PHOTOS: Grenade Blasts Woman’s Arm at Dakota Access Pipeline [GRAPHIC]

WATCH: Witness Says Cops Targeted Sophia Wilansky Before Blowing Up Her Arm

A witness at the scene where Sophia Wilansky's arm was blasted at Standing Rock says police targeted the woman. One thing is for sure, and that is that something went horribly wrong November 20 at what was supposed to be a peaceful protest.

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WATCH: Thanksgiving at Standing Rock-North Dakota Access Pipeline

Protesters of the North Dakota Access Pipeline have messages to share this Thanksgiving Day. You can watch them here.

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Dakota Access Pipeline Protests: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Native American protesters are trying to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline's construction, leading to dramatic videos and photos of dogs being used against protesters.

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Read more about the Dakota Access Pipeline protests in Spanish at

FOTOS: Una Granada Explota el Brazo de una Mujer en el Dakota Access Pipeline

Estalló la violencia durante las protestas del Dakota Access Pipeline. Una granada de la policía le exploto el brazo a…

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  1. Apparently there are no true journalists left in the world. This entire story is full of lies and innuendos. What a joke.

    • ” a 21 year old woman from New York City, Sophia Wilansky, was severely injured when a concussion grenade thrown by police hit her left arm and exploded. Sophia was heading to bring water to the unarmed people who were being attacked for several hours by Morton County Sheriff forces” you can also see the interview with her father … you are the one who cannot decipher truth, it would appear … maybe because you don’t want to believe that this is actually occurring.

      • I live in the town where this is occurring. The woman who had her arm damaged was hit by a Coleman propane tank like the kind you can buy in the camping section at Walmart. The shrapnel pulled from her arm matches the type of metal these tanks are made from.

        • umm..kinda funny first time a protester tries to blow up a propane tank it explodes cuz no other reports of propane tanks exploding until now.
          …but bang bang bang police are fireing explosive devices into the crowd all the time…its on ,many many videos…but no other reports of propane tanks until this happens.then the police all of sudden say it was propane tank

          • ” The concussive blast of the detonation can still injure, and the heat created can ignite flammable materials such as fuel.” Non-lethal does not mean harmless. It means less harmless.

      • You might want to actually look at video of the incident and the type of injury she sustained. Police, or any domestic security company for that matter, don’t use lethal grenades. At all. A concussion grenade is a lethal grenade. Video of it shows this idiot running to the bridge with lit propane tanks. Then an explosions when the group is obstructed and then she is getting carried off.

    • incredible. you are provided with picture evidence of this woman’s arm blown up and you still are denying it occurred? wow.

  2. Because a flash bang “concussion grenade” DOES NOT cause that kind of damage. 2.5 million miles of oil pipe in this country and you choose to protest this one. Nobody cares about your white

      • ” The concussive blast of the detonation can still injure, and the heat created can ignite flammable materials such as fuel.” Non-lethal does not mean harmless. It means less harmless.

    • Mom gtfo the internet or at least stop smoking crack before you log on. How many times do we have to tell you. Oh btw, a film crew is gonna come in next week… they’re filming a show about addiction. They said they’ll pay you enough money to buy another rock, in case you were hesitant…

  3. Go ahead and look up pictures of spent concussion grenades by the way. Concussion grenades at most could give you a superficial burn.

  4. Crappy reporting here…she was injured by trying to make bombs to throw at police. People donating to her gofundme account should feel stupid for believing the lies….she is a criminal who caused this herself.

      • @ your god, haha wow are you really that gullible?

        the person by her side is lying too just like her, a concussion grenade is not powerful enough to do anywhere near that kind of damage.

        Do some research and actually get informed

        • Look up Guy Smallman and pay attention to the injuries he sustained from a stun grenade hit at the 2003 G8 summit. Pics and video to be found on the net. Then… stop spreading misinformation.

        • Uh…. did my “research,” Looks like a stun grenade can cause that kind of damage.

          “On August 3, 2014, a Macedonian fan of the FK Vardar football team was seriously injured during a football match after trying to throw a stun grenade used by police when a fight between the police and the fans broke out in the stands of Stadion Tumbe Kafe stadium in Bitola. The grenade exploded in his hand causing him to lose two fingers and suffer severe damage to the structure of his arm.[16]
          On October 26, 2014, Rémi Fraisse died instantly after being hit in the back by a stun grenade during protests against the construction of the Sivens Dam in southern France.[17]”

          It’s a contained explosion. Of course close contact with that would be liable to cause injury. Don’t be a fool, stop trying to defend those who act against you. This pipeline is an act of violence against future generations of this country and against our planet, it is countering the inevitable move towards clean energy that we so desperately need. Maybe it’s you who is in need of some researching.. or do you believe that climate change is a hoax as well? It’s laughable, you’re playing yourself with that one. If you were an American citizen worth your salt you’d be fighting DAPL just as hard as the water protectors.. but meanwhile you’re trolling on the internet?? Like what kind of patriotism is that? Who do you think you’re impressing?

        • May Your God forgive you for your unnecessary, uninformed and judgemental opinion it just for you or your child I’m sure you would look at it in an entirely different light.

          • She is being indicted as we speak….She lied it was a propane tank and the police have videos of her and her conhorts. They are going g away for a long rest in federal prison.

    • ya right a 21 year old girl is gonna blow up a propane tank…or even be involved in that…meanwhile the police are the ones that have all that gear to do that kind of damage

      • Yeah. A 21 year old would do that. And running around like an idiot carrying a lit propane tank is very very stupid and leads to people loosing hands.

  5. I can’t help but laugh that this idiot gets her arm torn up due to the morons who thought it was a good idea to roll explosives at cops. I swear these people are the lowest form of stupid that there can possibly be. If there was even one use of a concussive grenade there would be 1000 videos of it out and about and yet…. nothing….. despite all those morons filming everything.

    I can’t help but laugh here. Serves her right. Maybe now she will realize not to associate with those clowns who were her “friends” and yet blew her arm off.

  6. Good lord, what a hunch of over-dramatized propaganda. I was in the army for 8 years and now I train law enforcement/National Guard on techniques such as clearing houses and riot control, so I have thrown and handled literally hundreds of “concussion” grenades. There is no way, NO WAY IN HADES, a concussion grenade/flash-bang will cause a flesh wound of this magnitude. MAYBE a bad burn, but nothing as far as ripping or blowing apart flesh.

    The explosive cannister itself is INSIDE another outer shell with holes in it for the gasses to escape. Crap like this is why people don’t trust the media anymore. We never get facts, all we get is some agenda being pushed. This is how all the hysteria gets started that ends up with people getting hurt…because of out-right lies and misinformation.

  7. A concussion grenade did that? How stupid do these people really think I am? First off, the police don’t have concussion grenades, they have flashbangs which they use when SWAT is entering a room when clearing a building. Second, even if they had them, they wouldn’t do anything like that. Even if they used fragmentation grenades, she would’ve had to have held it to her arm. She got hit by a homemade bomb from a Coleman propane tank. Please use facts.

    • That’s a load a crap Derrick I work in law enforcement for decades, in Detroit and I can assure you a flashbang at close range will absolutely do that kind of damage. Maybe you should do your research and see how many people and officers are killed by them.

  8. Dumbass liberal media. She was making a bomb of sorts. There are even witnesses that saw it. Plus a flash bang or concussion grenade wouldn’t explode like that. Get a life. I want real news, not a story you alternate to make someone either look good or bad. You should not be considered a journalist. Just end your career please.

  9. No one wants to see someone get hurt. But while in the act of any crime, which all of these people are committing, there is a chance that bad things can happen. Just obey the law. I hope she doesn’t lose her arm. I hope the police are more careful in the future. I hope these protesters go home and respect the law. A judge should slap their so called civil disobedience with civil penalties to pay for the law enforcement needed.

  10. People never stop to think. Oh yes it’s completely feasible to think that a local sheriff department has access to concussion grenades which by the way are not designed as non lethal weapons which just happened to be designed to not create casualties through the detonation of the grenade itself but through any nearby debris that the blast turns into shrapnel. LOGIC.

  11. There is no way that’s a flashbang, or even a concussion grenade. They’re simply not powerful enough to cause that level of damage. The fact that there are no distal or proximal injuries suggest that her arm was right up against whatever did this, and that at the time of injury her arm was extended away from her body.

    I’d be hard pressed to imagine a situation where a concussion grenade would land on someone’s forearm, then stay there as it went off. Also seeing as there’s clear burn damage to the bones with no powder residue visible near the burns this is NOT a grenade.

  12. Ok yeah but have you seen a propane tank explode? She wouldn’t have been the only one injured not to mention the injuries would be far more severe had it been a propane tank. It’s waaayyy more likely that she was hit on the arm by a flash-bang grenade. The injuries sustained are similar and it would absolutely explain why she was the only one that ended up in the hospital. Can you even imagine that small 21 year old girl throwing or rolling a propane tank far enough to actually injure police. Be kind and stop lowering the average I.Q. of the human race. I don’t care if you were in the military you’re just a troll who’s speculating on something to a) get a rise or b) you’ve stupidly made your decision based on you unfounded hatred of liberal chatter online so you’re willing to believe anything that goes against liberal media. Use your brain and be objective instead of spouting shit out of the hole on your face to feel important

  13. Especially when you have no clue as to the effects of fracking and its potential to ruin our entire way of life through air and water pollution, rapid increase of seismic activity, destruction of soil structure, invitation for invasive species, and degradation of food production not to mention the potential for new forms of cancer to develop since these companies don’t have to disclose all of the chemicals used under the Trade Secret Act. And what’s all of this for. . . money and lower gas prices when instead we should be looking for alternative sources of fuel. These people are fighting for respect, their allotted land (which is ludicrous seeing as they were here first), preservation of sacred burial grounds and clean safe drinking water. We’ve done nothing but break treaties and disrespect the indigenous peoples and all they’ve been is peaceful and protective, so the last thing they need is some stupid ass, backwards, white dude who was in the military for a little while to voice their opinion against basic human rights. We’ve heard it before and we know you’re only self interested. If you don’t have anything nice to say about people in need who are fighting for the same basic rights as the rest of us then shove it up your ass