WATCH: ‘Iraqi Forces’ Torture & Kill ‘ISIS Boy Soldier,’ Drive Over His Body With Tank Near Mosul

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A viral Twitter video shared by Barzan Sadiq of Kurdistan24 alleges to show Iraqi Army soldiers outside of Mosul torturing then executing an Islamic State child soldier.

The video was shared on a subreddit for the Syrian Civil War where it quickly shot to the top of the bullet board website. Commenters explained that sectarian violence like this is why there will never be peace between Sunnis and Shias in the Middle East. Many have called for the Iraqi government to identify these men and to put them on trial for the murder of the boy.

ISIS is a Sunni Islamist extremist organization. While nearly all of the extremist organizations in Iraq are Sunni, the Iraqi government is run by majority Shia, including Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi. Fuad Masum is the Sunni President but is Kurdish. The Kurdish Peshmerga are also currently fighting the Islamic State.

Last month the American coalition, consisting of the Iraqi Army, the Kurdish Peshmerga, Shia militias, Christian militias, and the Turkish Nineveh Guard, descended upon Mosul to free it from the Islamic State. The official operation began on October 17 when it was announced by al-Abadi.

CNN reports that there are about 5,000 ISIS militants in Mosul facing nearly 109,000 troops.

Recent ISIS photo reports show an increase in their use of boy soldiers as older militants are killed. Rudaw reports that in the operation to retake Mosul, at least 300 Syrian children brought in to help defend the Iraqi city have been killed by coalition forces. A recent photo report shows these dead, militant children.

Find more ISIS news, photos and videos here.

PHOTOS: ISIS Crucifies Men, Amputates Hand, & Throws ‘Gay’ Man Off Roof

In a new photo report purportedly released by the Islamic State, ISIS militants in "Wilayat al-Jazirah," Iraq, north of Mosul, carry out sharia law punishments against Iraqi citizens.

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Read more about ISIS in Spanish at

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  1. Disgusting! The iraqi army really wants to be just like isis. How disgraceful theres war and then there are war crimes like this. There is no justification for this. All i see i the big brave iraqi army mutilating a you teen. What “heros”. 😡 they keep this up and they will be the next daesh.

    • They don’t have to be like Isis they should just kill them not torture but then again if that teen was alive he would be done worse

    • Difference between Isis and them is Isis has started the outrageous tortures and has gone to far no one can get to there level of disgust

      • I totally agree with Mohamad ! I t was ISIS that started the brutality , torture , and horrific methods of Killing innocent Muslims . I have no sympathy for these Demons from Hell that call themselves ISIS . The greater the pain and suffering inflicted on ISIS Jihadist , the better . Instead of worrying about how we kill these Pieces of Shit , think of the families of the Victims . Who worries for them ?

    • At least the Iraq army is helping what’s Isis doing murdering, torturing raping thousands. And killing children even babies

  2. I will never pass judgement on any soldier especially after the trauma they have witness seeing ISIS torture and kill their fellow men. My grandfather fought in WW2 and admitted too us, tearfully, some of the brutal stuff he and his battalion did to German soldiers. Battle brings out the worst in people . You are running on pure emotion and adrenaline.

    • Theres a difference between a militant and a child though this is as bad as isis. How can we hope to achieve anything with this behaviour. To top it off. You need to kill then kill you need to torture then your a depraved individual who should not be serving in the army. Simple as that. Like i said there is no justification at all

  3. You know war is just the realization of failure situation. If there is war, that means that all party failed to respond with dialogue. Islamic State is ready to the dialogue but they are not ready. So we will defend ourself cos our State is legal. Islamic State is here to stay. Never forget it.

    • you F$%#@ dumb $hit terrorist . isis is not here to stay that is why they will be killed daily. dont YOU forget that u f@#$head

  4. They made the video to scare the others and make them more angry .There are many other videos in Mousel but the tank attracted more people. Iraqi government is another ISIS made by Iran and controlling Iraq.

  5. Don’t be shocked , they are Islamic themselves and thrive on cruelty . West is West and East is East and ne’re the twain shall meet !

  6. David Lambert you asshole did you already forget that America dropped a Nuc on Hiroshima and killed millions of innocent people, or wait what about Vietnam, oh wait what abut the weapons of mass destruction that they didn’t find in Iraq. All this at what cost. How many innocent people killed. its all good, theyre just numbers on the news. What about the french Army going into Algeria and Morrocco massacring millions and beheading Muslims chopping up penises and putting it into their beheaded mouths. ISIS was became ISIS after the Shia DOGS persecution. They would rape sunni women day and day out. They would burn young children infornt of their parents because their child’s name is Umar . You all have your freakng heads up your asses and not knowing what on earth is happening in the world. SO lets forget every torture and and atrocities of the west, europe oh and the Zionist pigs and Monkeys and lets just foucs on ISIS who recently just appeared in order to defend the sunnis in Iraq.

    • Haha, ive seen this shit first hand, and well aware of whats going on in the world. “Atrocities” like this are commonplace, this one isnt even that bad…. ive seen and done much worse over there in snackbar land. Looks like a military aged male to me, green light…

  7. Hey Sam barzan sadiq did not say that he is an ISIS child soldier… But you said..??? Why??? Are u sure he is Isis boy or u want to hide war crime in name of ISIS….

  8. LOL Its pretty clear. the ones that are defending this crime. Whats in your heart is exposed, and Muslims already know that. This is a religious WAR on Islam vs the world, and Islam will win and is winning. How can you fight a nation that when it looks down a gun barrel it sees paradise! The Mujaahideen are there striviing to die, whereas the opposition are trying and crying to stay alive. ;) By the way SHittes as a creed isnt ISLAM never was and never will be. So bring it on pig eating pussies 100,000 vs 6,000 what joke. Did you guys forget about Taliban a very small army with AK 47’s smashed and kicked out the apparently super power Soviet Union. Yep its your turn now.

    • Hey f%$# retard, you know why they see paradise??? because theey are STUPID, WORTHLESS, HUMAN GARBAGE that have ZERO value to live other than to die. so sure you can say they love paradise when there is nothing else in their lives. just like you a worthless dump that will get his paradise once you die, and love it when you die, see yourself dying LOL…. p.s.we will continue to live, see you in the next life Lolololo hahaha we will be enjoying the pigs, that is YOU, while you are eating dirt lol

      • Did you read any interesting book lately?? Cos you are really dumb like your new president Trump. Islamic State is here to STAY, never forget it.

  9. GOD BLESS the BRAVE IRAQI FORCES that have so valiantly fought this Scourge known as ISIS ! DEATH TO ALL TERRORIST ! The more HORRIBLE THEIR DEATH , THE GREATER THE PLEASURE ! How any PATRIOTIC AMERICAN can object to inflicting the greatest amount of pain and suffering to this group of MURDERERS , ISIS , is beyond me ! MY MESSAGE TO ALL THOSE BRAVE SOLDIERS THAT ARE FIGHTING and DYING in the pursuit of FREEDOM and JUSTICE IS THIS ; GOD BLESS YOU FOR YOU ARE THE TRUE SAVIORS OF THIS WORLD THAT WE ALL SHARE AS BROTHERS and SISTERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. The lad got his justice anything to do with most evil horrible people on the planet he of killed them he could of so all the do good should tell it to Kurds who children are slaves