Christian Clark: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

*****WARNING: This story is graphic in nature, please note before continuing.*****

Christian Clark, 21, of Allgheny, Pennsylvania, is charged with killing her own son, and attempting to kill her daughter on Tuesday. Clark then sent videos of the brutal murder to the children’s father, Andre Price, according to police.

Clark reportedly sent chilling text messages to Price indicating what she planned to do, along with the aftermath of killing their son.

Police said Clark began texting Price, who was at a friend’s house, at about 8:25 p.m., and “accused Price of cheating on her with another woman.” The texts “turn to animus and threats against the children,” police said in the affidavit. The messages continued for the next two and a half hours.

Clark believed Price was cheating on her, and allegedly killed the boy in retaliation.

Price, 23, was arrested Thursday for failing to intervene or to “send first responders to Christian Clark’s home,” WTAE reported.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. She Took Videos Before, During & After the Killing to Get Back at the Children’s Father, Cops Say

Christian Clark


Clark allegedly sent videos before, during and after the brutal slaying of her young son who was 17-months-old.

“She was sending [messages] before the act, at the time of the act and following the act,” said Allegheny County Police Superintendent Coleman McDonough, according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

A video showed the baby boy lying face down on a bed, and Clark picking him up by his right arm and then dropping his limp body back on the bed, the Daily Mail reported.

Police said Clark told Price his children weren’t safe at 9:19 p.m., and warned that he “better pray” for their kids about a half hour later.

After a few minutes, Price told Clark he wasn’t going to come over and told her to leave the children alone. “I’m killing them,” Clark responded with a “laughing emoji with tears in its eyes.”

Just a minute later Price received a text of the couple’s little girl lying on a bed, her face covered with a pillow. He then received a photo of the boy also lying face down in the bed, and a text saying “I don’t love them” from Clark.

“First of all she is clearly fine, because watch, see she is not dead. Him on the other hand, he doesn’t budge. So you might want to call the ambulance,” Clark said in a video at 10:14 p.m. A minute later she texted, “All cus you wanted to go (have sex with) her & come here when you like.”

“Ah, look Angel is still alive and sweating,” Clark continued in the video. “Your son on the other hand is not even breathing.”

In an affidavit obtained by the Post-Gazette, authorities said text messages revealed that Clark was angry with Price because she believed he was cheating on her with another woman.

Clark reportedly dialed 911 at 11:13 p.m. to report that her son was unresponsive inside the home she shared with Price. Police arrived and took the boy to a hospital where he was pronounced dead less than half an hour later.

Cartoons could be heard in the background as Clark remained silent in the last video.

Homicide detectives said they searched through Price’s text messages and interviewed Clark, who said she lived with Price part-time. At one point on Tuesday, the couple argued, according to the criminal complaint, and the events leading up to the boy’s death apparently escalated fast from there.

2. Her Daughter Survived the Deadly Rampage & Is ‘Doing Well’

Christian Clark


Authorities charged Clark with criminal homicide in the death of the couple’s son, Andre Price III, as well as attempted homicide after trying to suffocate their 2-year-old daughter, Angel.

Police said Clark killed Andre by pressing his face into the bedding of an air mattress in the home’s living room, and attempted to kill Angel the same way.

Angel was reportedly taken to a hospital to be evaluated, and police said she was doing well, the Post reported.

3. Price Is Facing Felony Charges & Allegedly Knew About Past Abuse

Price was arrested Thursday for not intervening, according to WTAE. He was charged with two felony counts of endangering the welfare of a child.

The public is demanding that justice be served, and some are saying that the father also needs to be held accountable.

Price posted the two photos above to an apparent friend captioned “These 2 pictures she is choking them because we ain’t together.”

“We need to demand the arrest of Andre Price, he knew of the ongoing abuse his children suffered by Christian Clark and did nothing to protect them, Andre Price also needs to be held accountable for neglect/failure as a father,” the post reads. “Its been stated this particular picture was taken in July.”

Stacy Tiano replied to the post and agreed that Price should’ve done more:

What an ignorant and disturbing conversation these 2 had. ANY man would have had cops go do a welfare check, or would have headed over himself or sent someone over until he got there. It seems BOTH these idiots didn’t give a s**t about these poor babies. Now one is dead and I hope the other is placed in a loving stable home. This is very disturbing I want to kill her.

Kalyn Jackson also took to Facebook to vent her feelings. “This sh** is beyond sad and disappointing,” she wrote. “For one how could you kill your own child. OVER A NI**A. of anything they should encourage you to move tf in…secondly…the father ain’t even f**king CARE. He needs to be charged too.”

“Price never tried to save them,” Marcie Cipriani tweeted:

4. She Apologized After the Murder & Said She ‘Didn’t Mean to’

Shortly after 11 p.m., after allegedly killing her son and attempting to kill her daughter, Clark apologized to Price.

“It’s okay I’m dialing 911,” Clark texted to Price.

“You need to if he dead,” Price then replied.

“I am,” Clark responded. “Sorry I did this. I didn’t mean to.” Followed by, “Send it to the cops post it to [Facebook]…idc [I don’t care] anymore you ruined my life.”

McKeesport police Chief Bryan Washowich said during a news conference on Wednesday that his police department hadn’t received any prior calls involving Clark and her children. However, Clairton police had responded to a call two years ago that reportedly involved Clark and Price. Price told police at the time that was he trying to fall asleep and Clark was fighting with him, bit him and hit him in the face. Charges were withdrawn, but the reason as to why is unclear.

5. She Frequently Spoke on Facebook About Cheating

Christian Clark


In the screenshot above taken from Clark’s Facebook page, she posted October 30 about a “Cheaters Starter Pack.”

Clark’s page reveals that cheating may have been a regular happening during her life with Price. “Still can’t tell me where I was or how I did anything with someone who was layed up wit a whole other female. good day SIR,” she wrote July 25.

On May 12 she warned that she coudn’t “deal” with it:

I have never met a ‘boy’ who has told a female to let go of the past while letting go of his. ‘babe you gotta let go of the past’ meanwhile he still in love with shorty from the 3rd grade, still talkin to his high school crush, reliving the past with their friends. I can’t deal and ya’ll lil dusty dirtball females do it too. STFU

In August Clark appeared to be blaming herself for the bad happenings in her life. “It’s a shame how susceptible I am to continuously f*ck my own life up,” she wrote.

Price, on the other hand, posted frequently about his family, and seemed overjoyed to have children. “Happy Father’s Day to me I love my family that we made,” he wrote on June 19 of this year.

He proudly posted family photos later that same day:

*This story is being updated as information becomes available.


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The father is also a POS. The moment someone threatened his kids he should have called the cops or get his ass over to his kids. He preferred to engage her in texts instead. He probably was doing some other chick at the time as he didn’t act like he cared. She should get the death penalty and he should be arrested for neglect

Blacc Amerika

Checc this out, I grew up in the glorious 90’s, where it was a pretty violent time. Though shrouded by a pretty great economy, was very dangerous, but for the most part that danger had a sense of respect to it. Whats goin on in the Chi is all out disgraceful imo. This being a clear sad example. Now trust in believe when I say, I like any real man for that matter is or can be a threat, but with most sane male individuals we walk with a code. Chicago southside sadly is gonna need military involvement. Very touchy situation that NEEDS and BETTER be dealt with soon, but this cant go on. Its not gonna be a pretty outcome and the handling of that matter is gonna shake the very core of this country. Military first and quicc, if I made the call. Police going in first will only agitate. Lots of death on both sides and then the media storm, with nothing left but cofusion and brewed hatred.


this maniac ‘mother’ tells the father she is killing their children & he keeps texting back insane conversation???!!!!! who breeds these monsters?!


Just wait until the day one of us porch-monkeys decides to show up on your porch to pay you a visit, In Person, providing you with the opportunity to express your views, outside the safety of your internet, hiding place Punk!


The more I read about all the sick people in the world, the more I stay away from most of them, so much evil, so much hate, and so much ignorance.

Jeraldine Eason

Not only should these two be punished but who is this “friend”? someone sends you a picture of a woman choking a baby and you do nothing? tell no one? all of them should have some form of punishment and the mother should get the death penalty.

Feral Coons

Just when you start to think knee gears can’t sink any lower, they always manage to drain another inch off the bottom of the cesspool.


Iam certain that with incidents like this, its easy to attempt to lable all Blk people, however, contrary to what most of you closet, want to be, Klan punks think, the majority of us blk’s are Great, & Strong people, throughout this country. So SABDEN scum, until you stop breathing!


he did work for a living so i probably agree, he probably did not think she was serious


Both of these sorry ass excuses of parents should be hung by their reproduction organs covered in honey in the woods.. You got to be an evil mfer to watch your child hurt from your hands.. Both.. Then the father says on a message to people responding to the news “you don’t know the whole story” no need to you dumb mfer! That’s your kid! Your seed! Your blood! Your child! The love of your life! Ain’t no need to hear a story his death is facts!


As a Caucasian person —I am trying to learn from these parents whether black lives matter or not

Victoalia (@victoalia222)

Actually it was Clark that wrote “send it to the cops post it to fb idc anymore you ruined my life” according to the sms log. You have mixed up facts here. Not that it will change anything in this horrific story, but i assume you want the article to be correct.


Breeders lives matter. So do relationships based on lust and not love. After we get Sharpton’s and the Rev William Barber’s opinion on this, we can progress


Another murdered child and an attempt to do the same to the other – Mom and Dad fighting with texts with Momma showing the dying/ dead children. Two and a half hours later tbhe police are called and the end is as above. Did anybody read what she wrote, It’s mean but she sure does seem illiterate.This story is beyond sickening and I am sick reading it. Solution – Mom needs a total hysterectomy, and Dad needs a portion of his anatomy cut off, These people should never have had children. Look at the pictures o the babies – no smiles – they look terrified.

Blyss Blyssylb

(To Ms. Christian Clark} exactly what is your definition of your text, “didn’t MEAN to”? If you truly did not mean to harm your babies, (then) you would not have done so…stupid hoe.
(To Mr. Andre Price} You obviously:
A.) Did not believe Ms. Clark would
commit such acts of violence, {&/or}
B.) Just did not care enough for your
two precious babies, {&/or}
C.) You were too Drunk/High?
D.) All of the above

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