PHOTOS: ISIS Ties ‘American Coalition Spies’ to Trees & Beheads Them

Read more about ISIS in Spanish at


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Brother! You said majority of people call ISIS NON -Muslims. Now please tell me who are the extremist now? So the majority of the muslim population are takfirees? Wallaah the people these days are too soft and living in hollywood mode. Please read and study the seerah of Muhammad SallALLAHO Allaiyi wasallam, and see how they killed and assassinated the enemies of Islam. Beheading was conman,The first Battle of Badr Abu Jahal’s head was cut of by Abdullaah Ibn masood (RA). Also in the Quraan Allaah says (This isn’t the actual tafseer) ” The believers are Harsh on the kufars, and kind and peaceful with the brothers in Islaam”. May Allaah guide us and unite us and fight the real enemy.


ISS is created to destroy Muslim people and their religion. look how many thousands Muslim lives they destroyed in barbaric way. Wake up !


How the hell can you say that Isis was created to destroy muslims they are here to fight for the Muslims and put the flag of Islam up !!!!

ugly rats

So far they murdered, raped and sell their organs of thousands Muslims and few some others nations.


There is a big difference between enemies of Islam vs the local Muslim communities (and the other minority religious groups) that are being murdered by the thousands. How can you be sure they are acting in the best interest of Islam? God guides those on the right path and let’s those on the wrong path continue in their wrongful deeds. Ask yourself, have you really understood the meaning of the teachings within the Quran? any text related to Our Prophet (may peace be upon him) was written in at time hundreds of years after his(saw) passing. Put your faith in the only thing that has not changed and that is the Quran. You will find that any mention of punishment is usually followed by – requesting the follower to seek forgiveness and repent for their sins – Allah is most merciful and forgiving… remember these words before lashing out punishment. Our religion is of peach and will not be destroyed by these extremist groups – Allah will not permit this and this is why they are being systematically dismantled. What have they accomplished? only more death, brothers killing brothers… their violence will never end since their lust for murder will never be satisfied.

Are they really believers? Did the prophet (SAW) not mention to follow a path of moderation? where is the mercy? where is the tolerance to other faiths? Is there any instance in your historic view where Muslims destroyed churches and other places of worship? no matter how hard you try, you cannot justify the level of violence and destruction that these groups have had.


In the same chapter it also says: But Allah would not punish them while you, [O Muhammad], are among them, and Allah would not punish them while they seek forgiveness. – Everything in the Quran has some context. These people are blind to the truth so they will remain in darkness carrying out atrocious activities. The majority of the Muslim population see them as non Muslims. Murder is murder no matter how you look at it, it’s one of the worst sins a Muslim can do according to the Quran.

ugly rats

ISS is criminal never believe in anything, they just use Muslim religion to carried out their evil purpose. simple questions, do you really believe destroying holly sites, religious figures, mass beheading ,is spiritual work or criminal action ?

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