Trump Election Hate Crime & Violence List: State by State Round Up

There have been increasing stories of violence since the contentious 2016 presidential election.

People have claimed they were the targets of hate crimes by pro Donald Trump supporters. Other people have claimed they were targeted because they are Donald Trump supporters. Police and protesters have been injured at anti-Trump events.

There have been reports of racist graffiti, of Muslim women having their hijabs yanked off, of Trump supporters beaten, and of racist incidents against African Americans. The Southern Poverty Law Center has counted 201 hate crime incidents across the United States between election day and November 11.

USA Today said experts claim the spike in hate crimes is as bad as the post September 11 period. Trump supporters have also reported being physically beaten, having graffiti painted on their cars, and other attacks.

Some of the accounts have been debunked, or police say they never received reports, but others have not.

Here’s what you need to know state-by-state:


A Muslim student wearing a hijab was targeted in a parking lot at San Diego State University, and her car keys were stolen.

A San Jose student said a man pulled her hijab. Also in San Jose, a student at Woodside High School campus was attacked on video for expressing support for Trump and after being accused of commenting on a thread criticizing Mexicans (see above).

A student at Shasta High School in Redding, California passed out “deportation letters” to other students and put a video of it on Twitter.

A gay film director claimed he was attacked on election night by a group of Trump supporters, but police say they have not received a report. Snopes says it could have been a bar fight but there were photos of the injuries posted online, labeling it unproven.

An Assyrian-American woman “was called a terrorist by another passenger on the train,” in the Bay Area, according to NBC Bay Area. The woman who was targeted posted a cell phone video of the encounter on Facebook.

Two students at the University of California, Berkeley “reported being called racial and homophobic slurs before being spat on by a suspect Tuesday evening,” the television station said.


A Donald Trump supporter was attacked for waving a Trump sign and American flag in Meriden, Connecticut, according to WTNH-TV. Two men – including one who allegedly had heroin for sale – were arrested in the attack.


An African-American woman in Delaware described on Facebook being harassed by men who brought up the election, brandished a weapon and called her racial slurs, and said charges had been filed. However, police said they have received no report of such an incident.


A Muslim teacher in Georgia “was told to hang herself with her headscarf in a frightening note which said it was no longer ‘allowed’ after Donald Trump’s election win,” said The UK Daily Mail.


A man was attacked in a video that went viral. The crowd chanted “Don’t vote Trump” as the man was beaten, according to The Chicago Tribune. The incident started when a car scraped his vehicle, said The Tribune, adding that the victim was repeatedly punched and kicked.


Rocks, bottles, and bricks were thrown at police officers during a Trump protest in Indianapolis.


Someone wrote the words “Trump,” “Build wall” and “(expletive) your space space” outside the University of Louisiana at Lafayette library.

A college student in Louisiana made up a story of being attacked and robbed of her Muslim headscarf by a man wearing a Trump hat. Police said the story was a hoax, according to ABC News.


Photos of the above graffiti were circulated on Twitter. CBS Local said the police chief commented that he found the graffiti “troubling.”

There was also racist and anti-Semitic pro Trump graffiti found on a Massachusetts cliff side. The graffiti, which talked about gassing jews and killing blacks, appeared in early November, said MassLive.


Police in Ann Arbor said they were investigating allegations that a “man approached a Muslim student and threatened to set her on fire with a lighter unless she removed her hijab.” The University of Michigan Division of Public Safety & Security described the suspect as “White male, 20-30 years old, average height, athletic build, bad body odor, unkempt appearance, intoxicated with slurred speech.”

Middle school students in Michigan chanted “Build the wall” in a cafeteria incident captured on video.


Racist graffiti was found scrawled in the bathroom of a Minnesota high school (see above). The graffiti included Trump’s signature “Make America Great Again” slogan along with white supremacist comments. The bathroom door contained the words “Trump” and “whites only.”

An Asian woman in Minnesota described on social media how she said she was called slurs on a bridge by a Trump supporter who grabbed her arm, and said she was then handcuffed by responding police.

However, campus and Minneapolis police said they did not handcuff the woman and had received no report, although the Facebook post was shared thousands of times, said Minnesota Daily.

New York

At New York University Tandon School of Engineering, “students discovered the name of the President-elect written on the door to a prayer room for Muslims on Wednesday,” CNN said.

Students hung a black doll with a curtain rod at Canisius University. The university president wrote, “On Tuesday night, students reported to Canisius Public Safety of seeing photos on social media of a black doll posed in a dormitory elevator and later, a meme of the doll and inflammatory language involving Donald Trump.”

New York’s governor announced that an “alleged hate crime that took place at SUNY Geneseo” on November 11. “The incident was first reported by a residence assistant who discovered graffiti, including a swastika and the word ‘Trump,’ at the university’s Nassau Residence Hall,” he wrote.

He had previously announced another investigation into a report of alleged hate crime in Wellsville, New York. “Earlier this week, it was reported that a softball field dugout was defaced with the words ‘Make America White Again,’ accompanied by a spray-painted swastika,” said Governor Cuomo.

A Muslim woman claimed that she was riding a Queens bus when a white couple tried to pull off her hijab, calling it a “disgusting piece of cloth.” She shared the account on Facebook.

Police in New York were investigating a report that a man was choked on a subway train headed toward the Bronx because he was a Trump supporter wearing a “Make America Great Again” cap.

In Syracuse, pickups – including one with a Confederate flag – drove through an anti-Trump rally, USA Today said.

North Carolina

Racist graffiti was found in Dunham, North Carolina. It said “black lives don’t matter.”


A Muslim woman in Columbus Ohio reported being called the “C” word and told to get out of the country, said ABC.


Protests have led to at least 25 arrests. KATU-TV said a man was shot during an anti-Trump protest in Portland. Police said, though, that the violence was likely gang-related, according to the television station.

People threw projectiles at police during the protests. Police released photos of vandalism suspects in an attempt to identify them.

There was also a video taken that captured anti-Trump graffiti:



On November 11, the University of Pennsylvania reported that “black freshman students at Penn were added to a racist GroupMe account that appears to be based in Oklahoma. The account itself is totally repugnant: it contains violent, racist and thoroughly disgusting images and messages.”

The Daily Pennsylvanian reported that the site contained images of lynchings and has been linked to a University of Oklahoma student. People were called a “dumb slave”and other racial slurs, and the site mentioned Trump in positive terms, according to the newspaper.

Nazi graffiti was found in Philadelphia in a separate incident. “Sieg Heil” and “Trump” were among the words painted.

Also in Philadelphia, a woman reported that this was drawn on her vehicle:

Police released surveillance video they said was of the graffiti suspect:

Swastikas and gay and racial slurs were reported at a Pennsylvania high school, including students using heil Hitler salutes, although it wasn’t clear whether it was related to the election.


The death of a Saudi college student is being investigated, although it has not been determined yet what was behind the attack.

Hussain Saeed Alnahdi, 24, was attacked by a white male on a street outside a pizza restaurant. The motive is still under investigation, and it’s not clear whether there is any election connection. The death occurred a few days before the election.


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The anti Trump protesters are well funded as you know !!

Where do you think they got the cash ?

Obama and his administration with their silence are approving the hateful rhetoric by anti Trump protesters.

These protesters are violent and are creating civil unrest across the country !!

Who is giving the police the orders to stand down against these violent protesters that attack innocent American citizens. These protests are terrorist attacks on our democracy.

White Americans are being viciously attacked for exercising their freedom to vote for the candidate of their choosing. The media anti Trump are helping to incite and create civil unrest in America. They have used their platform to create racial tension in the United States.

Illegal immigrants are using protection Obama has given them to create civil unrest and to attack peaceful Americans.

This is civil unrest is created by the Muslim Brotherhood the Muslim Brotherhood has vowed to destroy America from within.

The Muslim Brotherhood now claims Hillary Clinton is the president-elect they are attacking whites as they do in Europe in 2016 the Muslims have raped over 1000 women and chanting we will breed them out of existence.

Poland is now surrounded by Armed Forces because they do not surrender to the Muslim invasion.

The Muslim Brotherhood is using illegals to promote their overthrow of the United States.

Who is telling the police to stand down against these violent protesters ?

Who is telling the police not to protect American citizens ?

This is not the freedom to protest but the freedom to create civil unrest.

Why is President Obama and his administration silent ? and not speaking out against the violence against peaceful Americans ?

Because he’s a Muslim ?


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Seriously? Everything is a Muslim conspiracy, and all terrorism is the fault of muslims? The only violence are muslims against peaceful Americans and not at any time the other way around? You sir are an idiot who paints all members of a religion the same as the extremists, while ignoring anything that does not fit your worldview. Since you hold all muslims to blame for these acts should all christians be held responsible for the acts of extremist groups of their own religion who go bombing planned parenthood or are members of the KKK?

As for your last point, even if the president was a muslim it shouldn’t matter! The separation of church and state and freedom from religious persecution were core principals of this nations founding! It shouldn’t matter if the president is a christian, muslim, jew, aethiest, or believes in a dam spaghetti god (though I might question the sanity of that last one). What should be important are the morals, ethics, intelligence, leadership, and policy.

You sir are a racist jackass. Muslims are not the problem. Islamic extremists are the problem, along with every other form of extremism which promotes terrorism.


religious extremists are the problem. moderation in all things is always a better approach, aside from fighting for liberty. As for that silly accusation, since disproven, I do not have to be paid for protesting, it’s my pleasure. And my Right, one I defended with my service in our military-something few of the “patriots” in the alt/white/neocon movement have done.

Deplorable Dan

The problem with this story is that at least of the incidences of liberals being attacked are fake by your own admission. I would estimate that the rest of them are staged by butt hurt liberals as well. We have work to do .

Defeating the crooked demon whose name can not be mentioned is only the first step to retaking what is rightfully ours.
I will not be happy until we swim in a pool of liberal tears.

We must never again allow a liberal social justice warrior to disrupt or interrupt us. Exercise your rights at every opportunity. Open carry your firearm. Fly the American flag at your home and on your car. Boycot businesses that employ illegal aliens and especially those who left our once great nation in favor of cheap low quality foreign labor.

Thank a veteran, say Merry Christmas, read a bible in Starbucks. Be vocal! Be just as loud as these whiny immoral creeps have been when they thought they were in charge.

You see a man in a womans rest room, CALL HIM OUT FOR ALL TO HEAR! I dont want some pervert in there with my wife or daughter and neither does any other sane person.
When they block a road in “protest”, don’t stop. If they get mowed down, it is their own fault. Mom always said don’t play in the street. Why did we build sidewalks otherwise? Interfering with transit is not protest. It is an illegal activity that OUR government has allowed these spoiled brats to get away with.
They throw a rock through your window, throw 30 rounds of 5.56 back their way. They smash your car up, break their legs with a bat.
If you are spat uppon, break the offenders jaw. Don’t ever take crap from one of these lazy, entitled, eunuchs again! Self defense is a fundamental right and a responsibility. If you don’t correct a liberal, they will continue to think their behaviour is acceptable.
Give them the spanking they should have gotten from their terrible parents.

This is OUR country! They heard us on November 8th. Now they are scratching their heads and making excuses today unwilling to admit that they are the reason they lost. They say it was just white voters that propelled Trump, promoting a race narrative that is patently false. Tell that to all the people of color who voted for him. But they’re all just a bunch of uncle Toms right? It is not white/black/brown, it is good hard working AMERICANS vs nasty liberal scumbags.

They will call you racist, sexist, and every other label they can think of. It is meaningless now. They lost. They lost! Make sure they feel it for the next 8 years.

We have the house, we have the senate, and we have the whitehouse. In a few months, we will have the supreme court too!

We can not move forward with our reconstruction until liberals are removed from this country. Make sure they know that they are not welcome here.

Liberals get ready…….We are coming for you!

up yours

We must demand protection !! call your government officials and demand that they protect us immediately !!

Who is giving the stand down order not to protect peaceful Americans.


Calls all attacks on liberals fake and then urges for escalation of violence against liberals, and not just in self defense as he tries to phrase it (“Don’t ever take crap”, “If you don’t correct a liberal”, “This is OUR country!”, “nasty liberal scumbags”, “until liberals are removed from this country”, “they are not welcome here”, “We are coming for you!”). Might as well call for open season on liberals so they can be hunted down freely; then there is no need for the pretense of starting an argument before gunning them down as you “STAND YOUR GROUND.”!

Lets forget for the moment that the number of people who voted for Clinton outnumber Trump voters by a million plus. Trump has a court record of racism, sexism, and cheating the “good hard working AMERICANS”; this is also self admitted in a playboy article where he admits that a book claiming all of these things is true (long before his campaign so it isn’t a liberal conspiracy). Besides this admission during the campaign he called mexicans rapists, muslims terrorists, and blacks thugs, fostering fear and the (hopefully minority) white supremacist. How much race and racism played a part in the election and in his supporters may be up for debate but it is an undeniable FACT that trump is a racist, and his winning the election will make others feel that racismis perfectly acceptable.

As for how he treats the “good hard working AMERICANS” he is known for not paying his employees for worked overtime, scamming them with his trump university, and sending numerous contractors into bankruptcy as he withholds payment or strongarms them into accepting a fraction of the bill saying it will cost more to take him to court. Trump is just as corrupt as any politician, he only cares about being a “winner” no matter the cost to others.

As for your comments on the “social justice warrior”. I assume you would like to roll back all the things these types of people have fought for, including the minimum wage, worker and consumer rights, ending of: corporate script, child labor, shooting of worker protersters, womens right to vote, blacks right to vote. Perhaps you’d like to go back to being paid in script, if you are paid at all, having protesters beaten or shot by corporate and federal forces, and being potentially sick from being sold inferior goods(let the buyer beware) but I myself do not.


To be honest, he didn’t incite starting violence against liberals. He said “If liberals do something to you, fight back”. That is a basic American right. Looting and beating people up while shouting “if they white, beat they asses” which has video evidence unlike almost every incident of a liberal being attacked, is NOT an American right. The side that claims to be “peaceful” and “loving” has done more acts of violence than the “hateful” Trump supporters.

Sincerely, someone who hates both candidates. Get off your high horse and realize that both sides have equally as screwed up people and stop acting like a two party system isn’t broken.


You are aware that it takes two thirds of the Senate to confirm a Supreme Court Justice…?

John from Downtown

Some of those are proven hoaxes. Google search the muslim woman story, its debunked – she admitted she lied and made it up. Think for yourself, use your brain.


Seems many of those swastikas and graffiti are from anti-trump protestors pushing the envelope. Additionally, many of those trump supporter attacks reports has been discredited as false.

Crystal Garcia

Swastikas were drawn on the walls of the boys bathroom in a Montgomery County, Md middle school on Friday. A sign was put up at an Episcopal church advertising the times the church preaches in Spanish. It stated Trump Nation Whites Only. Also in Montgomery County, Md. We are a diverse county…a melting pot so this is terrible and disheartening.

up yours

We must demand protection from these violent protesters! Call our government officials and demand protection ! From these hoodlums that claim they are peaceful but are not ! These protesters are attacking peaceful Americans ! Destroying private property ! But they are allowed to continue to violate the law freely ! We must demand protection of our civil liberties and rights ! We must make that phone call to our government officials to protect us from further destruction from the violent and racist protesters .

katy lee

Yet you have no real proof. ?. look at all the hate videos of Hillary Clinton supporters


Crystal – ???? I would be willing to bet – BIG MONEY – that most if not ALL of the incidents are committed by Soros backed or inspired hacks. Since most prior to the past week have been sponsored by them and DNC operatives I have very little doubt.

Republicans and Trump voters are not the type – and most of us think these people are ignorant hacks NOT ONE I have met, know, have spoken with or overheard are bigots, racists, misogynists, etc etc but we do recognize idiots when we seen them!

katy lee

No violent trump supporters on video ??? If you find a video im certain they will be fully dressed in trump garb

John from Downtown

Exactly. Yet there is video of a large group of black men beating up a white man for voting for Trump…

The media is silent about that though.

Robert Craigen

This is a good start to straightening out what’s happening — no outlets are giving a balanced story. Is this list being continually updated? Is someone keeping a tally and separating these into appropriate categories for open discourse on this important element of current events? Facts are important when everyone is trying to sell their own narrative.

katy lee

A women in this article claims a white couple pulled her head scarf off and called it a dirty cloth ??
You would think they would have said rag or towel strang

Lori Sullins

If they ripped it off it was only because it stinks, I have waited on these people and they literally stink! Any sane person can tell the media is left biased, if you can’t then you are one of the real mentally ill. I don’t care if I’m called a racist better that than a liberal!

John from Downtown

I dont believe any of these so-called “hate crimes”. ANYONE can get a marker and scrawl a swastika on a building, then blame it on a Trump supporter – thats the oldest trick in the book and its called propaganda and or a false flag/hoax. I notice none of these so-called hate crimes have any proof either, its just the word of one person OR something scrawled on a building. And just a few days ago a Muslim girl claimed two white guys attacked her and said pro-Trump words…the police questioned her and she ended up admitting she made it all up.

Most likely these are being done by butt-hurt angry Hillary voters. Well boo hoo, you lost. Get over it.

ALSO, does anyone else remember in the 1990s the running joke with the black community – that when white fake a robbery for insurance reasons they always blame “a black man”??? Ok, now…White men are becoming that fall guy. Notice the minorities, so many hoaxes are happening now and yet always, the made up villain is a white man did it. Thank you to the media for demonizing white men.

Jo Momma

One guy smashing a window with a bat has a radio on, and the black guy painted trump rules


Actually, Fascinating that for anti-religious offenses toward the main religious groups, 59% were directed toward Jews, 26% toward Muslims and 15% toward Christians. You certainly wouldnt know that by reading your article.

And to add to that with more facts, 2014 to 2015 increase in hate crimes were 9.4% for Jews, 83% increase for Christians and 69% increase for Muslims. So the greater increase was against Christians. Anti-Jewish crime is still 2.3 times more than Muslims.

This is why Trump got elected. His supporters are tired of your lies.

Tom J

Almost all the supposed violence by Trump supporters has turned out to be done by the Anti-Trumpers to try and spread hate. This is a well-known tactic that the Nazis used in the 1920’s and 30’s. NOT GOING TO WORK THIS TIME.


I would be willing to bet – BIG MONEY – that most if not ALL of the incidents are committed by Soros backed or inspired (lib/prog/dem) hacks. Since most prior to the past week have been sponsored by them and DNC operatives I have very little doubt.

Republicans and Trump voters are not the type – and most of us think these people are ignorant hacks NOT ONE I have met, know, have spoken with or overheard are bigots, racists, misogynists, etc etc but we do recognize idiots when we seen them!

Amy Matheus

Convenient. One side…..police haven’t found a report and can’t confirm the act of violence as related. The other? Arrest made, investigations and servealence video. Sounds about right.


The graffiti in Durham North Carolina said more that this post says it said. The graffiti said “Black lives doesn’t matter [sic] and neither does their vote.” This is horrific in at least two ways: telling African Americans that their lives don’t matter, and telling African Americans that their vote does not count.

Lori Sullins

Why don’t all lives matter? I’m sick of hearing all the boo hooing. Don’t black know it was the republican congress that passed their civil rights? Oh and the right for women to vote? Where were the liberals then????? Must have not had money involved!

Peter Anderson

The Trump-with-swastika meme appears to be circulating among leftist activists. That’s a bit over the top to be convincing, IMHO. Funny how they appear inside of secure dorms but no one has any idea who did it.

Jay Jay Barr

Kudos to #Heavy for at least listing when the incidences were either suspected or proven false. Seriously, good job.. This is the kind of actual reporting we NEEEED.

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