Donald Trump Philadelphia Protest November 13th: The Photos You Need to See

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  1. People of the United States calm down this happened before Obama everyone was freaking out and lightning things on fire and guess what happend years later barely anything has happened because congress is basically the ringleader of this circus show of a country so trump is just a stand by saying things that might not happen so please people of the United States calm down i bet you barely anything is going happen

  2. George SOROS funded. He also funded 20% of Hilarys massive campaingn! Paying people, to protest bring /sign making / bring children and pets with signs during the day, ok…. more thugs later

  3. He’s not my president never will be Hillary needs to be elected as of Dec 19 elect Hillary Clinton for President Dec 19 6,000,000strong

  4. They are useful idiots of a corrupted system. Capitalits ‘s puppets due to ignorance. Stop (US) wars around the world, stop impermissibles interventions (ex: Ukrain) , stop false morality. Look at people in Libya, Irak, Syria and so on, who die !!!