Michael G. Flynn, General Michael Flynn’s Son: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Michael Flynn Trump Tower, Michael Flynn Trump, Michael Flynn son

Michael Flynn and his son, Michael G. Flynn, arrive for a meeting at Trump Tower. (Getty)

Retired Lieutenant General Michael Flynn will be President Donald Trump’s national security adviser, Trump’s staff announced today.

Flynn joined the army in 1981, and he served as director of the Defense Intelligence Agency for two years. This year, Flynn was a national security adviser for Donald Trump’s campaign starting in February 2016, and he was even considered as a potential running mate for Trump before Mike Pence was chosen. Flynn has also been running a consulting firm, Flynn Intel Group, with his son, Michael G. Flynn.

Here’s what you need to know about Michael G. Flynn, General Flynn’s son.

1. He Serves as His Father’s Chief of Staff

Michael G. Flynn, Michael Flynn son, Michael G. Flynn trump

Michael G. Flynn works as his father’s chief of staff. (Facebook/Michael G. Flynn)

In addition to working with his father at Flynn Intel Group, Michael G. Flynn is also his father’s chief of staff.

Flynn often attends events with his father and serves as an aide to him, with the Flynns recently going to a CCJ Magazine symposium together.

Flynn also joined his father to New York City when General Flynn was asked to meet with Donald Trump regarding a potential cabinet position. In fact, Michael G. Flynn seems to have been around for a lot of the transition process. In response to stories that the transition effort was going poorly, Flynn said that he can confirm from personal experience that it’s not, saying that he’s been there for the past two days.

After the story of General Flynn’s position broke, Michael G. Flynn proudly shared the news on his Facebook page.

2. He Is a Big Donald Trump Fan

Michael G Flynn Trump, michael flynn son, Michael G Flynn trump

Michael G Flynn is a supporter of President-Elect Donald Trump. (Twitter/mflynnjr)

Like his father, Michael G Flynn is an enormous fan of President-Elect Donald Trump. He was quite active on social media in getting out the vote for Trump, writing that he’s voting for the Republican candidate because “I believe in Trump, have personally met [him], and know with every fiber of my being he will [make America great again].”

He put it another way when he said on Twitter that the November 2016 election was really a choice between “[p]rosperity or socialism.”

And like a lot of Donald Trump’s supporters, he’s much more a fan of Trump than he is of the Republican party. After some Republicans rescinded their endorsements in response to the leaked Access Hollywood tape on which Donald Trump talks about grabbing women, Flynn said that “these GOP morons are exactly why we need Trump…I’m done with GOP. These fools must ALL BE SAINTS!”

In the days since the election, Michael G. Flynn has taken pleasure in mocking liberals for their loss on November 8th.

General Michael Flynn is actually a registered Democrat, describing himself as a pro-life Democrat as recently as July 2016. Despite that, he spoke at the Republican National Convention and became a key adviser for Trump during the campaign, also frequently introducing Trump at his rallies.

3. He & His Wife Jen Recently Announced They Are Having a Baby

General Michael Flynn will soon be a grandfather, as Michael G. Flynn announced last week that his wife, Jen, is pregnant. Flynn and his wife specifically decided to make the announcement on Election Day, posting photos of themselves with baby clothing and Trump merchandise.

In response, General Michael Flynn said that the future of the country just got that much brighter.

Donald Trump himself also included the photo of Michael and Jen in an Instagram post where he thanked supporters.

Thank you for your support! #TrumpPence16 #Trump45

A post shared by President Donald J. Trump (@realdonaldtrump) on

4. He Has Posted Conspiracy Theories & Alt-Right Content on Social Media

Michael G Flynn Trump Tower, Michael Flynn son, Michael G Flynn trump tower meeting

Michael Flynn and his son leave a meeting with Donald Trump at Trump Tower. (Getty)

One of the hashtags used in that baby announcement tweet is #InfoWars, a reference to the website owned by Alex Jones that propagates conspiracy theories like the idea that 9/11 was an inside job, that the Sandy Hook shooting was a false flag operation, and that the Moon landing was fake. Flynn’s frequent posting of conspiracy theories was originally observed by CNN’s Andrew Kaczynski.

On social media, Michael G. Flynn has shared conspiracy theories such as the unfounded claim that Hillary Clinton’s aide, Huma Abedin, is connected to the Muslim Brotherhood, that Marco Rubio is a closeted homosexual and a coke user, and that voting machines were being rigged to change Donald Trump votes to Hillary Clinton votes.

Michael G. Flynn has also shared quite a few fake news stories, including an image falsely suggesting Kurt Cobain had predicted Donald Trump’s victory; a tweet suggesting that John Podesta has a “torture chamber“; a tweet falsely stating that Donald Trump survived an assassination attempt; and an article saying that Bill Clinton raped a 13 year old girl.

In response to the CNN article drawing attention to Flynn’s posting of conspiracy theories, Flynn said that he will always support Info Wars and Alex Jones, also calling CNN “fake news.” On Facebook, Flynn linked to the CNN article and liked a comment that read “I guess legitimate questions are a conspiracy now.”

However, Flynn recently copped to inadvertently sharing some fake news in the past, saying on Facebook, “All, there’s a lot of fake news out there. I’ll admit, I’m guilty of posting a few fake news items myself (not often but a few memes). Committing to only posting real news. Stay tuned.”

General Michael Flynn himself has also been guilty of sharing fake news on his Twitter page to thousands upon thousands of Trump supporters who then take it as fact. In addition, General Flynn has been criticized for comments he has made about Muslims, saying at one point that fear of Muslims is rational. Michael G. Flynn has posted anti-Muslim content on social media as well, such as when he retweeted this post saying that “we don’t want Muslims in America.”


Michael G. Flynn also retweeted this post from a user responding to complaints over General Flynn’s anti-Muslim rhetoric by saying that he hopes Flynn is even more anti-Muslim in the White House.


5. He Works For Flynn Intel Group, Which Offers Intelligence Support to Foreign Governments

Michael Flynn and his son, Michael, at the Flynn Intel Group. Michael Sr. is the CEO of the group, and Michael Jr. is its chief of staff. The group provides services to governments and industry around the world. (Facebook/Michael Flynn)

Michael G. Flynn and his father at the Flynn Intel Group.(Facebook/Michael Flynn)

Michael G. Flynn works with his dad at Flynn Intel Group, a consulting group which works for foreign governments providing intelligence services.

General Michael Flynn has been scrutinized for remaining involved in Flynn Intel Group as he went to work for the Trump campaign. According to Yahoo News, Flynn reportedly received classified national security briefings while he was still working for his company that lobbies foreign governments.

Flynn said on Thursday that he will sever his relationship with Flynn Intel Group upon returning to government service in the Trump administration. But on Friday, Elijah Cummings, the ranking member of the House Oversight Committee, asked the Trump transition team to provide documents that would prove whether Flynn disclosed potential financial conflicts of interest, according to The Daily Caller.


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