Trump Protest Signs: The Photos You Need to See


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Are you playing at manufacturing consent?
Wasn’t litterally EVERYONE going to vote for Clinton?

Milos stipec

Morons.. Use words that adhere to reality… Perhaps felon is more suited to be president than Trump? Idiots.. Show Hillary how she can win the election Pls.? Dumbass, there are 50 states in America, carry all your votes.. Mexico and new York. Illinois.. Rest we don’t share your fantasy world that doesn’t exist..


i think that the popular vote is the peoples magnate,the electors should put that into consideration inrespective of party affiliation,they are there to serve the people and they should let the people lead.protest and riots tells one thing,trump is not the people choice the majority donot want him and majority wins the vote.electoral college we want peace and not democracy.and to trump,the people donot want you,so keep your great america in your pocket and let peace reign.thank u.


its absurd that in a 21th century america,a loser like trump is elevated and the winner becomes the loser,its so so pathetic.there is no nation that runs this kind of democracy,18th century ideas.the founding fathers never said the electoral college must continue indefinitely.something must happen for change to come.the people must win this time.their voice must be heard.electoral college you better do the right thing.and for those of you saying that democracts are sore losers,donald trump should be ashamed of himself,he could not win the popular vote and now he is clinging onto power like his life depends on it.shameless old pussy grabber.

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