How Hillary Clinton’s 1.4 Million Popular Vote Lead Broke Records

Scranton, PA - AUGUST 15:  Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton holds a rally with Vice President Joe Biden at Riverfront Sports athletic facility on August 15, 2016 in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Hillary Clinton focused her speech on the economy and bringing jobs to the key swing state of Pennsylvania.   (Photo by Mark Makela/Getty Images)

Hillary Clinton in Pennsylvania. (Getty)

Hillary Clinton’s popular vote lead over president-elect Donald Trump has grown to more than 1.4 million votes, and it’s smashing records.

Clinton is number 3 in all-time presidential popular vote totals in United States history, and her tally is still growing, largely because of uncounted ballots remaining in blue California. As of November 18, more than 2.8 million votes remained unprocessed in that state. No candidate in American history has ever won this many popular votes and lost the presidency.

Clinton’s margin over Trump is greater than the margin in multiple historic elections, including since 1900. Despite Clinton’s history-making tally, though, she didn’t turn out enough voters in the Obama coalition to defeat Trump, and Democratic turnout did not increase as Republican turnout did in critical states. Furthermore, more than 35% of her popular vote tally is coming from just five states, with California leading the way.

Donald Trump, President Donald Trump, Donald Trump nuclear war, Trump nuclear weapons, North Korea, Russia, how many nuclear weapons, Trump and nukes

On January 20, Barack Obama (r) will hand the nuclear launch codes to new President Donald Trump (l). (Getty)

Because of the strong showing by third-party candidates, neither Clinton nor Trump won a majority of the popular votes cast in the 2016 presidential election. A candidate won the majority in the last three elections, but there was only a plurality of the vote won in the 18 elections before that point.

Here are the results as of November 18, according to the Cook Political Report:

Clinton: 63,049,607 47.9%
Trump: 61,610,484 46.8%

Here are the popular vote results as of November 18 from, which is also keeping an updated tally:

Clinton: 63,037,875 47.74%
Trump: 61,645,235 46.68%

That’s fueling calls in some corners to abolish the Electoral College, which Trump won 306-232 (unless his slim lead in Michigan somehow shifts as canvassing continues); Trump is president-elect because he won the popular vote in the swing states and thus was able to win the electoral votes in enough states to best Clinton in the Electoral College (which technically votes in December). Those who support the Electoral College say that it gives a voice to all Americans as candidates must compete in all states and for all minds; Trump has said that, if the contest was for the popular votes, he would have competed differently, campaigning in places like California and New York and perhaps found a different outcome there.

The only presidential candidate in American history ever to best Clinton in the number of popular votes: Barack Obama, twice. It’s theoretically possible that Clinton could still surpass at least one of his electoral tallies, though, as more California votes are counted in particular due to absentee ballots.

Turnout is up by 2%, according to the Cook Political Report. Donald Trump also made history; his popular vote tally, while under Clinton’s, is more than all Republican presidential candidates other than George W. Bush in 2004, and he’s coming close to surpassing Bush. Trump now ranks #5 in all-time presidential popular vote numbers.

Clinton made history in several ways.

Here’s how:

She Ranks Number Three in All-Time Popular Vote Results

Hillary Clinton, President Barack Obama, and former President Bill Clinton wave to the crowd after a rally on Independence Mall in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, November 07, 2016. About 40,000 people flooded Independence Mall in Philadelphia. (Getty)

Hillary Clinton, President Barack Obama, and former President Bill Clinton wave to the crowd after a rally on Independence Mall in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, November 07, 2016. About 40,000 people flooded Independence Mall in Philadelphia. (Getty)

Here is how her popular vote total stacks up with the top 10 popular vote tallies of any presidential candidate in U.S. history, according to 270toWin.

1. Barack Obama 2008: 69,456,897
2. Barack Obama 2012: 65,446,032
3. Hillary Clinton 2016: 63,049,607 (as of November 18)
4. George W. Bush 2004 62,039,073
5. Donald Trump 2016: 61,610,484 (as of November 18)
6. Mitt Romney 2012 60,589,084
7.  John McCain 2008: 59,934,814
8. John Kerry 2004: 59,027,478
9. Ronald Reagan 1984: 54,455,000
10. Al Gore 2000: 50,996,582
(#11 is George W. Bush 2000: 50,456,062)

She is One of Only Four Presidential Candidates to Win the Popular Vote but Lose the Electoral College

al gore 2000, accept, election results, gore bush election results, donald trump election results, donald trump acceptance, kellyanne conway al gore

Al Gore said he strongly disagreed with the results of the 2000 election, but accepted it. (Getty)

Only three other presidential candidates have also won the popular vote, while losing the Electoral College.

None won the popular vote by such a margin – not even close.

They are:

Al Gore, 2000: Lost the presidential election to George W. Bush but won the popular vote by 543,816 votes.

Andrew Jackson, 1824: Jackson won the popular vote but lost the presidency in the House of Representatives because neither candidate reached the threshold for victory in the Electoral College. Jackson also had more electoral votes at the onset.

Grover Cleveland, 1888: Lost the presidential election to Republican Benjamin Harrison despite leading by 90,000 popular votes.

Her Popular Vote Margin Has Exceeded The Winner in Some Historic Elections

Donald Trump Refuse Salary, Donald Trump will not receive presidential salary, which presidents have forgone presidential salary, how much is presidential salary, which presidents refused presidential salary

1962: US statesman John F Kennedy, 35th president of the USA, making a speech. (Getty)

Clinton’s margin is larger than the margin of the victor in some historic presidential elections. Consider the 1960 election between Richard Nixon and John F. Kennedy. Kennedy won the popular vote by a slim margin. According to 270toWin:

Kennedy: 34,227,096
Nixon: 34,107,646

Nixon prevailed over Hubert Humphrey in 1968 also by a small margin.

Richard Nixon: 31,710,470
Hubert H. Humphrey: 30,898,055

Close margins were common in the early part of the last century. Here are some of the elections with closer margins than Clinton’s margin over Trump:

Woodrow Wilson: 9,129,606
Charles E. Hughes: 8,538,221

William Taft: 7,678,908
William J. Bryan: 6,409,104

William McKinley: 7,207,923
William J. Bryan: 6,358,133

William McKinley: 7,104,779
William J. Bryan: 6,502,925

Grover Cleveland: 5,556,918
Benjamin Harrison: 5,176,108

Before that point the margins of the victors were smaller than Clinton’s margin, but it’s an unfair comparison because the popular vote totals were altogether so small (after all, many Americans were not allowed to vote).

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  1. Sorry I don’t believe any of these tally’s because there was so much fraudulent activity by the democrats that’s the only reason that she is up that high. When you have as many people that were at his rallies and that many people who voted for him there’s no way she could have won the popular vote like that. Sorry don’t believe it!!

      • No you’re an idiot ! idiot !

        I don’t believe it either,I have read thousands of Articles and thousands of post’s and about 10% claimed that Hillary Clinton was white as pure driven snow. But when you’re making five billion dollars a day off of oil ,you can buy a hell of a lotta media time with that. And let’s not forget a few politicians too !

          • Are these the same tallies as those that promised there was no way Clinton would lose? I wonder how those screaming for the electoral college to go against their state vote would feel if their voice was taken away. The votes were pretty much California as noted in so many of the reports. Are we suggesting that California should be the only state that has a say in how the country is run. God forbid, and he did.

              • The polls were correct in that Hillary did win the popular vote, making her the “Peoples’ President.” However, you are correct, the polls were; wrong on electoral college polls.

            • Without California, America would be second rate . . . hate it all you want, but no other state has led America into the 21st century with all its technology development . . .no other state has the daring to take on the impossible . . . communications, science, art, industry all benefit . . . with a public university with more Nobel prize winners than any university, public or private, in the country . . . with the end result being that America leads the way over every other country . . . we don’t care who your daddy was or wasn’t . . . all we care about is what have YOU done . . how long California will be able to be so under the yoke of Trump remains to be seen . . . especially with him being so cozy with Russia . . . ultimately, California doesn’t fear diversity; California thrives on it . . . for all of those out there who fear immigration, you might want to consider that if someone with a sixth grade education who can’t read or write English is taking your job away, then maybe you’re biggest problem isn’t illegal immigration . . .

        • YOU are the idiot. The only voter suppression this year came from the Republican party, namely in North Carolina (check the facts). The only rigging of the election came from Donald Trump as he solicited the aid of Vladimir Putin. And large crowds at rallies mean NOTHING. It’s the count at the end of the day that determines the count at the end of the day. IDIOT

          • Trump solicited the aid of Putin? Really? If you’ve been paying attention, Wikileaks adequately quashed that ridiculous rumour! Large crowds at rallies mean nothing? Really? Smarten up!
            Hilldebeast had to fake her rallies! Take a look at the electoral map! Virtually ALL RED! You’re just a retarded sore LOSER!

            • Retarded! Another offensive word coming from a bigoted tRumpster. And don’t hand me any crap about politically correct! That is a horrible word that does hurt all the Mentally Challenged people I have worked with. I have explained to them that the person who freely throws that word out as an an asshole that only cares how they feel! Grow-up!

      • How can you possibly be so naive (I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt as the word stupid came to mind)? Look at the crowds at a Trump rally.Hillary had to fake her crowds they were so sparse. How about voter fraud? Machines that were replacing Trump votes to Hillary votes! How about the 3 million illegals that voted? How about the one million dead people that voted? How about this headline, “Virginia Governor Restores Voting Rights to Felons”? Look at the electoral map; 90% RED! 10% blue. Look at the results of the electoral college! If you have a semblance of intellectual honesty, you cannot deny the FACTS! Hillary is a piece of slime that crawled out from under a rock and she should be rotting in prison somewhere!

      • No, actually, she isn’t an idiot. You’re just a whiner.

        Hilary Clinton lost the election because the Americans didn’t want her in Office. In fact, she lost traditionally Democrat blue states which means, leftard, that Democrats weren’t voting for her either. The popular vote is unreliable–that’s why we have the electoral college. Besides, Trump didn’t win the pop-vote because he wasn’t interested in it. Like the man says, DEAL WITH IT.

    • We know Lindy Wade – It’s Rigged ! Don’t worry Sweetie, Your ” Big Great American Wall” will be built. Roe v Wade will probably be overturned making abortion illegal in many states. Oh yes, it’s ok now to grab kitty then lol about it later. I hope Trump gets you a job working in a factory.

    • but you believe the tally of electoral votes that put Trump in.. yep, an idiot, useing her faith/believe in place of facts.. wonder if she knows the same people that tallied Trumps win, are the ones that tallied the votes

    • Wikipedia or your trusted news sites ( there are a few that isn’t own by either party) and fact check. Out of more than 50 years of studying and living trough Political History, these numbers appear to be very close. A popular vote winner losing because of the Electoral Collage has only happened twice and look how George W. Bush turned out. He ignored his advisers telling him 9/11 was going to happen. When it did he attacked the wrong country creating ISIS after putting a half a million man army out of work. Oh yeah, his “trickle down” economic policies led to the worst recession since the Great Depression of the 1920’s. People who voted for Trump should have studied his history, as well as the minions he is filling the US Government with. God help us all! so many of us do not want to go back to 1950 and have to restart the fight for the right to get a job if you are a woman or minority. So many of us fought to get to where we were just a 10 days ago. No problems for those of you who can make a good enough living to have “the little woman” stay home, cook and be submissive to her husband. She dare not try to be an individual or assert herself in any way. Of course if she get’s naked for rich men until she snags one for marriage it is fine. Just like the Presidents wife. Such an inspiring First Lady, as is the rest of Trump’s appointees as of this time. Getting a formal education and actually learning the truth may be old fashion but doing so has kept America safe from 1945 until the year 2000. All I can say with a Trump win is America loses, as do the more than 1.3 million people more Americans who voted for Clinton over Trump.

      • Absolute nonsense. ISIS came into being when obama pulled the troops out of Iraq in 2011, a move he was warned against by all his military advisors. The resulting power vacuum led to the rise of ISIS. And considering all the people working with the clinton campaign talking about rigging elections on hidden video, the popular vote discrepancy is probably a result of fraud. You should look up wiki-leaks and the veritas network instead of repeating nonsense from CNN.

      • You need to remember; the Bush crime family is as corrupt as the Clinton crime family. They are both part of the establishment wanting a one world government and willing to sell out America to do it! This is what Trump is fighting against. You need to get that through your thick skull! Look who the Bush family voted for! Does that not tell you something! They are neither republican or democrat! They are traitors of the most evil kind! It’s hard for me to fathom that people can get so passionate and not have a clue what the real issues are! What do you think Brexit was about? Trump just saved your sorry libtard ass!

    • > there was so much fraudulent activity by the democrats

      That’s a charge, Lindy, that’s as serious as murder or rape in many people’s minds. Your civic duty is to either take your evidence to the authorities, if you have any, or retract your baseless accusation if you don’t actually have evidence.

      > When you have as many people that were at his rallies

      What does this have to do with anything? I’ve voted many years and never gone to a rally. I think it says more for Trump (and Sanders) supporters that they want politics to give them a good entertainment spectacle.

    • Any fraudulent activity that was engaged in by Democrats was equally engaged in by Republicans. It is naive in the extreme to believe otherwise.

    • Lindy is correct! Also, about 3 million illegal immigrants also voted. This is confirmed, look it up! Wonder who they all voted for? She and the Dems cheated in so many ways, and she still lost, pathetic!

    • If Lindy is an idiot, then add me to your list.. The fox network and fox news were in control of the chicken house (popular voting) and the Electoral College was established and part of the Constitution from the beginning. The Bill of Rights are not open to modification. They are part of the The CONSTITUTION. Hillary has violated her oaths, the Constitution and moral codes and deserves to be in Leavenworth. I held a top-secret crypto-clearance and would have been sent to to jail and still be there for just one of her crimes of state. As long as the popular vote is close, it proves the point. The Global Corporate Fascists own the U.S. and World communications and News Systems. I went to bed thinking if they can seat a non-citizen with no real credentials in the White House for two terms and increase the national debt by over 15-trillion then I fully expected them to steal this election. Our Creator was in charge of this election and we should be concerned what HE has in mind for the U.S. and the rest of the world.

    • Are you really using attendance at Trump rallies as evidence that he won the popular vote? I will grant you that the phenomena producing that attendance is similar to that which got him elected, but were his rallies not well attended in states where he lost badly including New Mexico, Vermont, and New York?

    • Exactly, she implored the ethnic vote to “vote early” then the DNC shipped out millions of blank ballots. Many of these stacks of ballots are still floating around. Stacks of ballots under mail boxes is well documented. Who knows who filled them out and instances of single entities using registered voting lists to fill “as many as I could do”. The only way to fis this is federally mandated, state implemented voter ID. It is working in many states.

  2. If we all just believe what we want to believe and what our little bubbles and guts tell us, we are going to make america die. I think that swings both ways. Trump won. Clinton won the popular vote. Maybe if we find that common ground we can try to do something positive together. Probably not. America is probably going to hell.

  3. We have to remember that Trump got the most votes in those battleground states from uneducated white working class people. These people don’t care about facts. They want their factory jobs back and to build a Big American Wall. We can thank the Electoral College for the Big American Wall. lol At least now we can finally grab kitty and say the President does it too.

  4. It is CONVENIENT that California has all these un-tallied votes so long after the voting. It makes for much hullabaloo among the disgruntled Libs looking for ANY bright side to their YUGE loss!

  5. Would you believe it? All the blah, blah about the fat pig with lipstick coming in third of history and little mention of President Trump coming in fifth…
    Wrap it all up and the Hispanics of New Mexico gave her a lead of 8.5 million votes which makes clear how the remainder of the country feels about her…Not agreeing with the Hispanics of NM makes it easy for me to be looking forward to his occupancy of the WH and hers in the big house!

    • Lol I live in New Mexico and our entire state population is not even close to 8.5 million. The Hispanic population and Native American is almost 50% as well as our governor suzanna Martinez who is republican. The Mexican American population/ have been here longer than in any other state going back to when the US annexed the state from Mexico..and the different tribes of native Americans were here far longer before there was a United States of America. (and my family was in this country before the british and revolutionary war) kindly shut your racist, misogynist mouth on things you dont know about.

  6. Not sure I believe her numbers, but since we had so many dead voters voting, its possible. One county in Florida alone had 2014 registered, active voters over the age of 110.

  7. I don’t trust the popular vote either. That’s probably why the Electoral College is used in addition. It is such a huge job of monitoring millions of votes that it is impossible to screen out fraud. People just don’t understand the election process. Hillary has the popular vote because she got a few states where there is a huge number of people, like California.She received 55 electoral votes because of it. She just didn’t get enough votes to get a majority in enough states (to get those electoral votes for each state) Trump got 38 electoral votes for Texas cause more people in Texas voted for him, and it has a large population. That saying, people just haven’t done much research on hillary. she belongs in prison. Watch this ONE video:

    • > Hillary has the popular vote because she got a few states where there is a huge number of people

      You say that like having lots of votes from people is a bad thing. I’m not sure what you’d rather have voting.

    • “That’s why the electoral college is used in addition”? The electoral college Was designated by the framers for all presidential elections. Only 4 ppl in history have lost the popular vote yet lost the election. Why are trolls here caring about the popular vote? It has nothing to do with the outcome unless it causes an audit before the electors are cast and there is difference in individual state outcomes
      It’s time to be rid of the elechoral college or the calexit plan sounds swell.
      California has a bigger GDP than France, Italy even Russia. Half of all fruits and vegetables this country consumes is grown in California. Silicon Valley in NorCal gave us Twitter, Facebook, google, apple. The people there pay more to the federal government in taxes than what it receives for federal programs. Without the tax dollars that come from all those blue states the American economy would collapse. The biggest gap between electoral votes and population is in California.
      Every vote should count not just swing states.
      So before you start bashing the states that go blue realize they keep most of this government afloat.

    • CA for its population of 80 million people should have more than 55 electrol college. CA economy is no. 5 in the world and no. 1 in the nation with GDP of $3 trillion in a year.

    • Not exactly true. I hear a lot of people say because of California she got the popular vote lead. So lets talk population. 28 States have populations less than 5M. Of the votes cast they made up 22% of all votes. 78% of votes were from states that had populations >5M. California belongs to the top three states with populations >20M. This includes Texas and Florida. Of the 29,634,910 votes cast in just these three states, Clinton beat Trump 52% to 44%. In other words when I combine Texas and Florida which together had more votes cast than California, Clinton won the popular vote. Of those 6 states with population between 10 – 20M with a total vote cast of 32,662,922, Clinton beat Trump 50% to 46%. Of those 13 states with populations between 5 – 10M with total votes cast of 40,751,365, Clinton beat Trump 49% – 46%. Of those 28 states with <5M with total vote cast of 28,226,791, Trump beat Clinton 53% to 40%. In other words, in 78% of the votes cast, Clinton won the popular vote and it isnʻt just because of California.
      As to fraud, I donʻt know what state you belong to but most states have very strict election laws and procedures. No one who is not a citizen can vote in a Presidential election. As to fraud in the election system, the Electoral college votes for each state can and has been manipulated to favor one party over the other. This is done through a process called gerrymandering which was actually done in many of the swing states including Florida, Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. With technology today this really isnʻt hard to do. Just rearrange the population into districts which gives one party the majority of the electoral votes. This means that even if 14 of a 30 electoral vote state choose one candidate,the other gets all 30 while actually only winning by by 2 districts. This is the biggest problem with the electoral college – winner take all. This idea actually came about when politicians realized they could manipulate the system to win in the late 1800s. It was not the system conceived by the founders of this nation. This is the main reason many people are against the system. Many states have tried to change it but the party in power, in this case the republicans, really donʻt want to change a system which assures them winning each and every time. Gerrymandering and not only assures winning the Presidency but the Senate and House as well.
      I for one would like my vote to count. I donʻt like hearing the election had already been decided by swing states mainly in the East. Many in our State were still voting when the election was called. It is not about small states versus big states, its that each and every American be given a voice in who we want to lead us. It isnʻt about just white middle class, its about all the middle class who suffered along with everyone else under the establishment of the Republican party. Yes, the Republican party is the establishment so many were against thinking establishment relates to the Party of the President. It does not. Establishment is who was in power. Congress holds the power over laws and budgets. The power was in the Republican controlled congress who did nothing for you and now you have given them unbridled power.

    • Don’t trust the popular vote? The popular vote is the true vote of the people. The only vote which counts everyone equally. This is why idiots like you should stay home on election day – you can’t even understand basic ideas.

  8. This count leaves out all of the fraud which was seen in this race. Ive seen as much as 3 million illegals voted in the election. There were many dead people and people voting 10 or more times due to the lack of voter id laws. There were the machines which were changing the votes from Trump to Clinton. There were the ballot issues where they didn’t make it to where they were supposed to or were replaced with other ballots. There were the busloads of people who were brought in to vote from other states. There were the college kids who voted in 2 places. There were the snow birds which voted in two places, and probably many other ways as well. It just seemed like the fraud was reported everyday and it was always saying the fraud was to help Hillary get elected. With this, I would say would swing it to 4 or 5 million more votes to Trump and probably at least 1 or 2 more states. In NH, it was called for Clinton, but there is a dispute over the college kids voting there as well as the state they still reside in. From what I read, it was more than enough to make the difference. In NV, there were all kinds of issues with early voting where people were voting multiple times, people were not legally able to vote, and busloads of people were bused in from CA or other states to vote in this election. Don’t know if the number was the difference, but if you factor all of the fraud Trump might have pulled NV out as well or made it very close. Just google voter fraud and the state and you will see article after article. So I really don’t care what the vote total ends up being. Trump won the electoral college and without the fraud won the pop as well and it wouldn’t have been close.

    • Well call your officials and demand a recount.. That would be great. 31 cases of voter fraud in history and yet during this election more than one trump voter is in jail for voter fraud and voting twice. Check your facts outside of Breitbart.

      • Maybe you need to check your facts instead of getting your opinions from the huffington post. Look up the Veritas network and watch their videos of officials working for the Clinton campaign talking on hidden camera about commiting election fraud, as well as disrupting trump rallies. Something (like much of Wikileaks) that was ignored by the globalist media.

      • there is a lot to say about califoria and illigals voting from regular news p;aces open your eyes…i will never be a zionist i know how they work it is awful….they will take our country

  9. Take out LA County and Cook County IL from the equation and Trump wins the popular vote. These are two most populous counties which vote Democrat heavily and I would expect a lot of Illegals voting in these counties as they are Sanctuary cities. That takes the air out of Hillary’s baloon..

    May be she can claim to be the Governor of California! :)

    • > Take out LA County and Cook County IL from the equation and Trump wins the popular vote.

      That’s like saying if the visiting team scored two fewer runs, your team would have won.

      If you want to play that game, though, I imagine we could find two counties to take from the equation that would hand Hillary the electoral college.

      • I guess you missed the point and the sattire….
        Two counties are determining who won the popular vote! That is exactly the reason the constitution has electoral college system. If it was determined by popular vote just a handful of counties would chose the President every single time.

  10. > Furthermore, more than 35% of her popular vote tally is coming from just five states, with California leading the way.

    You say that like it’s a bad thing or a surprise? These five states (California, Florida, NY, Texas, Illinois) have 37.2% of the population of the country. So, her share of the vote in these five states seems about the same as in the nation as a whole.

  11. Any fraudulent activity that was engaged in by Democrats was equally engaged in by Republicans. It is naive in the extreme to believe otherwise.

  12. There is an error in how the statistics of this article is done. The population of the United States has increased with time. In order to compare these numbers, you should at least normalize them by dividing the total votes over the population of the US at the time and reflect the data as percentages if you will. Otherwise this article makes absolutely no sense. Can’t compare different years of vote tallies without normalizing the the data.

  13. Who cares how many popular votes she won? If you did not have the electoral collage then the race would be won in only a handful of states. You cannot have a system like that which ignores the rest of the US. The Founding Fathers were some pretty bright guys even though the Lefties label them as white slavers.

  14. LOL you trump people just can’t accept facts trump lost the popular your trying so hard to justify you voted a racist misogynistic Russian sympathizer. You are going to ones held accountable for the destruction of our country

    • lol and you criminal lovers cant accept you lost ! LMAO what a bunch of crybabies.. it is actually funny as hell to watch!

  15. Left wing pinko media at it again.Total crap not even close to popular vote.How many illegal unregistered voters voted? I wil tell you 2-3 million and they are not DEMS so if they want to push this matter have a recount and it will be worse.

  16. Hillary may win the popular vote by as much as 3 million votes Trump Won 3 states Wisconsin Michigan and Pennsylvania even though the Michigan results may change by less than 100,000 votes out of 15 million that gave him the electoral college and thus the presidency ! Of Course if the results would been reversed Trump and his revolutionary followers would have gotten out their guns and started a revolution and went to the streets probably shooting people over the results of the election calling it Rigged and Fraudulent !
    Hillary will have the most massive popular vote win over someone who won the electoral college in presidential history!
    I hope you’re not counting on the promises that Trump made doing better for the middle-class and lower middle-class whites because he won’t be able to deliver and your life’s are going to get worse not better: so you’ll Reap what you Sow and reap the Reward !
    No coal jobs, no steel jobs, no advanced manufacturing, no minimum wage, no equal pay for women, no unions, no social rights, no civil rights: a foreign-policy disaster which could end up with a nuclear disaster or us being taken advantage of by Russia and Putin, Trumps Buddy and China: a possible trade war which would put us into a global recession and hurt the white middle-class and other disadvantaged working class people over the good of the USA and white middle-class people !
    Also Isys is now celebrating Trumps election because they know that his rhetoric is actually gaining them more recruits: implying Islam 1 billion people as terrorists; that’s exactly what they want the west to do! I believe under Trump terrorism will get worse not better and he may blow everything we’re doing in the Middle East to defeat Isys at this point !
    Also he may start a surveillance and registering practice of Muslims in this country and ode back to the disaster of the Japanese internment of World War II!
    Also he’ll start arresting people out of their homes in the middle of the night separating their parents from their children and arresting students on the campus’s of colleges and trying to deport 3 million Hispanics which will literally put our immigration situation into total chaos !

    • sanity- within weeks after Trump labeled Hillary “CROOKED” he paid 25 million to settle a law suit alleging FRAUD by Trump. He said he would release his income taxes AFTER the completion of an AUDIT – he will never release his income taxes – Trump said he would appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Hillary’s Emails – I hope he does – he said he would build a wall along the Mexican border and deport 11 million undocumented workers – the only promise he will keep is that he will abolish the inheritance tax and save his family one billion dollars. Buyer remorse will be ubiquitous within months.

    • Didn’t do it the last two elections. Wen’t out and got someone elected. Welcome to the republican’s last 8 years. If anyone here is older 18 they should know better.

  17. Do not believe them for a second and why does it really matter? he WON! Get over it Libs.. California and NY do NOT determine the presidency. The silent majority has spoken and we are pro Trump all the way!

  18. Agree with below. Remove illegals that voted, about 3 million or so. Add to that multiple voting by same people, multiple buses carrying same people from polling station to polling station. And don’t forget the voting machines not letting people vote for trump. To finish….The cherry on the cake: once the votes reach the main central station to be tallied, play with the allocation to Hillary. These have been going on for a long time. With all of this there is no way she won the popular vote and that’s why she is not saying anything so all of this stays on the low side.

  19. This is what happens when you buy too many illegal votes in the wrong states. Seriously , this article makes Hillary look even worse. If she and her campaign staff can’t allocate their resources properly to win an election, how do you think she would do if the US had to fight a real war with a hostile power? Maybe she would LBJ it and rely on body counts while the enemy took out our power grid and Washington, DC. The point i that in spite of her vast resources and organization and all supposed years of experience, she did not understand the nature of the contest and was thus outwitted and out maneuvered by a rookie to politics. In short , I think she would have been a disaster as President and Commander in Chief and we wouldn’t have known it until after it was over. Then she would said , “its not my fault”, done some finger pointing and said “What does it matter anyway?”

  20. If we are talking LEGAL votes, Trump won, millions of Clinton votes were bogus, illegal votes, they have been tossed out, but the media is ignoring this story.

  21. Mushtaq Dean

    What advantage would this gain being trumpeted bring to Hillary Clinton? Will it refurbish her political structure? Enrich her status? Console her feelings? Satisfy her supporters suffering distress because the honor of their popular vote has been reduced to skeleton?

    Hillary has already made a sparkling performance in this section but the yield has done her no good.

    One concludes that holding sessions, preparing stage for debates and conducting campaign for popular votes are the provisions for entertainment of people whereas the real decisive power is in the hands of Electoral College which is minority but has the power to supersede the majority.

  22. Without California, Trump would have won the popular vote by more than 2 million. Last I heard CA doesn’t decide what everyone else wants in America!

  23. Just imagine what the vote total would have been if Trump had run a reasonable campaign. Many Republicans voted for 3rd party candidates (and in some cases even for Hillary) even though they aligned with the Republican Platform but were aliented by Trump’s antics. It was really a victory for the Republican platform!! And Democrates would do well to recognize that.

  24. Is this article trying to trick people who apparently don’t realize population growth is a real thing? Of course presidential candidates of the modern day are going to have more votes than those in the past, and any margin of lead with that increased population is going to translate into a larger number even if it’s a small percentage, that’s how percentages work. Regardless of any numerical wrangling, Clinton still does not have a majority of votes, just a plurality. If she actually got a majority of the votes, then I could see the problem, but if Democrats want everyone to go back to the polls and revote only between the two major party candidates, I would find a hard time believing that 3.7% Libertarian vote would ever go to a fiscal liberal.

  25. Trump beat Hillary by at least 7 million votes. History will confirm this. She cancelled her fire works show because she knew she wasn’t going to win, even by changing the machine vote tallies to what was needed after all votes were in (that is why it took several hours after poles closed before we got results in at least 5 states), illegal alien voting, dead people voting, people going from precinct to precinct to vote for Hillary – all documented tools of the trade to win, adding up to at least 8 million illegal votes for Hillary. She has no shame – the ends justify the means. Thank you founding Fathers for the Electoral College. Now the Clintons must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, for their many unlawful deeds.

  26. This is retarded and you know it, and if you don’t, then shame on you for pretending like you don’t know how population and scale works.
    I didn’t bother to look up anyone other than Reagan, but still this is bad reporting. Shame.
    In 1984 the US population was ~236 million, Reagan took home 23% of the entire population’s vote.
    In 2016 the US population is ~379 million, Clinton took home 16.6% of the entire population’s vote.

    • Mr. “Dumb,” while you would take us to an advanced approach (correcting for population growth) a.) It’s the population of registered voters that would be relevant (right?), and b.) The author’s assertion that electoral success absent plurality victory only happens to democrats. Or am I wrong? I agree with you that this assertion is cheapened by ignoring population growth although I suspect that we stand on different places in the policy spectrum.

  27. Hey Jessica McBride, you forgot something very crucial in your article. Ever heard of the birds and bees? In spite of the Liberal’s goal to viciously slaughter as many helpless unborn babies in the world as possible, the population has increased. Do you know how people correct for inflation? Well, in order for your article to make any sense, you have to account for population growth, or else your comparisons and statements are worthless.

  28. While fascinating, “Her Popular Vote Margin Has Exceeded The Winner in Some Historic Elections,” would be more relevant if these margins were expressed in percentage terms. As the population of eligible voters expands each year, so too would the “raw” statistics such as popular vote margin. Although the possibility of winning the popular vote and losing the election was well understood, knowing that it only happens to democrats (with overwhelming membership among Blacks, Jews, Hispanics, Sikhs, Moslems, and atheists) should be troublesome to all as the Republic is probably most at risk when the electorate loses confidence in their role in the process. Regrettably, it would appear that the 20th century trajectory of expanded suffrage that began with Theodore Roosevelt’s break-up of the robber-barons, the 19th amendment (granting women the right to vote), the voting rights act of 1965, and numerous campaign finance reform measures have been overtaken by Bush V. Gore, Citizens United and now this Presidential election.

  29. Thank goodness for the electoral college, December 19, AND January 6th (where congress can challenge electors who have been coerced.) Oh. And hillary is losing the popular vote when you take out all the non-citizen votes. SORRY LIARS. One more state house+governorship = GOP can amend constitution. keep it up. make sure to put keith ellison in as dnc chair haahhaha.

  30. Comparing vote totals from past elections when the U.S. population was significantly different is supposed to do what, exactly? In the 1960 election when JFK won over Nixon there were just less than 180 million residents in the United States. Today there are almost 320 million U.S. residents. A 1 million voter margin in 1960 would equate to a 1.78 million vote difference in 2016.

  31. It is estimated that at least 3 million votes were cast by unregistered voters, illegal aliens and the dead. In the case of a recount requiring verification that every single voter was registered, a US citizen and alive, Mr. Trump would win the popular vote by a significant margin.

  32. who cares about this, what good is it, you don’t vote for a president because they are popular, you vote for them because they do the job, Hillary Clinton never done any of her jobs very good at all

  33. probably 75% of those votes are fraud cause one u allowed illegas to vote and people voted twice and voting machine twice to Hillary when u voted trump so fact to remain 1.500,000 votes were fraud deal with the lost ….history fact demacracts have committed more corruption than any other party so deal with it…..u tried to cheat still loss that tells you the people spoke who they wanted…

  34. Take away California and New York, and Trump wins by a landslide. The Electoral College is there to prevent one or two states from deciding who is president. Hillary MIGHT have won the “popular vote” merely because California and New York have most of the Liberal voters, but Trump won most of the country.

  35. Doesn’t matter who “won” the “popular” vote. Mr. Trump is the next president of the United States. Id you don’t like it , you can leave the USA and move to — California !

  36. Then why is Mrs Clinton not the president elect ? If she won the popular vote like you say. Then what’s the problem. Does the government now acknowledge rigged elections. I knew that I heard Mr D Trump say that the election was rigged but he was not aware it was rigged in his favor. It sure looks now like it was rigged in Trump’s favor. Is that why they are now saying he must be someone’s trump card. Just who is he really representing here. Sounds mighty fishy to most God fearing honest types like us US citizen’s who do things the old fashioned patriotic way. I wonder what he meant by saying the election was rigged. One needs to ask for those with great concern what the hell is going on here anyway. Someone needs to do some investigating into this entire matter. God save the USA !