PHOTOS: ISIS Battles ‘Rafidi’ Iraqi Army North of Mosul


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Yep that’s correct God will stand with Trump , a womanizer, incest bastard who has the hots and pervs on his daughter and his wife the first lady of USA who is an ex porn star. LOL You have no idea why you exist and are blinded. Or wait a minute what about Putin, bombs and kills innocent civilians in Aleppo Syria ,supporting Bashaar who is murdering his own people. What about Australia when England went in and massacred the aboriginals Man i can go on and on. Get this through your thick heads you ignorant people, Muslims don’t invade lands, countries and massacre people for wealth, or have war planes submarines nuclear weapons like you cold blooded murders. ALLAAH promise is true,He will strike fear into your hearts towards us :)


Allaaho Akbar, victory is all from Allaah 100,000 vs 6,000. People are blinded and can not see it.


Keep on smoking that shit ? . your dream will over soon. God / Alaha will never stand with criminal raper, killers and butchers. ISS has to pay twice what they have done on humanity so far.

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