How to Move to Canada from the US

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Throughout Donald Trump’s campaign to become President of the United States, many have joked about moving to Canada if he was elected. Well, it looks like those jokes have become a serious consideration for some people. On Tuesday night, when media predictions pointed to a Trump win, the Canadian citizenship website crashed– as of Wednesday late morning, it was still down. After Trump’s win was confirmed, Google searches for “Move to Canada” spiked to their highest level ever.

The Huffington Post reports that searches for one-way flights to Canada more than doubled on Election Night. As of 6pm on November 8, searches were 133% higher than the average for the past four Tuesdays.

For those of you alarmed by the results of Election Day, read on to find out the easiest ways to move to Canada.

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Easiest Ways to Become a Canadian Resident

1. Express Entry program – Skilled workers with at least 12 months of full-time work may apply for Express Entry. Eligibility must first be determined– those seeking Express Entry must fall into one of the following categories: Federal Skilled Worker Class, Federal Skilled Trades Class, Canadian Experience Class, a portion of the Provincial Nominee Programs. By completing the CanadaVisa assessment form, you can determine if you are eligible for Express Entry. Access the form here.

2. Joining immediate family members who are in Canada already – The easiest way in is to join immediately family members who already live in Canada. Click here to learn more about how to sponsor a family member to immigrate to Canada.

3. Claiming political asylum as a “protected person” – This option will not be easy. Michael Huynh, a Toronto immigration lawyer from the firm Orange LLP, told Fortune that Americans who fear the Trump presidency “can’t legitimately claim the ‘protected persons’ or refugee class.” Click here to find out how to apply for refugee status from within Canada, and to find out how to come to Canada as a refugee, sponsor a refugee, or find refugee services in Canada. Click here to determine your eligibility for refugee status.

As a final resort (and for those not wanting to wait out the process), Americans are allowed to visit Canada for months at a time, even without Visas.

The downsides of moving to Canada? First and foremost, the process is expensive. According to Market Watch, merely applying to become a permanent resident in Canada costs $550. Marrying a Canadian citizen also does not automatically make one a Canadian citizen. Shelli Nishino-Fayle, who grew up in Los Angeles but moved to Vancouver after marrying a Canadian citizen, tells Market Watch, “Everything was difficult about the immigration process. There is so much immigration fraud in terms of false marriages in Canada that our marriage was put under the magnifying glass.”

As of October 2016, Canada’s unemployment rate was 7% according to government statistics. Low oil prices have also lowered the Canadian dollar. Furthermore, the country ranks much higher than others when it comes to cost of living. According to Market Watch, nearly half of the people living in urban areas say the cost of buying a home in their area is “high” or “unreasonably high”.

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    • If they want to leave the USA I say good riddance. The ones that say they want to leave are anti gun people anyway for the most part.

      • No, John. They are not anti-gun people. They are, however, anti-stupid people. They understand that for next two years idiocracy will reign. They are looking for civilization because it will be void here in uh-merica, post the narcissistic, toddler-brained, predatory orange one. If the orange thingy, somehow, manages to avoid getting us into world war III, and tanking our global economy, ‘actual’ Americans who have pursued sanity and safety in other countries, like Canada, will plan for taking the house and senate in two years. No. There’s no guarantee you, or your hillbilly, 6th grade edjuh’mucated, gun-lickin’ buds will be around to save…But, the smart people, who also happen to be the ‘good guys’, (those two virtues tend to run tandem) will tolerate folks like you, because they have compassion and understand that those in the demographic that include the predominantly male, 40’s plus, white, intolerant, ultra-right, hyper religious, intellectually challenged populous can’t help but to make these messes, because they are gullible and easily manipulated by tiny handed, carnival-barking orange thingy. And the good guys, because they are principled, will forgive those clueless destructive boneheads, and clean up the mess, and move forward…
        Now run along and gather up your guns. Those penis compensation objects are not going to clean themselves, ya know ;-)

          • My pleasure, dear sir (or madame;-). Laughs…We need them now more than ever before as we attempt to traverse this seemingly infinite landscape of tRUMP-inspired lunacy. The unhinged orange one, and his not-ready-for-prime-time or ‘any’ time, posse (that’s “posse”) will provide, literally, ‘nothing’ but sh*ts and giggles to the USA -a nation wobbling- as this calamitous horde clop-pity clops about in our White House, crapping on all the nice rugs, confusing the butler’s pantry sink for a urinal, and attempting to pull and tug in disrespect at only those interns that rate 8.5. or better. Up from 7.0, though. Cuz, you know, they be feeling all oligarchified in the white hizzy, now.

            Yep. I reckon we’ll all be yuckin’ it up…right up until the Russian tanks show up at our doors. *Wah Wahhhhhh **extra-cheeeezy grin #standingwiththegoodonesforthegoodofmycountrynomatterwhat

  1. Canada do not want the liberal, hand-out’s that want to do drugs all day, not work and just hang out. I came to US legally, got a job, went to night school and did the american dream. So many spoiled brats! Hope their parents are proud. They would rather have a President that has manipulated the system to become a millionaire and could give a crap about them! THEY HAVE NO $ HA HA IDIOTS!

    • Maria…The millennials who threw themselves a temper tantrum and decided to go with a protest vote, didn’t do the country any favors -that’s true. But, the criticism I believe you’re attempting to levy should be aimed at the white, male, 40’s plus, non-educated, bigoted population. There are just more of them than any of us knew…because they are cowards and hide their small-minded ideologies from society at large. Now, we need to turn our focus to encouraging people of color to turn out the vote in two years to gain control of congress. With the support of all people in these demographics voting, we can help these whiny, little boys back into their barcaloungers with a sippy cup of beer, where they can do the most good for the nation. Don’t be too hard on them. After all, they’re people just like the rest of us… only with less gray matter, much fewer values, absent decency…And teeny, tiny balls, just like their orange leader. *cheeeeezy grin

      • I’d be remiss if I didn’t add ‘self righteous homophobic retirees’ as helping to further identify the demographic who can’t help themselves but to weaken our democracy. Sasha…Just a suggestion: You might consider putting some of that innate, drama-queen energy toward supporting your local community theater productions, such as “RENT”. That’s a much more productive use of community donation dollars than investing in things like ‘hate’ legislation. And, while I’m advising you against your will: Next time you want to marginalize the “intellectuals”, I’d refrain from using words like superflous to describe them. Now, if you hurry, you’ll just make it for tapioca puddin’ and gospel hour in the activity room :-)

        • I’m white, female, mid-30’s, graduate degree, full-time job, mother and wife. And I voted for Trump. My black husband voted for him also. Huh…go figure. He didn’t want a crook running the country and he doesn’t think Trump is a racist. You might want to quit painting the picture with such a broad brush. Your bigot card is showing, you might want to put that away before anyone else sees it.

  2. One of the biggest problems of Citizens of the USA is being self absorbed and when taking a very important cultural trip is going to Florida…
    Canada has been always mocked on TV by Hollywood simply because it is a country with higher education levels , better distribution of wealth , much better civil society and safety, much better reputation around the world , better inclusion of immigrants, etc….and it goes on . . When there was slavery in the USA , Canadians were organizing undercover wagons to free slaves and bring them to Canada,

    Millionaire business people ( all white by the way and University educated) are massively investigating moving to Canada under the VIP Canada Investor Program which provides Permanent Residency and give the Canadian Citizenship after 3 years of living in Canada ….Free health care , governement sponsored education of everyone, no being shot at Walmart……Canada is the real land of the Free ( how can it be a country based in slavery …Idiocracy has been always there…)

  3. Just Stop Please….I went through 8 years with a president that did nothing to help me. I lost my business, home, vehicles and money. I went back to the factory work i used to do and built my way back up. My wife and I struggled through it together and are still pushing forward. We never once thought about moving out of our country. Grow up and get a life! I think even if Trump gets our jobs back…you people would complain because you really just wanted free handouts! The hard working class has gone away because of past political BS allowing all of these handouts. Get a Job….Pay your bills…take care of your family….SO I DO’T HAVE TO!!!

    • I’m sure Bush had nothing to do with it! Give me a break. If it makes you feel better to blame your miserable life on the black man, go for it.

    • Let’s remember that the Republican congress intentionally blocked every single thing that President Obama tried to do. In other words, they made a long term play that screwing you over intentionally would result in 2016 electoral victory. And look what happened – people like you bought that shit sandwich and voted him in. Nice job.