WATCH: Donald Trump Glances at Melania’s Ballot While Voting

Even Donald Trump voting for himself, as all presidential candidates can do, wasn’t without excitement this morning. Trump, along with his wife Melania and daughter Ivanka, put in their votes at P.S. 59 in Manhattan. first they were booed as Trump walked into the school, then cameras caught Trump appearing to take a glance at Melania’s ballot.

Donald Trump voting for himself, Donald Trump, Melania Trump

Donald Trump glanced over at Melania’s ballot as she voted. (Getty)

In the video at the top, Melania and Trump vote at around the 4-minute mark. Trump is seen looking up from his ballot as cameras snap away. When he’s just about done voting, it looks like he glanced at Melania’s, possibly just to make sure she didn’t vote for the wrong candidate.

Before heading into the school, NBC4 New York cameras caught a crowd of people booing and cheering as he went into the school.

It turns out that Trump’s son Eric also clanged at his wife’s ballot.

When Hillary Clinton voted at the Douglas G. Griffin School in Chappaqua, New York, she was greeted with cheers as she waved to the crowd. Some were chanting “Madam President” as she walked up to the school.

Both presidential candidates live in New York, where the polls do not close until 9 p.m. ET. The state’s 29 electoral votes are expected to go to Clinton. A Republican hasn’t won New York since 1984.


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Jeff From California

Too Funny.
The Trumpster Does NOT trust his own wife.
The Trumpster……Proud of Cheating on Multiple Wives……Doesn’t Trust his current wife !!!!! Hilarious !


He’s not looking at her ballot. There’s a partition. He’s looking at the media you DA.

Jeff from California

Hey Anonymous……
Did you even look at the photos??????
The Dumpster’s eyes are clearly looking DOWN and to his LEFT.
Unless there is some reporter under his wife’s voting table…..the Dumpster is checking out her ballot.
Don’t believe your lying eyes or your lying ears.
Typical of a Dumpster follower.

Chuck for Prez

What a family of clowns.
Like father like son.
Both do NOT trust their wives.
Maybe the head Dumpster taught his son to also grab the puskies of women he does not know.
Gotta love this woman molester. ( NOT )
Time to fold up the Dumpster circus tent and go home. Thanks for the memories.

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