READ: ISIS Releases Article About Upcoming US Presidential Election


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seems quite worldly, and intensely specific, but the balance is equal between religion and politics, they tend to support democracy on a whole while front of house military operations mask back of house military operations (here i would contrast Bush senior and junior to Osama bin Lardin senior and junior). In a way by attacking the candidates they sort of support democracy, and the religious verses might be too on point lacking a debonair of schizophrenia. This leads to a balancing issue or uniformity of balancing pre-occupied with western perspective and common knowledge of of intricacies (They live in a very bland and deficient environment and will pick up on religious verses and things that are foreign very easy, because it is the only stimulus they have).
this problem is compounded with a very identifiable militant class system, low class disposable, high class management, prophet class- god like and thus motivational, as such wisdom must be truth so that power is divine and undeniable and thus unquestionable and motivational to the lower ranks, In some classes this would appear as a forgery.
Ethically, from a personal point, and strategically from another point low-ranking militant conscripts are higher forms of slaves, that perpetuate violence on others free from the accountability of their masters, such is an IQ rating system, contrasting beyond the rigid form of patriotism, one would think of Rwanda and the mediation and forgiveness programs, which is a strategy in this light and time.

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