & govern.

    • Do you read what you type while you call someone a racist..tell me whats wrong with a Natzi… Natzi Lives Matter too dont they what if I called someone a Black Monkey then id be a racist..SAY it BITCH!! Say IT! Puuurrreeeezzziiiideeennnnt TTTAAHHHRRRUUUHHHMMP…President Trump is going to be YUGE!!!!

    • and so the rich will win and the ones she called deplorable wont and have to give up their religion to wear things over their face and lose their kids at the age of 5 till 18….okay put us into fema camps or kill us….where is this going to end and yes im white and i guess deplorable…..but h gave all our secrets to other countries and you are letting her out of it again time after time…i dont want to be a zionist

      • So you think Cali and New York should decide every election? She won’t ask for a recount cause then we’d find all of the voter fraud the dems committed. You are a pathetic sore loser.

      • Were they all legal votes? Dead, alive registered, or people that didn’t personally cast a ballot? Does the DNC and Hillary really want to go there?

        • No they weren’t legal – 300,000 voters were turned away in Wisconsin. God knows where else. Russia? You can bet your bottom dollar they had their hand in this. Look up the Dworkin report. t-rump lied about Putin and russian. He’s SO into Russia it makes your head swim. He’s such a liar. But t-rump supporters LOVE lying.

          • WRONG! The electoral college was put in place to ensure that all states had a voice and the entire country was not controlled by a dense polulation of people. CAN YOU SAY HUNGER GAMES! People were actual thinkers back then. Now, not so much!

      • Hillary didn’t win the popular vote ………when you cheat with massive voter fraud from illegals,dead people and machines that changed votes for Trump to votes for Clinton and you still lose that should tell you something……..Trump won in a landslide

        • Love it, Good saying, I believe that anyone that is not happy to have Trump as a President should go ahead and move to another country. Our country is not the same as it was many years ago, we have too many people from other country that has no idea what is to be an American, they come here trying to change how we run our country, if they are here is because they don’t like where they came from, I am a Cuban American been here for 50 years and I follow the rules of this Country I love this Country, If I am not happy then I will move, does anyone know if all those people that were moving if Trump won did they move to Canada already?

          • They did not move and Canada does not want them, I have enough Clinton should have been put in jail she wasn’t she wants end stage abortion that’s murder, she hates everyone but the rich from California, the working class she hates but without us she has nothing, her and Obama hate the cops how sad because we need them and then all the Syrians she wants to let in, not good they are radicals, then you have Benghazi where those oldies died because of her and shh feels they are dead get over it when you lose a child it’s not something you can do there we have all these riots, cop killing and our President refuses to do anything saying they have a right to demonstrate doesn’t matter that people are dying, buinesses are destroyed how sad that our president brought these kids that destroyed Baltimore to the White House and had a dinner for them and honored them they destroyed businesses they belong in jail so Trump is in and they better not try to get rid of him so I agree with you

  5. IT IS WRITTEN: Alexander Hamilton thought the electors would make sure “the office of president will never fall to the lot of any man who is not in an eminent degree endowed with the requisite qualifications.” If there was ever a time to invoke Mr. Hamilton’s wisdom, it is NOW!

  6. Some people are afraid of a real man . Trump Can not be bribed or threatened . That’s his job !! We needed a Bad Boy . So suck it up Clinton losers . Take a pill and be glad she did not win We would be wearing BERKAS

    • what tyranny of the majority. this is ridiculous the majority wins, always.
      must be a dumpster fool based on the intellectual reply sure he can, he can also bribe and threaten which is how he won, dont think cnn got some much needed cash


    • You sound like a women looking for real man dumb ass you will see how he won’t keep any of his promises hahaha he got your vote and said thank you suckeeeeers ha ha

  7. Our country can only get better . Its a shame that two faced McCain won . He says he is all for vets yet when my son sent him proof of unfair practices going on in the PhD VA office McCain got him fired because he would not keep quiet . Yea go McCain .

  8. Most of the popular votes that Hillary got were the illigal immigrants that Obama flooded America with, as well as those convicted felons that were pardon and sent letters of pardons along with voter registration forms…
    I’m sure when they investigate, especially the states of: California, Nevada, Texas, New Mexico, Oregon, Florida, New York, Washington, among others…
    During the Campaign’s, the sizes of the rallies for both candidates should’ve been the true indicator of who really won the popular votes. ..!

    • Anonymous , you are easily the dumbest individual i have ever heard. you are ignorant of so much around you, the size of the trump rallies is no bigger the romneys, and we all no how that worked out. its fine to have opinions, but facts mean far more. if facts are in your favor, then great, but if not, just accept it and move on. lying is not going grow some new facts for you

      • You named it don eaton,

        FACTS are so important. I find it so appalling that many of the leftists can only resort to name-calling (dumb, ignorant, but you forgot racist, homophobes, Islamaphobes, misogynist, xenophobe….), It is time for some more race baiting euphemisms that have are in place to divide us! I kind of feel sorry for those that cannot accept their loses. I do believe most of this stems from a generation that has never been told ‘no’ and has always ‘received a trophy’ just for showing up to play the game. We cannot always win and by teaching our children if they throw a big enough tantrum they will get our way! Hence the riots in the streets!

        Why are you playing into the hands of the so-called progressives? They really don’t care about you or anyone else for that matter. Who is being racist? Wow, Hillary’s mentor was Senator Byrd (a known KKK Grand wizard. Margeret Sanger (a known white nationalist) was also one of her mentors. The democratic party stood for slavery and today is no exception. What has the party done for those that suffer from poverty, unemployed, and stuck on welfare? Certainly not enough. Why not give Trump and his administration a chance? I believe you will be pleasantly surprised. Will you ever admit it when it happens?

        Calling people liars because they don’t agree with you is pathetic at best. Have you seen the video when Hillary landed in Bosnia with her daughter under sniper fire? That’s a good one. Have you investigated Haiti after their devastating 2010 earthquake? President Obama put the Clinton’s in charge of the funds and it might disgust you once you see the truth. What happened to the billions of dollars the Clinton’s raised on their behalf. Check out who’s brother benefitted greatly from that (Hillary’s brother).

        We are Americans needing to UNITE! We have real enemies in the world.

    • LOL LOL There is absolutely no use in talking to idiots. You’re one. My God Can’t you look things up? Are you this stupid? Anonymous?

  9. Why are people trying to challenge the election anyway? It’s futile and just nonsense. Trump won the popular vote 62.9 million to Hillary’s 62.2 million and the electoral vote 306 to 232. Even if the votes were recounted, Hillary may gain a few in some places, but Trump would probably also gain a few in others. There’s no way Hillary can win, she’s too far behind. Please just give it a rest and follow Hillary’s lead. She’s resigned to the fact that she lost, and so should you.

  10. The Trump supporters are committing the crimes? Seriously?! The same people who have been committing the hate crimes across America for the past couple of years are the ones committing the crimes. College kids have been added to the mix. I have heard of NO ONE being pulled out of their vehicles and beaten for voting for Hillary. The bias and propaganda spread by the “journalists” is alot of what is wrong with this country. Hillary lost because most people are appalled at the idea of patiala birth abortions, the e-mails, Bengahzi, her open borders agenda, having vulgar rappers throw her a concert didn’t sit well either. Journalism was once about reporting facts.

  11. The author of this article did not read the rules of the Electoral College. The electoral college only votes when there is a tie or when neither candidate has won the required number of votes. Absent those two facts, all the electoral college does is to verify that the tally of the electoral college votes are counted and that their total agrees with the stated total of votes. There can be no rogue votes as suggested for the simple reason the governor of each state certifies the election. Certified copies of that certification are filed with the Presiding Judge of the Federal Court in their state and also with the National Archives. Additional copies are sent in a sealed envelope to the House of Representatives and the Senate. The reason for this is in the event one or more of the certification envelopes turn up missing, in which case they can contact the National Archives or the state for a replacement copy. On the date of the calling of the Electoral College, each sealed envelope is unsealed and the certified votes for that state are added up to make certain the required number of votes are all present and accounted for. Should a discrepancy occur, they can order a full recount of all of the votes of the state in question, which votes will be recounted in the presence of the college representatives. For any member of the Electoral College to attempt to overturn the election by ignoring the vote of the people would quite likely result in charges of attempted election fraud against the perpetrator(s). Hillary failed to reach the required 270 electoral college votes to be elected, which is why she conceded. Trump had more than the required number of electoral college votes, which is why he was declared the winner. There would be no purpose at this point for her to challenge the outcome. She has already conceded the election.

  12. The idea that Republican electors are going to even consider not only NOT voting for Trump when their state choose him, but to turn around and vote for Hillary instead is a fantasy. Not going to happen!

  13. I hate to break it to you but over 3 million illegal aliens voted so BAM plus all the other voter fraud found case in point the dead voting, the felons voting, the stuffed ect So no way is Crooked Hillary the president. Its a done deal but I know that Liberals cry and cry even though they say they are so tolerant bs

  14. Do we know how many uncounted ballots there are in the three states Hillary needs to win the electorial votes in. Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin

  15. Trump has not said anything intelligent at all. He is hiring billionaires to his cabinet to help him screw poor people. His huge family will cost taxpayers millions of dollars in security alone. He refuses to live in the White House as does his ugly wife and kid. More money out of taxpayer pockets. Someone has to do something. He is the most disgusting thing in this country. With the sexual obsession with his daughter. The rape of 12 and 13 year old girls that he has gotten away with for 22 years. Why can’t the FBI investigate this and emails he has hidden or gotten rid of. He is not going to give up his business holdings ( and getting away with it.) Is this thing going to be president? He has already torn this country apart and in four years will completely destroy everything the 44 presidents before him has accomplished. THIS HAS TO STOP!!!!!!!

    • You really should seek psychiatric help. I would actually encourage you to move out of this country if you can’t accept the results of the election.

      • You should too bruh. You have replied to like every Clinton supporter. Leave them alone and let them have their own opinion. Oh and btw CLINTON FTW!!!

    • I have to agree with you, thedrifter60. Reading this page has been very close to the experience one has reading a bathroom wall in a men;s room, except the foul opinions voiced there are usually spelled and punctuated better.
      I have never seen such a mass of ignorant and misinformed jackasses on both sides of any issue.

      I am firmly hoping for nuclear annihilation. The world would be a better place without humans in it. You’re disgusting, ignorant, arrogant suckers who can’t bend over fast enough to get f** in the *&*&* by the first flashy d***bag to wave a shiny trinket in your pathetic little dupe-holes of faces.

      Congratulations, “America”. Whether you elected him fairly or not, you’ve finally got the president you deserve. America has been waiting for decades to elect a charismatic blowhard celebrity billionaire to automagically solve all of our problems. Yay!

      To hell with Trump. To Hell with Hillary. To extra hell the party systems.
      I will laugh as I am vaporized when we finally nuke ourselves into oblivion, and I will curse all of your names as the last act I take in this world.

      Just. F. Yourselves.


  16. The presidential race has never been about individual votes. It’s about states voting. The electoral college was put in place to give each state a chance to voice who they want. Not sure why it’s so hard to understand why the president isn’t elected by individuals. It’s not about us as individuals, it’s about states as a whole. Individual votes are used for Senators and Congressman to represent us in Washington, not the president. He represents all states.

  17. How about you stop grasping at straws! Hilary isn’t going to be president this go around…maybe next time though..I don’t know why every one is flipping out…there is actually little or no change after an election anyway….oh and one more thing….SUCK IT!

  18. I’m so shocked to see the level of corruption you the media are deploying as you attempt to destroy the real voice of the deplorable people such as myself.
    Fact isyou thought Hillary was a shoe in and her corruption in the White House could continue just as it has for the past 8 years. Well guess what, We the PEOPLE have JUDGED YOU! the Electoral College is the OY fair way to give equal representation across the ENTIRE UNITED STATES….I just can’t believe how deep your criminality goes, with George Soros at the helm you basically have a blank checkbook to distribute the entire country as you feed the entitlement wanna be’s, for God sakes the kids, 18-40 are so wussified that they can’t even go to school without a safety room because of Trump supporters! Are you flipping serious? They get free college off my tax money, free insurance off my back and God knows what else and they cry like infants! What do you suppose would happen if they had to defend our country in a hostile attack from say China? They’d stomp their fee, burn our flags and say they are victims…. Very dark days ahead for the whiners!
    It’s my hope they keep pushing long enough for the spine to grow back into our country as our New Commander And Chief take his oath and becomes the long arm of the law… I pray the act of flag burning becomes a treasonous FELONY! It all about respect… The protesters have zero, they’ve proven that..

  19. Trump will be the next President. Even if Jill Stein somehow raises the money needed for recounts in all 3 of the states she is requesting them in in all reality they might get 1 or 2 of them, but not all 3. On top of that Trump could insist on recounts of New Hampshire, Nevada, Colorado, and California. If you look at county reporting maps in most of those states they were very Red. So the question is how did so many votes go to Hillary to win those states when the vast majority of the state shows for Trump? All this Recount babble is about is a few of the Democrats being cry babies and not willing to accept the fact that they lost. Oh and my 2 cents on why they lost i will post here as well.

    1. Do not run a politician that is marred with over 30+ years of scandals. Yes Hillary has been involved in one scandal or another since her college days.
    2. Do not insult people, demean people, and or oppress people simply because they do not believe the same things you do, or feel about things the way you do. Examples. No problem. Anyone who spoke out against Obama was instantly labeled a Racist by the Liberals. Anyone who spoke out against Muslim Refugees was a Xenophobe. Anyone who spoke out against transgenders using the same restroom was a homophobe. See where i am going with this.

    You Democrats lost the election simply because a lot more people simply shut up. Instead of people being loud and vocal we just let you guys run your mouths over and over, when we were polled we lied or just did not answer. We let our voices be heard loud and clear when we stepped into the voting booths on Nov 8th.