Fidel Castro’s Children: The Family He Left Behind

Read more about Fidel Castro in Spanish at


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pigs like the castro family are born with beards.
The best question is, “will this spawn automatically own the castro family’s island penal colony or will they have equal shares in their island slaves?”


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Sera mastra che guvera

Castro defying strongly over 10 American Presidents domination to his tiny island for 50 years. Imagine, if Obama was a president at that time , Cubans history will be different today. It is shame ,no strategical policy change for 5 decades by those presidents. more credit for President Obama , Cuba will be joining the fee world gradually.


We realize how sad you liberal/progressives were once your hero fidel stepped down and turned over control of their penal colony island to his brother. Some of the “uneducated” prisoners/cubans could get access to cell phones….but yeah, they had to be in the [democrat] Party and their calls were restricted and monitored.
No internet there but for a few in The Party.
Education is free, but for The Party members higher ed and all “re-education” is via The Party approved materials only. All else gets people imprisoned.
Imprisoning gays.
Imprisoning/killing people and their families trying to flee the Progressive dictators.

No wonder you liberal/progressives so yearn for that Dear Leader…the dead mass murderer…and his brother.

Vi deh

Of course the Anglo/Saxon part of the world does hate Fidel Castro, together with their clones. They will never love Russians or Chinese or perhaps any one who doesn’t accept the rules of a “New World Order”, with the headquarters in New York. That’s ok. I don’t hate Anglo/Saxons, the God created all human beings in his image. But then, those “others” like the Cuban State are indeed the true Free World. The non-violent transformation of the USA into a number of independent nations, including the Native peoples and the Afro Americans, have a future potential of saving millions of peoples from a modern economic slavery and colonisation, economic sanctions and wars. The refugee crisis can cease to exist. Call me what you like but the Anglo/Saxons will never going to have a cake and eat that cake and Thank You Lord on that justice.

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