PHOTOS: ISIS Desecrates Kurdish PKK Corpses With Cigarettes


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LOL! ISIS is a cancer and everyone knows it?
For God’s sake ISIS have no Planes, Ships, Nuclear weapons. Unlike USA, France, UK, I mean Russia is attacking Ukraine moron. The difference between ISIS and these other terrorist war crime countries is that ISIS shows you the killings, whereas those cold blooded murderers put a smile on their faces act like they’re the good guys, and people like you are so naive to see it. Ill give you a heads up : google serach Dier Yassine 1948 in Palestine , you wanna see gruesome shit. The Zionist Jews massacred a the village full of women, rape even ripping out the unborn babies from their stomachs. You say ISIS is a cancer. Thats the reason why theyre chopping peoples heads off gronk. May Allaah give victory to the Mujaahideen


Hey monkey do you even think when you write something ? Not only you are morally bankrupt it seems you really folllw the twaching of a pedophile and a slave trader muhammad the piece of shit.

He made up a religion to gain power and you just believw all the ridiculous and evil shit he write. Oppsss he cant even read or write….

Isia is a monster and owning a plane nuclear bomb warship doesnt make one a monster..

U can make up stories with the jews they are not even a favourite people on the planet but hey muhhamad permit rape on female captive and behead 800 man and little boys who surrender without putting a fight. There is no need to point one the dark side of the world. When it comes to pure evil islam and muhammad ia number one


The mujahidin will die like dogs. Allah doesnt exist only a story made up by pedophile arabian merchant who cant read or write.

Keep dreaming muslims.

Keep dreaming of owning the world with your shitty caliphate while u guys kill each othwr everyday.

Because im aure the non existance allah will amke u win againts hundred thousands of fortified tank. Warship nuclear bomb emp laser

The world is ready to fight sunnis islamist. Dont believe me ?? Watch your dream crumble in syria and iraq. May piss be upon allah and muhammad

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