Early Voting Results: Clinton Crushes Trump in Key States, New Poll Finds

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North Carolina early voters wait in line to cast their ballots. (Getty)

Democratic presidential contender Hillary Clinton is well out in front of Donald Trump, her Republican opponent, in early voting results from three crucial swing states, according new polls released Wednesday afternoon by Quinnipiac University. The ballots cast by early voters in North Carolina and Ohio, especially, could leave Trump with a huge hill to climb if he hopes to win the precious 33 electoral votes combined from those two states.

North Carolina comes with 15 electoral votes, while Ohio offers 18. In national polling averages compiled by Huffington Post Pollster.com, Clinton currently holds an extremely narrow edge in Ohio, leading by one-10th of a percentage points, 43.5 to 43.4.

Clinton also holds a small but more significant lead in North Carolina, with a 2.1 percentage point edge, 45.7 to 43.6.

But among voters who have already cast ballots in those two states, Clinton’s lead over Trump is immense, the Quinnipiac poll found.

Among voters who have already turned in their ballots in Ohio, Clinton leads by 26 points — 58 percent to 32 percent, according to the Quinnipiac poll. More than 1.2 million voters have already turned in their votes in Ohio, according to the data firm Catalist in conjunction with CNN.

In North Carolina, Clinton is also running roughshod over Trump in early voting results, according to Quinnipiac. The Democrat holds a 22-point early voting lead in that important state, Quinnipiac found, 58 percent to 36 percent.

In Florida — whose 29 electoral votes are along with New York’s 29 the third-most of any state — Clinton holds a smaller early voting lead, 48-42, a six-point margin in votes already cast, the Quinnipiac survey found.

In the Pollster.com polling average, Clinton leads Trump in Florida by three points, 47.3 to 44.3.

Washington Post polling expert Philip Bump, in a Tuesday report, said that all three of those states are “must-win” propositions for Trump. Trump currently holds leads in Arizona, Utah, Texas and Iowa — all of which he must hold to keep his “path” to the presidency intact, according to Bump’s report.

“To have a shot at the presidency, Trump needs to win Florida, North Carolina and Ohio — and if he does, and if the other must-wins above hold, he will pull to 259 electoral votes,” Bump wrote.

Of course, that would still leave Trump 11 votes short of the 270 needed to clinch the electoral victory and the White House. That means Trump would need to win a large state such as Pennsylvania, which has 20 electoral votes, or Virginia with 13, to turn the election in his favor.

Trump currently trails Clinton in Pennsylvania by six points, 47 to 41 in the Pollster.com average. Clinton also leads Virginia in the same average, holding a comfortable seven-point lead, 46-39.

While there is debate over whether or not early voting results can predict the actual result of the final vote in a specific state, a study by two University of Massachusetts-Amherst political scientists published Tuesday indicated that where there is a significant early turnout, early voting results are a mostly reliable way to figure out which candidate will win.

“None of this is to say that the early vote is more useful than other sources of information, such as polling or even the simple balance of party registration in a state,” wrote Brian Schaffner and Anthony Rentsch. “But in some battleground states, the early vote is closely related to the eventual outcome. Taken together with the polls, the numbers this year do indeed bode well for Clinton.”


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Heavy, you clowns are pathetic. Huma working for you now? Terribly biased BS, dumbed down vote swaying liberal rhetoric is what you get here. Let’s see your president’s bank statements and see who is funding your corruption pushing agenda….


You are the fool my friend..show me any other credible source that has this same report apart from well know left leaning outlets like Heavy, salon and Slate.com


You’ve written for Salon, the sympathetic pedophile pushing magazine…say no more. You are helping Reptillary destroy America. Congratulations Van King, effing traitor.


hmmm? my guess is Natyoo&anonymous are bitter white UNEDUCATED men throwing a tantrum simply because you have idolized a candidate as ignorant and out of touch with whats really going on in america as yourselves. Its sad how youre feeding into Trumps propaganda and shows youre as out of touch with whats really going on in America as that Man whose own party finds him inadequate to hold office. All youre doing is giving other white guyssuch as myself a bad name. Back up youre replies with facts rather than vulgarity.

Kirat Vohli

They live in breitbart, infowars, fox news world where Trump is killing Hillary in every demography. Trump’s own internal polling says he is losing. Yet he keeps perpetuating this myth polls are rigged as if he was winning. These sheeps blindly buy it and throw temper tantrum anytime a poll shows Hillary is leading. Nothing but denialism.

Amanda H.

The bottom line is if you are voting for a murderous, lying, corrupt, poor excuse of a human being, than you are a traitor to this country. Quite frankly, a person of non-existent moral value. Have you read about even a quarter of what she has done? Liberals are completely brain dead. Go read a book. There are several out now JUST about Killary’s poor character.She is an abomination. TRUMP!!!!!!!


lolololololol, funniest article today!!! I guess Killary is winning so much to the point her supporter can just stay home and let Soros and his minions do the voting for her supporters!


Hillary should drop out before the final wiki leak crushed bombshell released. BTW. political poll. hmmm.., its name tell it all.


I feel sorry for you for supporting a corrupted, careless and above crooked cunning plus lair . are you a victim of her game. even my small cat Jen knows about her. I can tell you that.


Trump is a conman Pence will hold all the power while Trump hide in the white house, he knows nothing about how the government works he can read


First time poster – some of you folks are completely insane. The author of this story is not reporting that HRC is leading in early. He is reporting what Quinnipiac is finding in the early voting count.

Gbenga Famisanmi

That’s what I thought too; and Quinnipiac is anything but left leaning poster. The reporter is just reporting on Quinnipiac polls….jeez! we need some serious education in this country, else we are 4kd


18 U.S. code 2071 clearly states and I quote:
“whoever willfully and unlawfully conceals, removes, mutilates, obliterates, or destroys, or, or attempts to do so, or, with intent to do so takes and carries away any record, proceeding, map, book, paper, document, or other thing, filed or deposited with any clerk or officer of any court of the United States, or in any public office, or with any judicial or public officer of the US, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both…
…and shall forfeit his office and be disqualified from holding any office under the USofA” end quote.
Therefore, she should have been in prison already.
So, you can rely as much as you want on soros machines and bent poles but Killary will not be around to enjoy it. The vanishing act is coming and she will be joining her 1.8 billion greenback ($) friends in Qatar soon.


Well, the fat lady has sung and I’m rejoicing. I’ll even consider believing that not all yanks are bad :)
First we Brits with Brexit, now Trump and USA have given “elite” good slap in a face. Just goes to show how the criminals who usurped power are out of touch and arrogant with their own importance. Time to delete the “elite”.
Thank you Mr. Trump
Perhaps we CAN have a better world.

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