Chapecoense Plane Crash Victims List: Names & Photos of Those Killed

You can read about the survivors of the plane crash at the link below:


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Victor Melons

It’s so sad to hear this terrible news and may their gentle souls rest in peace xx :(

Vanlal hmar

one of de greatest gift we had are de time we spen, but de heartiest time are not dead but a life without purpose….its really a dark time for some but u don’t worry dis is de day u all starts 2 live in de heart of the world , ur names will never be forgetten …as u all did ur best in ur time..

Philip K. Sahr

To the families of the deceased, may God Almighty grant you strength in this dark moment of sorrow.


It’s unimaginable what a tragic incident this was…Can’t stop thinking about them and the pain their loved ones must be going through. My prayers are with you all.

Senaba David Motabeng

May their souls Rest in Peace,their families find strengths to move on through this difficult times. God has given and He has taken. We will meet them when we get there in Heaven,Amen.

john phelan.

What an abssolute tragedy, my thoughts are with the families and friendd of the team, from a United supporter in Manchester England.

Oralex Vincentos Arua Uganda,

Sad News,may Their Souls Rest In Eternal Peace.God Gives And Takesl

Nelly Kalema

I’m soccer head coach @ atletico club erimu from Kampala Uganda hoooooo bad news ,bad news to soccer lovers and friends of football across the world for that accident in my club we’re going to spend six day of remembrance of that players and sports journalist who died in the crash ,may soul rest internal peace ,and god bless thr families

Naomy, Nairobi Kenya

lost strength to get out of bed…. been heavy hearted when i see their smiles…. God knows where He will take them…. may they rest in peace

Patrick Mapur

O what a tragic loss of potentials. May God give the families the strength to pass this trying moment.

Kelvin kasongo

so sad nothing permanent in this whole world things come and go see you on better place. May rest in peace


God bless all the great lives that was lost in this plane crash.they need too fix there air planes or up grade them.because lately there has been a lot of neglect on the airlines over there.u need too check all planes before takeoff.


this was my favorite of all teams.i broken as the familie are rest in peace team chapecoense

shadab rana

Its so sad to hear about.
There life is only depends on football.
Thanks and sulute them to entertain us.
We salute u.
We always love u

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