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  1. These white THUGS/WEIRDOS has to be stopped. They’re making this country worse day by day! If Trump does win that let’s us know this is the beginning of the end of this chaos! Everything must come to an end and his position as president is going to end it all for us! I just hope the next go round goes well after this apocalypse! Peace Out ✌️

    • You obvi haven’t seen the video of the new Orleans rapper that threatened Trump with war and was “fuc$in with ISIS” viral video. He got arrested a week after video for showing the guns serial number on the video, and it was a stolen gun haha.. Makes you think twice is black lives matter??

  2. Easyz people , crackers aren’t all crazy, #iggas ain’t all cray cray, u ‘z only gotz to worryz bout the onez that lookZ nothin like their Facebook pix. Those bitch azz cry baby ugly #iggaz with the old pics be the onez shootin old ppl and them crackers ass like this crac putin 20yo high schoolz pic for hisb45 yo azz hahah those mofos beez onez making dog tags fo them bitches they beez

  3. Wish I could find out some how what this guys company truck looks like!!! I was approached by a man on Halloween night, looked exactly like him. I was out late walking my dog and he sat parked with his lights on, and kept watching me for awhile. When I went to cut across another way to go inside, he drove fast around to block my way!!! He kept saying he needed a “worker” and that he owned a business, kept trying to get me to come up to his truck to talk.. I Should have let my dog bite his ass!!!! Sorry but when I saw his picture it just totally floored me!! I stay just a few miles from his business. Only thing different, was he was in some kind of company truck because There was a logo on it. I kept trying to read it but was too far away. Creep!!!! I swear it was him. I told him I had a job and my husband was waiting inside and That my dog would bite if I got any closer to him. He mumbled something and drove off and I ran inside. So glad life has taught me to pay attention to my instincts, And thankful my doggie is protective over me.;)

    • what’s new? …probably another new dead black kid in Chicago killed by a new black gangbanger, probably 10, as I’m typing this. That’s what’s new. Gangbangers are the biggest serial killers around.

      • Democrats have serial killers too. They’re just happen to be the politicians you elect because you fall for their pandering, when in reality they are getting rich off your deaths and poverty. Look at Jesse Jackson and Jesse Jackson Jr’s homes….do you have a house like that? I didn’t think so. Still slaves….just not required to work so you don’t think you are. Genius.