WATCH: ISIS Executes 2 Men With Machine Gun in Syria

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In a new video purportedly released by the Islamic State titled “Desert Lions,” 2 men in “Wilayat al-Furat,” Syria are executed by machinegun point blank. Other first-person shooter battle footage is also shown.

The video was released on ISIS terrorist channels on November 17.

The title possibly refers to a killed ISIS fighter known as the “Desert Lion.” According to NBC:

Shaker Wahib, also known as Abu Wahib, was a mid-level ISIS fighter in Iraq and considered a brutal executioner. He gained notoriety after a haunting 2013 video in which he pulled over three Syrian Alawite truck drivers in along the Syrian-Anbar province border and began to question them about religion — asking how many times they pray, etc. He then declared them bad Muslims, sentenced them to death, made them kneel down and shot them one by one.

Wahib was killed by a coalition airstrike in May.

The video was alleged to have been filmed and released from ISIS’ “Wilayat Furat,” or “State of the Euphrates. According to the Terrorism Research & Analysis Consortium, vulnerable cities in the occupied region include “Haditha, Abu Kamal, ‘Anah, Rawa, Al-Qa’im, Al-Bukamal, Al-‘Ubaydi, Hajin, Abu Hamam, [and] Al-Khasfah.”

The video footage begins with a montage of regional leaders preaching jihadist rhetoric. It then cuts to battle footage filmed from first person POV. ISIS commonly uses this “first person shooter” angle for recruitment purposes, as it gives the illusion of war being like a video game.

At 7:30 the executions begin. Two men accused of spying are dressed in orange, “Guantanamo Bay” jumpsuits and executed by being shot point blank with a machine gun.

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  1. Man I love the way these brothers fight. Fearless! Allaah is giving them victory through their actions and pure sincerity. May Allaah unite all the mujaahideen.

  2. Dont the people understand that there wouldnt be Jihaad if the enemies would leave our muslim lands and take their corrupt puppet leaders and their corrupted man made laws with them. ISIS and other Jihaad groups appeared in the up rising against their criminal dictator government Bashaar the DOG in Syria and the Shia Dictators in Iraq! So in comes Iran, and the other shiite Militias, then Russia and America….. the list goes on. ISIS are fighting the shia criminals in Iraq. So how on earth is that a threat to humanity around the world. So its pretty simple folks;) its really not rocket science, if you come into our lands and cause corruption and killings? Then expect a backash in your countries.An eye for and eye.

    • Can you please justify this to me how in the hell ,ISS beheaded innocent civilians that caught them at the coast of Libya when they tried to cross to Europe ? If you believe in “Alaha.” my God never tell me to harm anyone except help for the one who needs it the most.

  3. If you’re leaders gave a crap about the innocent civilians they would of acted and saved them by negotiating with them. But obviously they didn’t , and your leaders don’t give a rats ass about your lives. Its all about the dollar, and power. So if you have a problem with ISIS because they’re straight up. You should be focusing on your Stupid leaders who don’t go to wars, just sit in their fat seats in the nice suits and get fat and enjoy you money , send your troops to get killed, and put a smile on their faces and say ,” Were the good guys” Go Donald Trump ;) What a joke

    • Trust me your times are numbered! we never ever have to negotiate under any conditions with bloody criminals junta , we are going after them to finish them to bring peace for the Mellon’s people suffering by ganja smokers crazy ass ISS. Your gay leader is going to face his fate soon. No more hiding ,no more brain washing people to be suicide bombers.