Gatlinburg Fire Photos: Pictures of People Missing & Who Died in Blaze

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    • They marry their daughters out there in them thar hills. It’s the same thing really.


      Da Frosted One Frosting Ya’all

      • We’re talking about a horrible tragedy and people missing. All you can say is random crap. Please just stop with it. It’s unnecessary and puts unwanted stress and anger on the family members of the victims who read this. Thankyou
        May God bless you and have a wonderful day.

  1. The family of Jon and Janet Summers confirmed that they have been positively identified via dental records as two of the three found in Chalet Village

  2. Born on a mountain top in Tennessee
    Married his sista who had a beard at three
    Had a big and shoot it Golly
    Didn’t own a still, had no time for that folly………..

    Davy…………Davy Crockett……….King of the Wild Frontier……

      • People who get on here & down people who are grieving their dead family members,you are some kind of special,I’m sure there is a special fire waiting on you in hell

        • Oh ok whatever Mr “Stonecaster”. I think we will be judged by a just God. Good thing cuz he’s a wee bit smarter than you. LOL
          Thanks for recognizing my skills. I did tell my mother whatever I do in life I will be the very best at it. There, ya happy now bitch?

    • I’m so sorry for your loss. I live here too and people must know that this is so bad and they really do not want the true news to get out due to tourism. If you have never prayed before Sevier County needs your prayers! Please if you have a heart, don’t make these terrible comments. You must ask yourself if you would say terrible things about your dead love ones. PLEASE STOP

      • That’s just it Tina. I always look to the bright side of these tragedies. It didn’t happen to my family. (Shoulder shrug).