How Many Votes Did Jill Stein Get in the Presidential Election?

WASHINGTON, DC - JUNE 23: Jill Stein announces that she will seek the Green Party's presidential nomination, at the National Press Club, June 23, 2015 in Washington, DC. Stein also ran for president in 2012 on the Green Party ticket. (Drew Angerer/Getty Images)


Jill Stein ran an inspiring campaign during the presidential election. She attracted many people who had originally supported Bernie Sander and offered a platform very similar to the Democrat favorite. Jill Stein had even, at one point, offered to let Sanders join her ticket. When Heavy ran a poll about who Bernie Sanders supporters were voting for, Jill Stein won hands down.

How did Jill Stein do in this election?

According to the latest results, Stein got 1,207,141 votes, which is 1 percent of the popular vote. She did not get any electoral votes. She did significantly better than 2012, when she brought in 469,501 votes (or .36 percent of the vote.)

You can watch videos of her election event in New York below:

Stein may not have gotten the coveted 5 percent, but she’s improved the Green Party’s showing vastly over 2012. This could mean great things to come for the party in future elections.

Presidential Election Results & Electoral College Map

Several key states remain too close to call as polls close around the country. See the state-by-state electoral map here.

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  1. The election was lost because Hillary didn’t connect with the American people – not because of Jill Stein.

    I’m an ardent Hillary fan, voted for her in 2008 & depressed now but even though mathematically you do a lot of “what-ifs” with the 3rd party candidates it comes down to Trump having a much better pulse on what the American people wanted.

    • Thank you. You are a rare breed. In fact, the first and only Hillary supporter I’ve seen that actually is willing to publicly acknowledge that the only ones who cost her this election were HRC, the DNC, and those who chose to ignore the voices of the masses when we were saying all along not to nominate and support the weaker candidate. 99% are at still at the blaming everyone but them stage. She was unwanted and unelectable back in ’08 and if the establishment didn’t see that from back then, and still proceeded to rig the nomination and the media in her favor, I’d say they got their just desserts.

    • the constitution said you need 270 delegate votes to become President, Jill Stein didn’t get a single vote, so why are the courts or any one paying attention to this creep. the only agenda on Jill is to get money for nothing, but as I can see, there are so many stupid jerks.

    • Jim you must be retard, dumb, idiot, you should be ashamed of yourself, in other words Jim, you rather have more lies, more delinquency, more corruption, more stealing, and downgrade our country. only a democ-RAT can think that way, grow up and think like an American, that is if you are an American, because there are so many people born in our country that are not American and neither have decency, dignity, honor, discipline, their minds are full of insects and have no direction. now if you have a mind. think again, we are not longer a puppet for China, Mexico, where all our products are made and have taken our economy away, how about Jim, we make our products in our country?.. but maybe you are lazy and lives out of the hands out of the government. Hillary must have brainwashed you to the max. imbecile…

      • LOL no worries, now you will really be better off and be able to buy all American products and everything will be wonderful forever!

  2. I had decided to vote for Jill Stein soon after Clinton won the nomination. And I did vote for her — DESPITE reading (in and Wikipedia) that she and her husband have their several million dollars invested solely in petrochemical companies and big financial corporations. Hypocrite. I hope she doesn’t run again.

    • Stein is right however, that many companies that grant these kinds of investments for use as retirement funds are solely their decision and aren’t in the hands of those investing. Further, I think a good point to make is that making a sound investment because it’s the best option around for your own security shouldn’t be what silences someone from dissenting on those same terms. If wage discrimination exists between men and women, should women give up their use of cash to show their disapproval? Or do you work with what’s around you to get by how you can while calling for something better? I don’t think it’s hypocritical to take money from big banks and use it to call for their need of major oversight.

  3. How come this wasn’t updated yet? Clinton gained 1.7 million more votes since the election was called.when will we find out the total actual tally of votes?

  4. Stephanie Dwilson, thank you for posting this article. I noticed in your first paragraph the “s” is missing from Bernie Sander(s), just fyi.

  5. Clinton did t=]run a poor campaign, too much attacking Trump instead of giving a hopeful, positive messgae. Plus the “deplorables” thing. Still, she got way more votes, it’s only the Electoral College that put Trump in the WH, and the EC discourages alternative parties