San Antonio High School Students Stage Mock Trump Assassination Skit

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Two 10th graders at a San Antonio High School are under fire for staging a mock assassination of President Elect Donald Trump.

According to San, the students called the skit, which they performed in an English class, “The Assassination of Donald Trump.”

“One of the boys made a gunfire sound effect with his cell phone as the other boy, portraying Trump, fell to the ground in mock death,” wrote the newspaper.

The student at San Antonio’s Marshall High School who was “shot” was even dressed as Trump, said Fox News.

The students and teacher were reprimanded for the skit, but some are calling for them to face stiffer discipline, including at least suspension.

Since Trump’s election, schools throughout the country have faced a variety of incidents as election tensions spill out into educational institutions. The incidents have ranged from Pennsylania students chanting white power in hallways to a student being attacked and beaten for expressing support for Trump.

An Ohio man was charged with a crime for saying he wanted to kill Trump on Twitter.

According to The New York Daily News, calls to assassinate Trump have filled Twitter since his election.

Donald Trump, Donald Trump Barack Obama, Obama Trump handshake

Donald Trump and President Barack Obama on November 10. (Getty)

In the San Antonio incident, the school investigated and found that the teacher, who apologized, had not condoned the skit, and instead had stopped it, said the Express News. The students were supposed to present a summary of their skit, but they deviated from their original plan, the newspaper said.

Two parents of a student who witnessed the skit, Harold and Melinda Bean, spoke out to the San Antonio media to condemn the incident. They told the San Antonio Express-News, “Honestly I have run out of words to describe how angry I am and how shocked I am that they’re still in school today.” They questioned why the teacher didn’t stop the skit after hearing the title.

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  1. Zachary Benson of Ohio faces five-years in prison for threatening to assassinate president-elect Donald Trump !
    These students should be charged to the full extent of the law, for insinuation to assassinate the president elect.
    The teacher as well should be charged as well for her involvement!
    A reprimand is completely unacceptable!
    If the teacher thought an assassination of a president elect was funny I see no humor in it.
    The teacher should be fired immediately the children should be charged with terrorist threats !
    This is complete civil disobedience buy both students and the teacher.
    If the media does not stop in fanning the Flames of racism they too must be charged with inciting.
    And legally held responsible for the deliberate conduct with forethought of their actions and the outcome of their actions.

      • I just could not believe the article.

        I have read 3 people . Conspired together! to gain media attention too (input subjectively)( in to The minds of others)( to attempt a assassination on Donald J Trump president-elect life).
        I am correct right ?
        Is this is acceptable ?

        So I’m guessing no one’s actually called 911 ?
        How we going to stop this madness ?We have hoodlums in our streets! Vandalizing federal! and state property! private property as well and if that’s not bad enough( rioters/ protesters ) attacking the elderly.

        Who ! Ss telling them to continue their attack on helpless people ?
        Now ! We have a teacher with students used inappropriate classroom Behavior in front of other students ! And ; Demonstrating bad behavior by any standards of School ethics codes !
        There must be some kind of teachers guidelines to follow? Right ?
        I am sure the Secret Service must take a report ? Do something ?
        Under their titles to protect the president-elect ?

        Forgive me if I’m wrong ,we do still have laws here in this country ?
        Or not ?

        • Obama and Killary haven’t condemned these people. They are encouraged by the sore Democrat left liberals cause they lost big tI me. Get over it….your shit didn’t work this time.

          • Yes, I forgot, Donald was such an advocate for Obama these last 8 years . . . especially his birther obsession . . . and then there’s Donald’s campaign comment to his audience that if Hillary was elected, that they could always avail themselves of the Second Amendment . . . so, please, get a grip . . . and Hillary is a private citizen now, why should she be saying anything anyway? When I read comments such as yours, I double my prayers for America.

            BTW, could you please provide some documented examples of these so-called “sore Democrat left liberals” that are encouraging this instead of mere rants and accusations?

    • They didn’t threaten anyone. Big difference between Benson and this. But this figures. No-brains Trump supporters. All you know how to do is react. Oh yea, and “google it.” Trump supporters are filled with hatred and racism. And BTW, Hillary Clinton got more than 1M popular votes than this chump and they’re still counting. Point is, the protests, the riots, all the backlash that comes from this disgrace of a President-ELECT will be huge news because there’s so so many of them. It will get in the way of his Presidency, in every way. You will be so engaged and wrapped up in your wall, and your immigration laws, and your security borders, and your coal miner jobs, that you’ll never see that when the smoke clears, the man became one of the richest men in the world and used America to do it. His final word? Suckahs!

    • It was a “play,” the key word being “play.” Therefore, it was not a “threat,” as it was not a personal threat. Actors were merely conveying the playwright’s words. I did not support Trump, but find it sad and abhorrent that any students would conceive and perform a play about an assassination of a sitting or president-elect, as much as I might appreciate their fear of what the new president might do. However, I’m not about to give up my First Amendment rights anymore than I’m sure you are; therefore, such poorly considered and enacted art will continue.

      As far as the media fanning the flames of racism, “news’ by it’s very name is supposed to be the unusual–that’s why it’s reported. So, if racism is unusual, which is what your writings seem to imply, then it needs to be reported.

  2. Obviously the dark side is in charge of the school systems in San Antonio. They were programmed and fed lies from the liberal media and the Hillary Democrats. They have blood on their hands. Hillary and her KKK are the most prejudice people on the planet! She invented it. She started it, she is at fault.

    • Excuse me, but you know nothing about the San Antonio school district . . . it is still steeped in George Bush’s No Child Left Behind . . .

      And now you say it’s “Hillary and her KKK”. . . excuse me, it’s one thing to rant, it’s another to out-and-out lie . . . the KKK had a parade in North Carolina in support of Trump–about which Trump’s silence was deafening.

      The wanton ignorance of Trump supporters is terrifying . . . but you will suffer for it more than I, as I know it, so I am prepared for it . . . you haven’t got a clue.

    • Yes the beginning of Law & Order !
      The only reason why you don’t like Trump is because you’ll have to get up off your lazy ass and get a job.
      Yes and we’ve already seen Black America !
      We have seen your fearless leader put the United States in more debt than all the other presidents combined !
      We have seen your black president divide this country !
      Yes ! We’ve seen your Black America food stamps and poverty !!!! Oh goody !!
      You say we get more of that same kind of shit from a man who knows how to create jobs work for a living .
      Yeah ! okay tell us some more fairy tales about your so-called good Black America and how great it is.

  3. He aint gonna make 4 years! God willing, he wont. Ive always wanted to see an assissination on tv, nothing tops that North Hollywood shoot out in the 90’s. Good times.

    • Assassination serves no one. If Trump is ever removed from office, it must be with peaceful means via the application of this country’s laws.

  4. I want a civil war! Fucc trump, fucc his supporters and any governing agency baccing him. Bang bang you will all be dead. The war is jus beginning.

  5. The Superintendent should fire that teacher and expel both 10th. grade students. Make an example of all three. Free speech is one thing, but this type of behavior is entirely hate speech. I thought students were at their school for an education?