Donald Trump Election Recount Reaction: The Tweets You Need to See



Donald Trump has unleashed a Twitterstorm against Hillary Clinton, highlighting her past debate criticisms of him for once claiming the election was “rigged.”

In his most controversial tweet, Trump claimed, without offering any evidence, that millions of people voted illegally in the 2016 presidential election. (Read more about this unproven claim and its possible conspiracy theory origins here.)

The Trump tweets come as efforts to force recounts in three battleground states steam ahead just three weeks before the Electoral College meets to formally vote for the president. Trump leads the Electoral College 306-232.

The tight time frame has the first state where a recount was formally requested – Wisconsin – rushing to meet the deadline. The recount effort was launched by Green Party nominee Jill Stein, who received 1% of the vote on November 8, but has raised more than $6 million to pay for recounts in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. Those are all formerly blue states that Trump won by slim margins, giving him the presidency.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign lawyer says in a post on that she will participate in the Wisconsin recount, and possibly the others, even though the campaign acknowledged it had investigated – but found no actionable evidence of – fraud or outside interference in the 2016 presidential election. Clinton’s sole response has been to retweet her lawyer’s essay through her official Twitter page.

Experts say overturning the election at this stage is extremely unlikely because Clinton would need all three states to flip to win, and Trump has a more than 70,000-vote lead in Pennsylvania. Clinton had already conceded to Trump.



At first, Trump stayed silent on the recount matter, with his campaign chairman Kellyanne Conway making fun of it on Twitter and then calling those involved “sore losers.” However, on November 26 and into November 27, Trump suddenly ignited over the issue on Twitter, sending out a stream of tweets that highlighted comments Clinton made during one of the presidential debates on Trump’s pre-election comments that the election was “rigged.”

Trump also tweeted two other comments about the recounts, calling them a Green Party “scam.”

Read more about the recounts here:

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    • concerns on a recount sound like someone who thought the already bought the election having to ante up again. trump needs to stfu and make good for all that contribute or alternately demonstrate himself a deceiver and enemy of humanity!

  1. Instead of raising millions of money for a recount, that will not change the outcome, they should use the money to do something charitable and put it to good use. Millions of cancer patients, millions of homeless, millions of hungry children who don’t know where their next meal will come from, but here you are raising money for a recount please you all political persons are all the same just another reason we need Trump.

  2. There’s nothing wrong with making sure the election tallies are accurate, legal, and forthright. What are you afraid of? I know.

  3. Thank you Democrats. Your venomous hatred is shown when you lose and cannot force yourself on people. You have proven from demonstrations that you are unfit to rule anyone anywhere. As Hillary minions, you have proven that being a pathological as a leader, liar is far more desirable than truth, honor and the rights of others to be free of such. Your behavior has absolutely guaranteed that you will never again hold the highest office in the land. People now see what you really are.