PHOTOS: ISIS Militants Dig Bunker Tunnels Near Aleppo


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The Commander

Let’s hear it for “trench warfare”! Trenches are proof against almost any sort of assault. Except for one recent invention called the “tank”. Tanks vs trenches are kind of like that “rock, paper, scissors” game; tank defeats trench.
PS, the Brits call them “tanks” thinking that the enemy will think they’re water tanks! Tricky huh?
Also, there’s a maxim our fast, friendly and courteous Muslim buddies should keep in mind: “Make it too hard for the enemy to get in, and YOU can’t get out.”
Words to live by.


This is not important. The most important is our faith. And you can NOT win against that even if you use your most newer war machine and technology. Remember, we are here to serve and died for our GOD (the merciful and the beneficent). The Islamic State is here to STAY. Keep that in your mind. You can NOT win. Allah Akbar.

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