Clinton vs. Trump: Who Won the Popular Vote?

trump clinton popular vote

Who’s winning the popular vote now? (Getty)

Not since 2000 has a candidate lost the electoral college after winning the popular vote. But it looks like that’s happening again in 2016 with Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump. Trump has handily won the electoral college, currently with 290 to Clinton’s 232. But Clinton is leading in the popular vote. (Find out all about who the electors are going to be in each state in Heavy’s story here.)

What is the most current popular vote count?

Clinton Is Leading Trump By More than 600,000 Votes

According to AP’s count as of November 15, 2016, Hillary Clinton has 61,324,576 votes to Donald Trump’s 60,526,852 votes. (Meanwhile, Gary Johnson got 4,164,589 votes and Jill Stein got 1,255,968 votes.)

The popular vote count means that Trump got 47.23 percent of the vote while Clinton got 47.85 percent. It’s a small percentage difference, but it’s significant. Essentially, Clinton currently has 797,724 more votes than Trump as of the latest count.

How could Clinton win the popular vote and lose the electoral college? This video helps explain how this works. It was made five years ago, so it’s not updated for the current election:

Clinton & Trump’s Popular Vote Count: State-by-State

If you want to break the popular vote down state-by-state, here are the latest numbers according to AP, as of November 13:

  • Trump won Alabama with 1,306,925 to Clinton’s 718,084.
  • Trump won Alaska with 130,415 to Clinton’s 93,007.
  • Trump won Arizona with 1,021,154 to Clinton’s 936,250.
  • Trump won Arkansas with 677,904 to Clinton’s 378,729.
  • Clinton won California with 5,931,283 to Trump’s 3,184,721.
  • Clinton won Colorado with 1,212,209 to Trump’s 1,137,455.
  • Clinton won Connecticut with 884,432 to Trump’s 668,266.
  • Clinton won Delaware with 235,581 to Trump’s 185,103.
  • Clinton won D.C. with 260,223 to Trump’s 11,553.
  • Trump won Florida with 4,605,515 to Clinton’s 4,485,745
  • Trump won Georgia with 2,068,623 to Clinton’s 1,837,300.
  • Clinton won Hawaii with 266,827 to Trump’s 128,815.
  • Trump won Idaho with 407,199 to Clinton’s 189,677.
  • Clinton won Illinois with 2,977,498 to Trump’s 2,118,179.
  • Trump won Indiana, with 1,556,220 to Clinton’s 1,031,953.
  • Trump won Iowa, with 798,923 to Clinton’s 650,790.
  • Trump won Kansas with 656,009 to Clinton’s 414,788.
  • Trump won Kentucky with 1,202,942 to Clinton’s 628,834.
  • Trump won Louisiana with 1,178,004 to Clinton’s 779,535.
  • Clinton won Maine with 354,873 to Trump’s 334,838.
  • Clinton won Maryland with 1,497,951 to Trump’s 873,646.
  • Clinton won Massachusetts with 1,964,768 to Trump’s 1,083,069.
  • Michigan is still not called by AP, but Trump is leading with 2,279,210 to Clinton’s 2,267,373
  • Clinton won Minnesota with 1,366,676 to Trump’s 1,322,891.
  • Trump won Mississippi with 678,457 to Clinton’s 462,001.
  • Trump won Missouri with 1,585,753 to Clinton’s 1,054,889.
  • Trump won Montana with 274,120 to Clinton’s 174,521.
  • Trump won Nebraska with 485,819 to Clinton’s 273,858.
  • Clinton won Nevada with 537,753 to Trump’s 511,319.
  • New Hampshire is still not called with Clinton leading at 348,126 to Trump’s 345,598.
  • Clinton won New Jersey with 2,021,756 to Trump’s 1,535,513.
  • Clinton won New Mexico with 380,724 to Trump’s 315,875.
  • Clinton won New York with 4,143,874 to Trump’s 2,640,570.
  • Trump won North Carolina with 2,339,603 to Clinton’s 2,162,074.
  • Trump won North Dakota with 216,133 to Clinton’s 93,526.
  • Trump won Ohio with 2,771,984 to Clinton’s 2,317,001.
  • Trump won Oklahoma with 947,934 to Clinton’s 419,788.
  • Clinton won Oregon with 934,631 to Trump’s 742,506.
  • Trump won Pennsylvania with 2,912,941 to Clinton’s 2,844,705.
  • Clinton won Rhode Island with 249,902 to Trump’s 179,421.
  • Trump won South Carolina with 1,143,611 to Clinton’s 849,469.
  • Trump won South Dakota with 227,701 to Clinton’s 117,442.
  • Trump won Tennessee with 1,517,402 to Clinton’s 867,110.
  • Trump won Texas with 4,681,590 to Clinton’s 3,867,816.
  • Trump won Utah with 397,004 to Clinton’s 237,241.
  • Clinton won Vermont with 178,179 to Trump’s 95,053.
  • Clinton won Virginia with 1,916,845 to Trump’s 1,731,156.
  • Clinton won Washington with 1,523,720 to Trump’s 1,043,648.
  • Trump won West Virginia with 486,198 to Clinton’s 187,457.
  • Trump won Wisconsin with 1,409,467 to Clinton’s 1,382,210.
  • Trump won Wyoming with 174,248 to Clinton’s 55,949.

Some Votes Are Still Being Counted

Some votes are still being counted, but they won’t be enough to give Clinton an electoral lead over Trump. According to the New York times, at least 7 million ballots are still not counted. (You can read more about uncounted votes in Heavy’s article here.)

Al Gore was the last presidential candidate to win the popular vote and lose the election. It’s possible that this will fuel calls to end the electoral college. However, Gore’s election was even more controversial, in many ways, because of a dispute over the validity of the vote count in Florida. Gore eventually conceded before that question could be fully decided.

Other candidates who won the popular vote but lost the election were Andrew Jackson in 1827, Samuel Tilden in 1876, and Grover Cleveland in 1888.

This election has been highly controversial. Thousands of people have been protesting the vote across the country. See where the protests took place in our story below.

Trump Protests List: Which States & Cities Are Having Anti-Trump Protests?

Many states and cities have had anti-Trump protests and more are still planned. See a complete list here, with photos and videos, of Trump protests.

Click here to read more

Electoral College Names: Who Are the Electors Who Will Vote for President?

What are the names of the electors who are voting for president in the electoral college? We have the full list of names right here.

Click here to read more

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  1. Neither Trump nor Clinton will win a majority of the popular votes, so neither will “win” the popular vote – check the numbers.

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      • Not correct. The final tally is not officially in. The site that is reporting a win is misinformed. Trump did, however, handily win the electoral college vote and that is the only vote that is valid in the Presidential election. Trump is the winner and that is not going to change. Hillary failed to meet the minimum electoral college votes needed to qualify. No amount of protesting, rioting, jumping up and down and holding your breath until your face turns blue or acts of denial are going to change that fact. There is nothing anyone can do now to overturn the results of this election. Its done.

      • Lol, that is probably true, there are several million illegals voting, and guess who they voted for? Trump definitely will get the popular vote, but will never get the credit for it.

      • When all the votes that were tossed in the garbage of blacks that were cross checked and purged are counted Clinton will win popular vote and easily win electoral college too.

    • In actuality, Trump leads the popular vote tally across 49 states by 2 million. Clinton only edged ahead by thousands with California vote. Used the information from this article.

      Trump Clinton

      SUBTOTAL 57143482 55035670 Trump lead tally of 49 states

      California 3184721 5931283

      TOTAL 60328203 60966953 Clinton lead with California

    • If the popular vote mattered Dole would have made the presidency you did not see the Dole supporters go out in numbers to protest.

      These protests are set up by the Muslim Brotherhood to destroy our democracy to destroy the United States from within !!

      Demand protection from our government officials.

      Who was telling these police officers to stand down while violence wages in America streets !!

      Why is the Obama Administration silent as violence ! vandalism ! destruction of state and federal property continuing.

      Call your senators ! call your congressman ! call the mayor of all your cities !

      Demand protection from these thugs that terrorized our freedom and our values !

      If they refuse to protect us we must arm ourselves.

      If they refuse to protect our children we must arm ourselves .

      Demand protection !!!!

      • Anonymous, in the 1996 election Dole got 39,197,469 votes, Bill Clinton got 47,401,185 votes. So no, Dole did not get the most votes, he got more than 8,000,000 fewer votes than Clinton. Maybe you were thinking of the 2000 election where Bush got over 500,000 fewer votes than Gore but garnered more electoral votes, thus being elected president despite having few votes.

      • Wow. You must be white to see a threat in a glass of water and a conspiracy on the table it sits on. No one has told officers to stand down. Your religious hate destroys democracy. And you are the thug to shoot first. Trump has remained silent through vandalism and violence. Talk to a counselor, maybe some anxiety pills. Geez.

        • Oh yes Anonymous, The police have been told to sand down in Oregon, Just in case you never watch nor read what is actually happening in America. this is what is wrong with America, People like you running around calling people haters because they know whats happening and you do not have a clue. If I had a child out there stiring up trouble like that I would be after them so fast they would wonder where I came from and I probably have a ball bat in my hand to get their attention all the way home, and they could for get college unless they got their sorry butts to work and paid for it. There is nothing free in life nor is it easy.

        • culture critic, destruction of Christianity conspirer, look what kilary has done to BLACK countries throughout the world, children dying in Africa because of dirty hiv/aids drugs ordered up by the snow flake you wish she could have won, Haiti looted of over 60 billion dollars by then serving secretary of state, children in Haiti digging up clay dirt to eat, eating trees, her daughter dipping into this aid money to pay for her marriage cerimonies, yeah you soooo coool, blind to these niggarity & indecorous actions

    • Irrelevant at this point. The popular vote does not win the Presidential election and never did. The Electoral College vote is the only vote that counts. It is part of the US Constitution and was placed there by the founding fathers to prevent large population areas from cramming the ballot box to the detriment of the lesser populated areas. It stems back to the question of taxation without representation the suffered through the Revolution.

      • Good point, Kathryn! It is important to remember that, while people now are screaming for Democracy, we are purposefully not a democracy, but a republic–representative democracy. The intent of the framers was to separate parts of the government from the popular vote to different degrees as a deterrent to demagoguery, a very real threat to stability. Democracy was the first form of government (after monarchy) rejected by the Framers. They knew that many people vote by habit or by passion, and a democracy would collapse most likely before they had all died. The only reason people want to do away with the Electoral College is because they lost, and they want demagoguery to rule.

      • Well thought out, similarly the senate is represented by two from every state, California or compared to say New Hampshire population, tremendous population difference, but the inclusion of two per state for a senate body, so you have the peoples house, house of representatives are popular vote supported

      • The Electoral College system was established as a firewall to prevent an unqualified potential demagogue from becoming president. In those days (1700’s) of slow and limited public media and limited access to education about how government worked and what the fundamental issues really were, it was essential to have “electors” who were meant to be those among the population better informed and who, hopefully, possessed a larger world view and awareness of the principles of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Also, the “voting public” consisted at that time of white male property owners who could potentially be swayed by ‘snake oil salesmen’ with simplistic, distorted, self-serving notions.. With the gradual advance of universal suffrage (including women, all religions and races, without the requirement of property ownership) the electoral college has outlived its usefulness as it currently functions, i.e., an automatic, inflexible “rubber stamp.” Eliminating the EC entirely might be an option, but perhaps better would be a restoration of its original purpose which includes allowing the electors full independence to change their votes to prevent a highly questionable candidate from assuming office, especially when the popular vote clearly supports another candidate. A second option might include mandating the electoral college members of each state to reflect proportionally the popular results, rather than the “winner-take-all” system that now prevails in most states (the current WTA system effectively disenfranchises every opposing vote in every such state). A third option: eliminate the EC system altogether, encouraging smaller political parties to have a greater voice and ultimately bringing more diversity of representation to Congress. The system in our Constitution of fixed term lengths (and regularly scheduled elections) for our elected officials would provide the critical stability our government needs, balanced by the potential of enabling shifting coalitions to form for specific issues and thus the possibility of reducing the deeply partisan gridlock that now has frozen our legislature into a state of permanent inaction and partisanship, led by mini-demagogues such as Sen, Mitch McConnell & Co. Another issue apart from the Electoral College system is: Get big money out of politics!!

    • William hickey, Hillary did not win the popular vote of EACH State. So only won the popular vote in 19 States (so far). Trump won the popular vote in 31 States (so far). 31 is greater than 19.

      • In the 1600’s and 1700’s every state was founded by a specific group of people from a religion, a European nation, a trading company, etc.,and thus each state consisted of a fairly specific monoculture (based upon religion, class origin, economic status, national origin, etc.). In the 21st Century with its highly mobil and diverse population–(e.g.: families have spread all across the country for educational, career, economic and personal reasons; 19th and 20th century immigrants and their descendants (all of us) impacted every state in the union, resulting in every state having a multiplicity of cultural, religious, educational, economic, racial entities. This diversity, along with the instantaneous nature of our media systems, has made obsolete the idea that each state is a monolithic culture that can be fairly represented by a rigid “Electoral College” — that just is not who we are today.

    • Well said- Look people if hillary thought she had a chance she would be calling for recounts in PA and Fl the problem is in those two States they added illegal, dead and multiple votes thinking they had added enough to wreck the count- They never expected the Trump surge. The truth is she could not ask for a recount knowing she would lose votes.

      • Mr. Washington—this election is over. Hillary has officially conceded. She was not even close on the electoral college vote. I would not presume that illegal, dead or multiple votes were for Trump….they could, in fact, have been cast on behalf of the Democrats in which case she would lose by an even greater percentage. The election is over. Trump won.

    • The difference that it makes is that groups of people are using misinformation to incite riots, bigotry, and prejudice towards Trump supporters on the namesake that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote. Regardless of who you voted for with your inherent Constitutional Rights, someone putting others down for the equal choice they were given is blatantly wrong. And much of the media is only helping, not to mention crazy amounts of misinformation everywhere. But that’s just one opinion anyways.

  2. We do not live in a fair democracy, because we do not live in a democracy. We live in a constitutional republic. The revisionists have done a very good job at replacing the word republic with the word democracy, so that now, most people haven’t a clue as to the difference. Not knowing the difference and perpetuating that misinformation, is very dangerous to liberty. Do you really want to live in a country where mob rule takes precedence over the rule law?

    • Not true. Obama won by almost 10,000,000 votes in 2008 and almost 5 million votes in 2012, Where are you getting your “facts”?

  3. There is no problem with the electoral college.. LA, Chicago, New York, do not get to decide who governs us. If you did, we’d end that soon enough.

      • Well you count dead people and illegals (NOT citizens) and the ignorant who would not be able to pass the citizenship test – and don’t understand that this is a democratic REPUBLIC. By the Dems also are quite fine with allowing multiple votes for one person. IMHO you should not be able to vote if you do not pay taxes or can pass a test.

        • sorry, but that is bs – with so many us citizens having their voting rights infringed upon and even taken away – with all of the scrutiny that has been given to the process, there is no voter fraud – at least not the ‘dead people vote’ kind. The poll tax and other forms of that kind of discrimination have been determined unconstitutional.

      • Joe Jonson , each ‘individual citizens’ vote does count through your State. We have 50 individual States and a President is the President for ALL States. We cannot have a system where only the States with the largest population overrides lesser populated States just because that state has a larger population, that would not be “equal” representation for a President. The Electoral College is the most “equal” and just way for electing a President.

    • And that is why their petition has no legs. the smaller States would never allow that to happen. It would give them no voice in choosing a President ever.

  4. That video is dumb because it first starts off with “In a fair democracy” and says that the Electoral College violates that. This is a moot point because you can also say that our government violates Communism, Monarchies and Dictatorships. BECAUSE THE USA IS NOT A DEMOCRACY! It was never established as such. Of course the Electoral College violates democracy…because we are not one.

    • Michigan is the only state whose voting is incomplete. Even with that state added to Hillary’s number, she still failed to receive the minimum number of electoral college votes required. Trump exceeded the minimum by several votes. Only the Electoral College votes determine who is President in the US. The majority vote does not.

  5. What a bunch of sore losers . they insulted Trump supporters saying we are uneducated . really. Look who is protesting an election that has already been won ! So …wah wah wah .

  6. Unless you want California to decide every future presidential election, you’d best leave the Electoral College alone.

    • I understand how the electoral college works and how the popular vote works, but my question is this….I keep hearing this same statement over and over “Unless you want California to decide the presidency, then leave the electoral college alone”, but then every four years I hear the same thing “Florida will decide the presidency”. Could you please explain the difference? Please don’t confuse my question as me being a troll, I really want to know. Thanks in advance.

      • Actually, it wouldn’t just be California – that statement is perhaps misleading. If the presidency were decided by Popular Vote, then the less populated areas of the country would be lost in the shuffle. It would be California, Texas, New York, and Florida that pretty much decided the presidency since they are the states with the highest population. The reason the Electoral College works is because it gives all states some “skin in the game” so to speak. Every state has electoral votes and when it gets close, those states that can be “turned” play a major role and you end up looking at states like Maine that had only 4 electoral votes – but they could split theirs and they pundits reached the point in this election that they were counting just 1 electoral vote as being the vote that could change the outcome. It didn’t turn out to be the case, but a small state like Maine wouldn’t even be considered part of the process if we only worried about popular vote.

        • All we have to do to remedy that is to quit counting the votes by state- just keep a Talley of votes as they cone in, without reporting on “in this state X has so many votes and Y has this many”. That way it would be one person, one vote, without regard to geography. And the electoral college was conceived because most voters at the time of our nation’s founding were poorly educated, and the founding fathers were afraid that they could be swayed by an unsavory candidate. It had nothing to do with population, as there weren’t as many states at the time of the founding, and the founders couldn’t have imagined 50 states, some with densely populated cities, and others with lots of open land and few citizens

    • Actually California and DC and NY.. DC . . .91.5% votes registered for HelLIARy. That is reason enough to cut them out. What is in the best interest of the country vs Self interest.

  7. The Founding Fathers were extremely wise in establishing the Electoral College over 200 years ago as they foresaw the possibility of one or two states determining the outcome of an election if the popular vote was the determining factor. Take away the vote in California and New York and Trump wins the popular vote by 3,619,989 votes. So if you want the elitists and extreme liberals on the East and West coast to determine who is the President every 4 years, then you probably favor getting rid of the Electoral College. I don’t.

  8. The intellectual dishonesty in this video is astounding. Counting New York as only 8 million population is disingenuous at best. The greater New York area is 20 million people. There are similar high numbers for L.A. many Texas cities, etc…

  9. There is not a problem with the Electoral College you just don’t understand how it works. In a nutshell it’s who wins the popular vote of each state and their electoral votes win the election. otherwise states with huge populations like California run rough shot over states with small one … and what works in CA probably doesn’t work in the rest of the country.

  10. Doing away with the electoral college will put the entire country at the mercy of the metropolitan areas, making rural areas and smaller towns and cities irrelevant. It is a brilliant mechanism to prevent tyranny. It needs to be left alone. The United States was never intended to be a pure democracy, which would result in mob rule. Imagine the world series, between New York and Boston over 5 games. New York wins the first game 10 to nothing. Boston wins the next four 1-0. Does NY win because they have more points? That’s not how it works. There are 50 states. They all count, not just the ones with big cities. It’s called being protected from the tyranny of the majority.

  11. With an estimated 3 million non-citizen voting and all overseas votes not counted yet but lean heavy republican one can only believe Trump won the popular vote too. Research is why no one saw Trump coming… research not talking points

  12. Agreed!! This argument is reasonable but we shouldn’t be rambling on about information that can’t change the simple facts, I’m not a trump supporter but I don’t feel it relevant to get caught up on a number that doesn’t change the fact that he won. Both sides should be more mature than this, it’s disgraceful from either side. These are terrible lessons we’re teaching our children. You can throw a tantrum when you do get your way or you can throw a tantrum when someone doesn’t agree with ideology, flawed or not. Grow-up, stop your confirmation bias and herd mentality, be mature adults at least one time in your lives.

    -Centrism over Extremism

  13. Do you guys realize that in a democracy, it isn’t overall votes that count anyway. Our provinces in Canada are split into constituencies. Nova Scotia, where I live is a small province. But we still have 11 seats in the house of commons. Each constituency votes for the Member of Parliament for that constituency and in the end the party with the most seats won is the leading party. The second most party becomes the official opposition. The reason your Electoral College system is so unfair, is that the entire state lets say if it has 8 electoral college votes, and lets say state wide 50.1% vote trump and 49.9% vote Clinton. Instead of splitting those 8 electoral college votes so that Trump gets just over 4 lets say even 5 and Clinton gets the remaining 3 (which would be the fair an representative way to do it) instead it’s winner takes all. So all 8 would go to Trump for the sake of 0.2% votes. In the grand scheme of things that is not representative of the people. Lets say in a state, you have a major city and a bunch of rural areas. Even the city might be divided, and the rural areas might vote differently. So the winner takes all of the electoral college votes for the entire state is why its unfair and not representative of the reality of how the people voted. Switching to a true democracy would not allow one state to walk all over the others because divided into constituencies, all the states would have multiple seats and it would go by constituency. It still wouldn’t be the overall vote. But it would be much more fair than statewide winner takes all even if the difference is only 0.2%.

    • Harkiran Kaur, the Electoral College is fair. It isn’t the Electoral College that set the “winner takes all” approach. Each State sets it’s own policies for how electorates cast their votes, not the E.C. Most states have a winner take all approach, however, we do have two States with split electoral approach, Maine is one of them and in this election 1 Maine electoral vote went to Trump the other 3 went to Hillary. Let’s say we used your Canada approach. In the U.S. Each State is divided into Counties. Let’s use our States to represent your “provinces’ and our counties to represent your “constituency”. I will use Kentucky for the example because that is where I live. There are 120 counties in Kentucky. During this election two counties went to Hillary & those are the two counties with cities, Louisville in Jefferson County and Lexington in Fayette County (largest populated areas within the state). The other 118 counties went to Trump. Remember this is ‘only’ Kentucky and each state has more or less counties within the State. One could imagine the complexity a voting system like that would have for the U.S. Furthermore Canada only has 10 Provinces where the U.S. has 50 States. The Electoral College is by far the best way to go for the presidential election and our Founding Fathers knew it, which is why they established it for U.S.

    • Please mind your own business.This is America and I’m sure you would not want us to comment on how Canadians do their elections.If something works,there is no need to change it.200+ and counting.

  14. The popular vote count is irrelevant. The popular vote only matters in the primaries. The only vote that counts in the actual election is the Electoral College vote, which Trump won over and above the required number. Hillary failed to receive the required number of electoral college votes to qualify. The Electoral College vote is part of the US Constitution and cannot be changed absent a Constitutional amendment, which must be not only fully passed by both houses, but must also be ratified by 100% of all states, making it unlikely that any change will be forthcoming since there is no valid legal reason for it to be changed. The purpose of the electoral college is to prevent the largely populated cities to control politics to the exclusion of their less populated rural neighbors.

    • you mean that snow flake bilary is done and we’re finished with the clintons improprieties by them forever, let’s send the pair to Haiti, send chelsea to, she’s having a good time spending billions, she apparently for 10 years dipping, can you imagine the impotent poor in Haiti having to eat clay dirt & trees and she dips into the pot of their funding to pay for her wedding the happiest day in her life, what are they going over in their heads

  15. With a Majority Democracy there would never have been School Busing for Education……Why because the majority on School Boards would and have voted against it…….Womens Right to vote would have gone the same way with the Majority vote , Men only Voted and would have defeated it….Obamacare would have been defeated if majority vote had taken place nationally …….The Kaiser poll found 37 percent of respondents supported Obamacare 63 percent opposed the law…….Segregation in public schools would still be with us had the Majority voted for it……Abortion would not have passed a Majority Vote , same as Same sex marriage…….A Democracy —The chief characteristic and distinguishing feature of a Democracy is: Rule by Omnipotent Majority. In a Democracy, The Individual, and any group of Individuals composing any Minority, have no protection against the unlimited power of The Majority. It is a case of Majority-over-Man…. The Founders Knew This …. The Electoral College is used once every 4 years and only during a Presidential election…..The phrase “tyranny of the majority” (or “tyranny of the masses”) is used in discussing systems of democracy and majority rule. It involves a scenario in which a majority places its own interests above those of a minority group, constituting active oppression comparable to that of a tyrant or despot.[1] Potentially, a disliked ethnic, religious, political, or racial group may be deliberately penalized by the majority element acting through the democratic process.[2]

  16. When the illegal votes,felons,deceased and intentional machine errors and over (stuffing) in certain areas is removed trump destroyed her…but “what difference at this point does it make”

  17. Horse dung trump won popular vote CNN reported yesterday 3million illegals may have voted in the election as well as many dead people, and we know somehow they are democrats.

  18. In light of the (paid) “protests” that are occurring across the country, this lifetime Cubbie fan is sharing an analogy for consideration.


    BREAKING NEWS: Chicago Cubs are being forced to give up their World Series title.

    Cleveland Indians fans have rioted across the country in protest of the 2016 World Series. Despite knowing the rules of the game prior to playing, they were unhappy they lost and demanded the outcome to be changed. They could be heard chanting #NotOurWorldSeriesChampion all across America.

    Even though the Cubs won 4 games and the Indians only won 3, since both teams scored 27 total runs throughout all 7 games, they are being declared co-world champions.
    When questioned, Commissioner Manfred stated, “We felt as though it was the right thing to do for the nation. What kind of example would Major League Baseball be setting if we expected the adults who play this game, and their fans, to gracefully accept defeat? Instead of creating a bigger divide between the Cubs and Indians, MLB is confident that the Cubs will gladly share their victory with the Indians.”

    If the ballots were closely examined and all incidences of fraud (illegals voting, dead people casting ballots, Disney and Marvel characters voting) removed, the popular vote totals would change drastically. Further, if absentee ballots were to be counted (they currently are NOT unless a state’s count is close enough that the absentee ballots could change the state’s electoral college delegate count), we could potentially see an even larger popular vote total for President Elect Trump.

    If majority rule is what these protestors really wish to see, then they need to get on the ball and get behind an amendment to change the Constitution to abolish the Electoral College. Rioting in the major cities (AND walking into traffic on the interstate highways) only makes them part of a larger problem (and ROADKILL…).

  19. 3 million illegals voted is the recent estimate. Being that Obo and Hellary were pushing for this, I will assume that she would have gotten 2/3 of them…very low estimate. That being said it would stand to reason that Trump would then win the popular and electoral if illegals were not allowed to vote [and I say they can keep their taxes paid too!!]

  20. More than half of the eligible voting population of the United States didn’t even vote. The whole thing is a fraud and doesn’t matter anyway.

  21. You fuxking righties are sick, sick, sick. Get over yourselves. You won, OK.. Is to too much to ask that you try to be civil? So defensive. Why so defensive? Are you that paranoid?

    • Seriously? You are asking us to be civil? Have you watched coverage of the “protests”? You have called us every vile “ism” that exists for months on end. You are calling for him to be assassinated on Twitter and hoisting signs that say “Rape Melania” and not one of your leaders has condemned any of this, and now you call us sick and paranoid, but still demand that we be civil?

  22. “fuel calls to end the electoral college”? Ending the Electoral College would disproportionally give states with the large population over the states with lesser population. Hillary won the popular vote and that is the ‘real’ voice of the people??? No it is Not and there is a reason it is not the ‘real’ voice of the people nation wide. The President is the President for ALL States, not just those states with the largest populations. Our Founding Fathers understood that and gave US the Electoral College process to prevent ‘Mob Rule’. In a Presidential election ALL States have a say in who the president is, not just states with the largest population. California is equal to Idaho, New York is equal to Mississippi… Aren’t the libs always screaming about “equality”? Well they sure show how they are not for “equality” when it does not go their way! Hillary did NOT win the “popular” vote of “EACH” state. She won the popular vote in only 19 states and of those states California and New York went to Hillary (aka the States with the large population). However, Trump won the popular votes of 31 States. 31 States is ‘more’ than 19 therefore to prevent ‘mob rule’ we use the Electoral College thanks to our Founding Fathers understanding and insight for presidential elections. California and N.Y. are the most populated states and would unduly and disproportionately affect the election – every time. That means that the vast majority of 48 states and their populations would be subject to the whim and desire of just two states. If those two states have similar demographics and voting preferences at any particular point in time (which they do now), then those two states would call the shots for the ENTIRE country every time.
    But the Electoral College brilliantly smooths out the variances in the voting proclivities among states and regions. Farmers in the middle of the country and importers and exporters on the shore get roughly equal say, as do Madison Ave. execs and factory workers in Tennessee.
    Shortcomings? Sure. The E.C. can make an R vote meaningless in a very few heavily D states or vice versa. But without the Electoral College, the country’s entire population is subject to the disproportionate voting preferences of the few most populous states.

  23. While all the votes have yet to be counted, it will probably show that Pinocchio has the most but, if they put all these votes under a microscope I wonder how many were cast by illegals or find that some had voted more than once. The result could be entirely different, stayed tuned and don’t leave town !!! I believe that murdering go for nothing Stalin once said, “I’ts not how many vote, it’s WHO counts the votes.” When Romney ran in ’12 it was noted that in Philly alone, there are 59 precincts and Mitt didn’t garner one single solitary vote, now I’ll give ya, Philly is predominently liberal but, cooooommmmme ooooonnnnn !!! hhhmmmmm? Now about that counting thing !!!

  24. Lets see how you trumpers feel after 4 years of him in the white house.Experience is a costly teacher but fools will have no other.

    • I ɢᴏᴛ ʜᴏᴏᴋᴇᴅ ᴏɴ ʜᴀᴠɪɴɢ ᴀɴ ᴏɴʟɪɴᴇ ʙᴜsɪɴᴇss ᴀʟᴍᴏsᴛ ᴀ ᴅᴇᴄᴀᴅᴇ ᴀɢᴏ ᴡʜᴇɴ I ᴄʀᴇᴀᴛᴇᴅ ᴀɴ ᴏɴʟɪɴᴇ ᴄᴏᴜʀsᴇ ᴀɴᴅ ᴍᴀᴅᴇ ᴍʏ ғɪʀsᴛ..e
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  25. In actuality, add up all the state popular votes (you can grab the info from the NY Times for example), and you will see Trump won the popular vote tally across 49 states by 2 million. Only when you add California does Clinton squeek ahead by thousands. Funny how the mass media has trouble reporting the facts.

  26. The Electoral College is a guarantee of the US Constitution of an equalized representation for all States in the Union. Nationally, the Electoral representation happens to be equal to the number of Senators and Representatives in the federal government. We are a Union of States (United STATES of America) and the President is the President of the United STATES of America. If you removed the Electoral College, the new president would forever be determined by the states with the largest populations, and the smaller states would be disenfranchised from the USA, and would likely wind up leaving. So, going to a strictly national popular vote would likely result in the end of the USA. Remember that each state has a popular vote to select the electorate which votes for the President in that state. Each state already has a popular vote, which affords states equalized power in the USA. This election 2016, Trump actually won the tally of 49 state popular votes by 2 million. Only when you add the large voting population of California to the mix, did Clinton squeek ahead by thousands. As such, if it were purely national popular vote, the state of California would have determined the next president for 49 other states. Anyone with enough interest can grab the voting data and put it in a spreadsheet and determine this for themselves. Sadly, the mass media won’t tell you such facts.

  27. California Has a population over 39 million, yet only 9.1 million people voted? New York’s population is 20 million less but 6.78 Million made it out to the polls? Something wacky is going on with these numbers. California’s Population is over double that of New York, its Electoral Vote is worth 55 points making it a crucial state. The Vote’s cast in California should of been in line to double that of NY, at least over 13 million.

  28. IM sorry.. I do not believe the number of real votes until one must provide proof they are a citizen, provide id when voting and system in place to insure a persona has not voted more then once… When and only then will i agree to get rid of the E C.. Till then POUND SALT… Noting was wrong with the EC when OBAMA was voted in.. Now that you didnt get your way you want to change the rulles

  29. wow, so he’ saying that Hillary won 15 states and Trump won 35. Clearly Hillary should be president of the united states of NY and CA

  30. So why even vote if you live in the smaller states all you have to do is focus on the bigger states like NY and CA and you won by the popular votes. Get over it Hillary you lost because you lied and are not wanted as a person.

  31. 2016 election popular votes count.

    According to New York Times.
    Clinton: 65,476,535 votes (48.1%)
    Trump: 62,821,935 votes (46.1%)

    According to CNN.
    Clinton: 65,435,318 votes (48.2%)
    Trump: 62,788,630 votes (46.3%)

  32. So next presidential election why go out and waste time voting. This is for the ignoramious you expect someone to believe in electoral voting process last time I heard the majority in any election wins. The USA is near communist Hey look at Trump and his dealings with Russia tHow sad the end of an era and the destruction of democracy , freedom and the brave.

  33. First of all, I learned all about the electoral college way back in elementary school. This is what I learned.
    The US is a republic of states and our system of representation is designed to provide some balance and preserve “states rights”. We see this play out every day in the various laws that are passed at the stale level and the constant tension between federal and state law. I’m confused as to why some of our politicians and news outlets are now surprised by how the electoral college works. Here’s some math. Trump won the popular vote in 30 states and so got those electoral votes; thus the popular vote drives the electoral results. The latest counts show Clinton winning the national popular vote by 2.9 million. She won California by 3.5 million – more than her margin in the national popular vote. She won New York by another1.7 million. The electoral college exists so as not to give the largest states a disproportionate say in national elections. Everything is working as designed.