Trump Boycott List: Companies Targeted by Trump Opponents & Supporters

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Ivanka Trump. (Getty)

Opponents of President-Elect Donald Trump have moved from targeting him through the ballot box to targeting Trump – and his daughter, Ivanka – through the pocketbook.

A digital brand strategist from California named Shannon Coulter came up with the idea for the #GrabMyWallet hashtag on Twitter and boycott of companies that carry Trump products after Trump’s lewd remarks to former Access Hollywood host Billy Bush were publicized. CBS News says a grandmother named Sue Atencio, 59, also created the boycott in October, which has gathered momentum since Trump’s election.

At the same time, Trump supporters are targeting companies perceived as criticizing Trump. Those making that list include Oreos, GrubHub, and Netflix. GrubHub’s CEO had told employees that discrimination has “no place at Grubhub” regardless of whether it “worked for Mr. Trump.”

Twitter is awash with competing tensions – those urging boycotts of companies selling Ivanka and other Trump brands, and those urging boycotting of companies that succumb to pressure to get rid of Ivanka and other Trump brands. Three NBA teams are no longer staying at Trump hotels. A fashion designer, Sophie Theallet, who has dressed Michelle Obama, is calling for fashion designers to not dress First Lady Melania Trump.

Trump supporters, meanwhile, have started writing the president elect’s name on Starbucks’ cups to protest that company for its CEO’s Clinton support and holiday cups. The movement is called #TrumpCup, and people give their name as Trump so the barista has to write it on the cup and call it out.

Donald Trump himself has singled out one company, criticizing Apple for overseas iPhone production.

The #GrabYourWallet boycott spearheaded by Trump opponents has largely targeted companies that run Ivanka Trump’s clothing and shoe line. However, it’s also expanded to encompass other companies with Trump products or whose leaders have expressed support for Trump. However, most of the businesses are being targeted for selling Ivanka Trump’s clothing, handbags, and shoes. Ivanka’s clothing and accessories line is worth at least $100 million. Some companies have removed Ivanka’s line as a result of the pressure; is one such site. Interior design company Bellacor is another.

It works both ways; some Trump supporters have been urging a boycott of Pepsi over comments that the company’s head never actually made. The CEO, Indra Nooyi, was falsely accused of telling Trump supporters to “take their business elsewhere,” although she did actually say people were in mourning after the election.

Donald Trump Secretary of State, Donald Trump Cabinet, Donald Trump Cabinet picks

Donald Trump. (Getty)

Coulter maintains a spreadsheet that lists the companies being boycotted by Trump opponents. You can get that list here.

The spreadsheet contains such categories as “Boycott these companies,” “Shop these Trump-free alternatives,” and “Sequential List of Companies That Dropped Trump.”

These are some of the more than 30 companies listed under the “Boycott these companies” category:

Companies Targeted by Trump Opponents

TJ Maxx
Stein Mart
Trump Golf Courses
Trump Hotels
Neiman Marcus
Hudson Bay
Lord & Taylor
Bed, Bath & Beyond
Blue Fly
Century 21 Department Store
Burlington Coat Factory

Coulter told The Guardian that she was repulsed by the Billy Bush tape, saying, “It was a feeling of recoiling. It was emotional, visceral. Then I had a pounding headache for a few days. I was filled with nausea.” She told The Guardian that she was targeting Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, because Ivanka had supported Trump even after the allegations were raised.

Companies Targeted by Trump Supporters

The Trump supporters’ boycott list is run by Reddit user “WhiteChristianMan” in a channel called r/The_Donald, “the unofficial Donald Trump 2016 subreddit.” That user now says he was “banned” and uses terminology common among the Alt Right (the word “cuck”), a loose group of conservatives who have been accused of racism and Anti-Semitism. The list contains people and companies believed supportive of Trump as well those listed for not being supportive enough of Trump.

The list includes local companies suspected of losing business due to politics and support for Trump.

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  1. We’re going to boycott !! we’re going to boycott !! who cares you didn’t get the country, Mother F**** ‘s ….

    Law and order is common so hold on to yourself sucking lollipops.

    • I have NO idea what your comment means , , , or if its pro-Trump boycott, or anti-Trump boycott. Either way, dude, improve your syntax!

    • Quiver! Have fun being a bigot cause that’s all y’all are going to get to do. Let’s see how your poor pathetic life is 4 yrs from now. Trump ain’t gonna do squat for the uneducated middle classless. Go suck on a piece of coal

    • Do you know the difference between a nonprofit and a for-profit organization? Are you familiar with Charity Navigator? I suggest you go to its website.

  2. Donald Trump, I am one of your supporters, but I’m very disappointed in your decision to free
    Hillary Clinton of all the corrupt and crooked charges she is guilty of. After all the hell Hillary Clinton
    and Bill Clinton put you through, now you will free her of all charges. I’m sure your voters are very
    disappointed in your decision. I bet your daughter, Ivanka is behind this, because she was a good
    friend of Hillary’s daughter Chelsea. You should start listening to your sons instead. Ivanka is a
    Scorpio, the same sign Hillary Clinton is. Scorpios are very bossy people and want to rule everybody.
    That’s what your daughter is doing to you. I know you have very important things to take care of,
    but let someone else in your cabinet be in charge of Hillary Clinton. If you think the Democrats
    will love you for this, you are sadly mistaken, they will continue protesting you and making your
    term a living hell. That’s the way Liberal Democrats are. Pure evil. Wake up, Donald Trump and
    please listen to what I’m telling you.

  3. Great idea, that Trump writing on Starbucks cup. Make sure you get Grande cups with lots of room to write. Buy the most expensive drink to show you are not low class. Go at least 10 times a day. Can’t drink all? Throw away. It’s worthless shit anyway. Tell all you friends to do the same. Target should be at least $500 a month, just $2000 for a family of 4.


  5. There are 63 million who voted for Trump, and the many in NY and CA who did not bother to vote because of the Liberal control of the Electoral College in these states, and their Families, the total is perhaps 150 Million people who are Trump supporters.
    The Liberals are in severe depression as they lost the 2016 election and they grouped together and threatened Macy’s, Nordstrom, and other retailers forcing their hand to eliminate Trump products.
    The time has come to RETAILIATE, loyal Trump supporters must unite, the first step is Boycott Macy’s, Nordstrom’s and Starbucks. More importantly the media have been dishonest and very unfair, actually UN -American. Time to boycott the biggest violators, CNN, NBC, Washington Post and New York Times, boycott them and more importantly their SPONSORS!
    Trump Supporters need a computer savvy person to set up a web site that lists the sponsors of say CNN and NBC News to start, the huge amount of supporters of 150 Million Americans can affect the bottom line of these organizations, CNN’s viewership is already at a record low, this could force them into bankruptcy, where they belong.
    Hollywood is obviously on the top of the Boycott list, I went from 25+ movies per year to 0 since May 2016 and DO NOT miss going to the movies. I believe Hollywood are already seeing the effect as George Clooney’s last movie Money Monster was DOA, Tom Hanks last two movies, Inferno and Sully were both box office disappointments.