PHOTOS: ISIS ‘Parades’ Dead Bodies of Iraqi Soldiers for Children in Mosul

Read more about ISIS in Spanish at

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  1. Give up your leaders and surrender.

    Women of the Isis Fighters kill your men as they sleep ,slice their throats and allow their blood to cleanse your land ! Do this in the name of Allah ! Do this for your children ! Do this to stop by stoning ! Do this to stop the hatred ! Do this in the name of Allah !!!

    • Are you crazy? Killing innocent people in the name od God? Allah would never kill any “infidel”. Only murders and fanatics. You are the nazists of Syria, your State will be destroyed with God’s help.

    • Man what are smoking, The woman are soldiers of Allaah, theyve sold their souls to Allaah in exchange for the after life. They’re defending their men against 100,000 enemy soldiers. What do you think those Shiite dogs will spare the woman of ISIS. One of the reason why ISIS are committing these killings is in revenge of what they did and still are doing to their woman like mass rapes torturing and killings.

      • And that’s why 80% of somoli women’s clitoris are removed and they are sewn up, tell that to a ISIS soldier and he gets so angry because he realizes his mother had to be cut open for her to give birth to him, and that makes them very angry doesn’t it you filthy muslim.

  2. ISIS is great. We should let all the boarders open so the devoted can LEAVE on mass to Syria and Iraq. Help them. When they are there, bomb them to bits. Like wack-a-mole.

    This is a cognitive virus, not a religion but a insane contingent. Not unlike Zionism. Vile and anti-christian. Those infected need to be culled from humanity and the gene pool for the evil these sick people do in the name of their malformed so called religions.

  3. You people are the reason why you get retaliations in your countries, I mean you are ordering killings, the difference between ISIS and your pathetic governments is that ISIS do it in the name of Allaah, whereas your so called oppressive governments do it in the name of gaining money, power, wealth eg oil. What did you forget the reason you idiots why ISIS came into existence, which was after the invasion of Iraq 10 years ago. Oh wait a minute you didn’t care back then, it didn’t concern you. Now you want take your heads out of your asses and now worry about whats going on in the Muslim world and act tough behind a screen. Why don’t you go there with your 100,000 Pussies against 6,000 men and show us your balls ……

  4. U.S., Russia could wipe out every inch of your lands in a nuclear holocaust if they had no moral values like you. You are still stuck in the 6th century. Your fake religion is doing a lot of damage. Everybody is a part of God, like a cell is a part of your body. God doesn’t want us to fight againts each others like you do not want your cells to die… unless you have CANCER then thoses cells must HEAL OR DIE. You are CANCER right now!