New ISIS Mass Execution Video Executes Man With Artillery Gun

A new video purportedly released by the Islamic State titled “Allah will be sufficient for you against them 2” shows mass beheadings of New Syrian Army members with swords before a man in “Wilayat Furat,” Syria is shot with a large gun. The video was released on ISIS terrorist channels on November 1.

The video is stated to have been created in “Wilayat al-Furat”, an ISIS-occupied area on the Euphrates River that is part of Syria and borders Iraq. “Al-Furat” is Arabic for “Euphrates.”

The video begins with audio and images of President Barack Obama saying, “For the first time in eight years, there are no Americans fighting in Iraq… the Americans that have deployed to Iraq do not and will not have a combat mission.”

The video then shows footage and images from varying sources to contradict President Obama’s claim, with the content focusing on Army Generals Lloyd James Austen, Joseph Leonard Votel, Michael Nagata, and Christopher Burns. It then cuts to a graphic reading “Air Force in Iraq Coalition,” which the US is spearheading.

A recent report by USA Today states that US aircraft are being used to block ISIS militants from fleeing the coalition retaking of Mosul.

The ISIS video then shares a video montage of US troops, allegedly in Iraq, while focusing on the money the American coalition is pouring into both Iraq and Syria. Footage of alleged American airstrikes hitting alleged civilian targets is shown.

The video then focuses on Syria, citing a Military Times article that about the terminated Syrian rebel training program, called “the New Syrian Army,” led by previously mentioned General Michael Nagata. The article further reads:

The Obama administration earlier this month announced it will no longer train Syrian rebel fighters to combat Islamic State group militants. Instead, the money will go to providing weapons and ammunition to local counter-ISIS ground forces and to a background process that would vet leaders of the program as opposed to each individual fighter.

ISIS then claims that it had gotten ahold of a list of everyone in the New Syrian Army. The following executions are allegedly of those individuals who had been in the failed US program. According to the video, the New Syrian Army, largely financed by the US, was also created by the UK, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar, and Jordan.

The video then shows brutal executions carried out against individuals, called “spies,” who had joined the failed New Syrian Army.

Two of the condemned are brutally beheading with large knives, while a third man is shot with a large round of artillery.

Heavy is an independent news organization. We report acts of terror and violence so that the public may be fully informed. This may include content considered graphic, which is identified. We do not support, in any way, the individuals or organizations involved.

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  1. Very sad how can someone do this to a human. The god they believe isn’t like this God is peace right now it’s Satans rulership soon they will find out the truth they are all brainwashed.

    • They are only doing what the Shia were doing the Sunni. Just you dont get to see it on CNN and RT. That or you could be a Shia Taqqiya agent.

      • Yeah that makes it acceptable to act like dogs… it’s people like you (eye for an eye) that is everything wrong with this world. This way the fighting will never end. God will turn you all against yourselves for adopting a path of sick inhumane violence rather than the path of tolerance, peace and moderation.

        • He’s not saying an eye for an eye is good, but if someone you hated so much was in power for so long, then suddenly that power was overthrown, and then you have an abundance of weapons, and the ability to take power and destroy the power that opressed you for so long. Most people would take that opportunity.

      • Okay so if shia has done that then it’s alright for Sunni. Will it ever end? The true religion will be against war and adopt peace. I don’t know any religion that goes to extreme extend to torture people like Isis. It’s evil. The people high up are all relaxed and use innocent people to kill each other brainwash each other.

  2. One question: Why were they using blank adapters, on their rifles (seen just after the five minute mark)? They may have explained it, in their dialogue, but I do not understand their language.

    • There’s a decent chance that these videos are staged. I’ve seen a large number of their execution videos, and several of them seem to feature the same “prisoners”. The most glowing example was a video of a man being beheaded, and a later down the list I saw the same man (99% sure) getting his head crushed with a large rock.

    • It’s not an e que ant so them on our country it’s that she want she the ones who are trying to flee the smoldering wreck that is their country (no thanks to Isis and the US and Russian Air Force) and if they come in, monitor them. People say we don’t have them money for that, but if we stop spending millions on cruise missiles maybe we could put more
      Money into our nation security

  3. I’m not going to comment on what are these executions, but when it comes to propaganda films ISIS I find them to be world-class. These pictures, video materials, animations, excerpts of famous speeches of politicians and the seriousness of jihadist movement are extremely interesting. I do not agree with only a fragment, which presents Russia as a country subordinated to America, which I think is nonsense. After that well, and I look forward to the next video.

  4. Ya rabi leidt hun een slecht leven die man heeft niks gedaan. vermoord is in een keer . ya rabi ya rabi laat ze astublieft dood gaan

  5. isis are pussies!!!!!! you bitches will burn at the hands of AMERICANS! lol- you broke, stupid, ugly, evil, pieces of dog shit. I value the shit of a spider over the value of an isis BABY. burn them ALL. babies first. make them eat their stupid ass babies.

  6. uncover your face when you face a man….who covers it up except someone who is scared, ashamed or both! no other reason…..

  7. This is sickening. This filthy animalistic conquest ideology of Islam needs to be wiped off the face of the planet. No mercy. No quarter.

  8. Bismilahir rahmanir rahim isis it is not a islamic army but a jewish army their goal is to destabilise the middle east and create the greater israel and to demonise islam and muslims the jews are not to be trusted their planes are to occupy syria and other muslim countries in middle east muslims should fight israel not each other my Allah help muslims and syria from the evil jews

  9. This pisses me off I have never looked at videos like this until now and it make sure me sick to see another human do this.