Clinton vs. Trump: 9 Presidential Election Outcomes That Could Happen

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  1. ON Tuesday, wikileak will release its final bombshell on Hillary and is going to be huge blow to democrats in general according to some sources

  2. The very dishonest evil 666 woman will send this country in to nasty corruption and failed economy. We have already earned disrespect from world under Obama’s arrogant diplomatic relations and we will sink in to serious global corrupted network under Hillary. Guys America has been kicking down the road for a decade ,if some one stop this and clean the mess , gradually, this country will disentigrate into tiny fractions like former Soviet Union.

    • Trump the devil himself has been and still is showing his horns. No difference between him and Hitler oh sorry minus the toupee same beliefs and scare tactics. Coward behavior.

  3. I’m trying to understand how so many people can be seduced by such a con man. I give him a lot of credit–he has repeated his lies often enough and he has managed to get the media to repeat them in extraordinary fashion–but he is and has always been a con man. This country is great with or without him, and his stacks of lies won’t change that. Hillary has her faults, but she is not corrupt, she is not a fraction of the liar that he is, and she has done more for this country (including improve its image overseas after the debacle of GWB) in 10% of her life than Trump would or could if he lived to be 500. I’m a moderate, libertarian-leaning person who believes in facts and reason. In other words, I do not understand you. I’m hopeful we can bring you around to the truth.


    GOP establishment politicians are executing political blackmail to intimidate the national electorate. The GOP establishment has publicly announced that they will hold the functioning of the Government of the United States of America hostage, until the national electorate pays the political ransom demand of the GOP, i.e. the national electorate must reflect the majority will of the white electorate or GOP politicians will secede from supporting American Democracy, as their antecedents succeeded from the union to preserve white supremacy politically and economically.

    GOP States Keep Ignoring Court Orders to Restore Voting Rights
    Wisconsin, Ohio, Texas, and North Carolina won’t stop suppressing the vote.

    Scientific studies (by white scientist) establish that a majority of whites are delusional about the state of the nations racial composition and the negative effect of racial discrimination in America. Approximately six in ten (57%) white Americans and roughly two-thirds (66%) of white working-class Americans agree that discrimination against whites is as big a problem today as discrimination against blacks and other minorities. Despite numerous scientific reports confirming the disproportionate racial impact of voter ID laws and judicial findings of deliberate racial bias of voter ID laws, a white majority concern with the potential of voter fraud “trumps” the reality of proven voter suppression of racial minorities. These outsized delusions, and the fear of the dominance of a non-white electoral preference that trumps the majority white choice trumps all other political factors for a majority of the white electorate. For a white majority a presidential candidate tainted with racism that has hired a white supremacist as a campaign CEO is then, not in and of itself a sufficient disqualification for the office of the presidency.