Sherri Papini Photos: Pictures of ‘Abducted’ California Mom

Sherri Papini: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Sherri Papini was allegedy kidnapped while out jogging November 2. On Thanksgiving Day she was found alive, but there are many unanswered questions. What happened to Sherri? Was she really abducted? Read the latest on this breaking story here.

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  1. People think this is a hoax? Really? Please. She’s 5 foot nothing and 100 lbs. Looks lIke a small teen or child. Probably kidnapped by drug or sex trafficking folk who went…oh shite! When they saw news she’s a 34 yrs old mom. Some women look very young for their age.

      • You could have a point about it being political. It could be jealous Latinas of white women and how Trump will give them the special treatment even more than they already enjoy. She’s as white as bread, with a nice white life. Just sayin.

      • You little SCUM. What are you a racist against whites???

        The mexican cartels will VERY soon feel the LAW stepping on their racist we backs!!!

        America is a WESTERN Nation. Put that in your burrito head!!

        • You are the dumb, ignorant racist. Hispanics are white…i think you meant mexican against whites. I hope the drug cartel get eliminated but that won’t happen soon. Americans want drugs and will pay for them. The drug dealer are just giving them what they want. If you don’t want drugs in the US, educate your children and provide a positive role model. You dumbaz.

        • America will never stop the drug issue until americans raise their children right and educate them. As far as racist…you are but you are probably just a dumbaz. The cartel provides americans what they want, if there was no demand the cartel would be out of business. I hope cartels get eliminated but don’t see that happening especially when American won’t recognize the real problem. Its not a racial issue despite your lack of awareness, education and proper raising.

          • Rumours that Sherri’s parents raised her white
            as snow, in her little racist high school and now her affliction and involvement (and others) with Bethel School of Supernatural ,Ministries of Redding, CA. on this case, very interesting. But doubt that it will ever be resolved or a Real Hero here….glad she is back, but she should speak out, unless there was some underlying disorder she had, before this incident.

  2. Call it what it is ! OUT IT ! LOVE HAS WON! London Bridges Are Falling down and so is all the Human Trafficing and Underground Churches Associated with the Vatican and Them Protecting ” The Crown ” stare it In the Face. WASHINGTON DC District of
    Columbia arr in No way a Match for the Love and Power of the people. Pleiadians and Arcturians, The Goddessess & Gods have Returned !

  3. Sounds like a human trafficking ring. Feds should be investigating this. Also, they should investigate who made the web page that appears to be a hoax claiming she was racist

    • Ur right, for people to call this a hoax, those are the ignorant people if this world. How dare people say such things. And if it were their wife, daughter, or sister is this what the majority of the people have became- STUPID!

    • Fake news is everywhere. Always has been. We used to have papers/magazines just for fake news. You could easily identify it. Now, it’s disguised anywhere on the internet. It’s YOUR job to investigate. The FBI is going their job. Fake news got Trump elected. No fact-checking necessary.

  4. Another reason to build a wall. Get these criminal sex trafficking drug dealing illegal aliens out of our country. Theyre pouring into San Diego County and making their way to Northern California. Evil, scum. Barbarians. They must be hunted down and eradicated.

  5. This is more than likely a hoax, I speak with a bit of non-biased wisdom. The likelyhood that Hispanic women would even attempt to mess with a white woman especially from an affluent neighborhood is very unusual. Criminals (especially minorities) know better than to get involved with anything that may end up as a high profile newsworthy story. Unfortunately when sex traffickers need victims they usually target drug addicts and runaways (there are plenty of these unfortunately) , they’re much easier to trap because their victims are desperate and usually come from dysfunctional settings that won’t be missed and law enforcement just doesn’t care enough. Then again anything is possible. I have always said most criminals are criminals because they don’t have enough common sense to make a decent living. All in all her (Sherry Papini’s) story sounds too generic and that’s what makes it suspicious also

    • Anyone who thinks she would have herself beaten black and blue, have her nose broken, hair cut off and branded, –those people have to be serious morons.

  6. LE really need to look into the Cult Bethel School of Supernatrsl Ministries and Bethel Church of Redding CA. and their leader, IMO a False Prophet, Bill Johnson..

    • Maybe so. I think SP and KP probably go to that church although it’s never been made public. Cameron Gamble seems to be scamming the church with his “Project Taken” enterprise. Big new age prosperity churches like this always attract a nefarious fringe who figure out how to make money by scamming the parishioners. I got bad vibes from SP from the start. Think she has a severe narcissistic personality disorder. I think KP is gay and doubt they have a sexual relationship. I think CG is in on this up to his ears. He’s a con man and currently him and his wife are defendants in a civil lawsuit.

      I side note on Redding Bethel and the Rev. Johnson. Colorado killer, Noah Harpham, complained that his father was in a “Satanist” cult led by Rev. Johnson.