PHOTOS: ISIS Religious Police Destroy Christian & Shia Graves in Syria

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    • Man you’re so pathetic. Do you have any idea what Jihaad means on the battle field. You see unlike you people, you adore life and cherish it, whereas these Mujaahideen soldiers love death just as you people love and adore life. Surrender??? These Mujaahideen have sold their souls to Allaah in exchange of the next life. Which means, either winning the battles or Die as Martyr which is their ultimate goal. All it takes is one ISIS solldier to drive a car straight up to those pussies and detonate himself and kill as many soldiers with him. Now you tell me who’s winning the battles

      • No one wins the battle. What evidence is there to support Isis paradise? People all brainwashed God is peaceful God hates violence and Isis is very evil nothing good about them they are so low they smash people’s gravies very sad and very low.

      • Give up your leaders and surrender.
        Man you’re terrorist soldiers have been protected by are government officials! You Think You’re mujahideen soldiers or something, give some mind-altering drugs and send them on their way!
        You have not seen the crazies that we will unleash, they will kill 500 and eat your dead and then blow themselves up !! We will empty out our prisons release the most violent and dangerous criminals. We will brainwash them specifically kill … W
        hat battle our government is stopping us from coming after you !!
        Surrender and give us your leaders !

  2. This is not true guys. Isis are salafis and they do not destroy shia or non-Muslim graves. They r not like neo-nazis that destroy jewish graves. Salafis believe putting a headstone on any grave is a great sin (as it potentially attaches importance/glorification to the grave inhabitant and so it can lead to worship of the grave inhabitant ) so they destroy grave stones on any grave; even those of Muslims and Muslim saints