When Is the Electoral College Election?

MINNEAPOLIS, MN - SEPTEMBER 23: Signage at an early voting center on September 23, 2016 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Minnesota residents can vote in the general election every day until Election Day on November 8. (Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images)


Today’s election isn’t the only presidential election that matters. After this election, the Electoral College will vote for President. A candidate must get a majority of the 538 electors — 270 electoral votes — in order to be President. The entire process won’t be finished until January. When is this next election?

Here’s what you need to know.

Each candidate running for President has his or her own group of electors per state. When you vote for President, you’re actually voting for the candidate’s electors. In most states, the electors are awarded on a winner-take-all basis, except for Maine and Nebraska who award them partially proportionally.

After the election, between mid-November and December 19, each state’s governor will prepare a certificate of ascertainment, where he lists the winning candidate and his or her electors. Any controversies in the state related to this process must be decided by the courts by December 13.

Each state’s winning candidate’s electors will then attend a meeting of electors on the first Monday after the second Wednesday of December. This year, that will be on December 19. The electors meet in their state and vote for President and Vice President on separate ballots. These are recorded as Certificates of Vote and are signed and sealed.

On December 28, the President of the Senate and the Archivist must receive the certificates.

On January 6, 2017, Congress will meet in a joint session and count the electoral votes. (They can, however, pass a law to change this date.) The results are then announced. If no candidate gets 270 or more electoral votes, then the House of Representatives will decide who will be President. The House decides by a majority vote among the three candidates who got the most electoral votes. Each state gets one vote.

If no Vice Presidential candidate gets 270 or more electoral votes, then the Senate elects the Vice President, choosing from the two candidates who got the most electoral votes.

Inauguration day is January 20, 2017.

Read more about the Electoral college in Spanish at AhoraMismo.com:


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Trump is a bigot, a sexist and a racist. The electoral college should deny him the presidency and instill Hillary! So GO HILLARY!


Trump is going on trial for rape and very likely commited tax fraud, and Hillary is the only name ever associated with jail. No one actually cares about the emails, y’all just hate her cuzz she’s a woman with ambition


Yeah right, no one cares about national security, fraudulent tax free foundation, Haitian relief money stolen, dead ambassador and 3 others in Benghazi, getting a child rapist off and laughing about it, ripping off nomination from fellow democrat, hiding the womanizing, sexual harassment and misconduct of her husband, lying to FBI and congress, among other scandals and crimes that would get any other citizen put in jail in a pinch. Yeah no one cares about that, no libtard does since to them what is good is bad and what is bad is good.


if Hillary becomes president she will want to start a war with Russia and that not right and Trump will team up with Russia to fight isis to stop them so thats why people should support Trump to stop isis


I HOPE as a US citizen and mother – who has waited 8 long years for a change of sheriff, a new President, to support finally the ongoing search for my kidnapped very young child; and also 8 bitter and horrible years of black listing, violence, two broken jaws, an attack with steel pipes by males calling me “CIA” and demanding I “share” alleged Sept. 11 information or “tips” that they might sell for profit, despite any risk to the US and their neighbors … whilst Obama and my former CIA colleagues under Brennan and my former NSA cousins under Clapper, did nothing … neither for me, nor for my child, nor to ensure full disclosure on all Sept 11 or other intelligence topics, even denying some of us the right to speak in public at the larger lawsuits (airlines vs FBI, NY Port Authority, and the $5B Motley Rice victims’ families settlement suits) – … that the Democratic Intelligence Community that does NOT include those of us who were always conservative and always trustworthy and always quite Republican, and does NOT include the roughly 10,000 Sept. 11 victims’ family members; and does NOT include 99% of US military, including US Special Forces or US Seals or US humint (US military intelligence) … or victims of terrorist attacks here, such as Sept. 11, who were citizens of European, UK or other countries – particularly Italy, Germany and Spain, which have all tried to impeach and prosecute Obama under international law – will just S H U T U P. And stop being poor losers. Or liars. Or hypocrites. We Republican victims – we victims of terrorism from too-lax, Democrat policies, and we former or current intelligence who were put out of work or stalked or black listed for testifying to Senate Armed Services, or other things that were not only our “right” under the US Constitution but our duty, and in the best interest of the United States … have waited through two terms of hell. Very politely. We did not riot. We did not bring up countless smoke screens at huge public expense. We did not jeopardize national security and American lives abroad and inside the US by leaking classified data; (Booz / CIA / Snowden); or by using personal services in violation of well-known 18 USC 793 (“gross negligence,” Hillary) for US State Dept and Oval Office and US DOD private communications and plans and incident reports, including Yemeni arms transfers, Bhengazi, and names of US agents …. and then lie about it. And the, get the FBI to cover up for us. The US voter electorate spoke, we did not like it, but we accepted it. Because until there is a Constitutional change in the way we elect officials, we need to abide by the rules of our democratic process. Hillary is blessed not to be in prison. Russia had nothing to do with Hillary violating US state secrecy laws. Or putting American lives at risk. She did that entirely on her own, and with a little help from Obama. If Obama KNEW of her transgressions and sloppiness and said nothing, they HE is in violation of 18 USC 793 (the law, by the way, that Comey did NOT evaluate Hillary under; he evaluated her, twice, under the most difficult frame of reference possible, conflict of interest. Which requires that FBI prove “motive” and “intent.” But under 18 USC 793 – an espionage statute that the US Military routinely prosecutes violators under – there is no need to prove motive, or what Hillary knew or did not know of US secrecy and intelligence rules; only to prove actions. Deeds. Very easy. Her server was or was not secure. Her staff was or was not adequately trained, they did or did not follow xyz procedures. She could not possibly “pass” this litmus test. When FBI went after former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonald for accepting a watch his wife accepted from a close male friend – (their business, really, isn’t it? Because that’s what we heard, as Republicans, whenever we questioned any Clinton activities) – that was valued at roughly $400; it viciously destroyed his career, and he was rumored to be a possible 2016 GOP presidential contender; and his entire family. Horrible things. And he had to go to prison. For a $400 watch his wife took, for him. By Washington standards (not mine, but most politicians here) .. $400 is a a very nice dinner and hotel stay. Or just a very nice dinner. Gov. McDonald was set free from prison by the US Supreme Court earlier last year, and his conviction over-turned. By then his career, any presidential hopes, and family, were of course destroyed. I liked Gov.Mc Donald personally, because he listened to citizens, and we were NEVER “too conservative” for him. And when I elevated certain bad things in one Virginia venue, he called a Special Prosecutor within 24 hours to address it (vice, crimes against children, crime syndicate type things, casino things. Nevada ties with no business here in the nation’s capitol area.) THEN >>> another former Virginia Governor, Tim Kaine, Hillary’s running mate, gleefully announced on national tv that he had taken (!) $18,000 as US Senator, primarily game tickets and favors and gambling type things; and $185,000 as Virginia Democratic Governor. The FBI – COMEY – nor Obama, did not bat an eyelash. That is how it has been for us here in Washington for 8 horrible, long, unbearable, years. Democrats so gleefully and so publicly and with such confidence doing WHATEVER THEY WISH, HOWEVER BLATANT A FELONY OR ETHICS VIOLATION OR DANGER TO THE US OR TO CHILDREN OR WHATEVER with the full confidence and knowledge that Obama and his team would “protect” them. Almost another Taminy Hall, if one ever studied US history. And the election was the same way – so was the US IRS bugging and auditing of Tea Party candidates. Etc. I was told flat-out by the Chief of Staff to a major Democratic US Senator, 2015 – when Google’s CEO and Operations Director were looking at funding my company – that I may as well “forget” right then, any “help” from the Democratic Governor or anyone in Congress. That the “real deals in Washington are all made on the basketball courts.” To a struggling single mother, barely making it despite working 7 days a week, 6 am to midnight most days, bid after bid sometimes awarded, then taken away with “jokes” or other disparate treatment, and Google on the line from the other coast, but needing quick official sponsorship here … that was difficult to hear. But I bet Gov. Mc Donald had a lot of time in prison, where the USSC said he was arbitrarily and unfairly sent to without due process or fairness, just Democratic leadership “whim” .. to consider what his $400 watch looked like, next to Gov. Kaine’s $185,000 collection of various goodies. So now, 1.5 years later, we are blessed to be welcoming in a grand new change in Washington. How could anyone be honest or moral or a good citizen, and not want such a change? Maybe those of us who were such “black sheep” can finally be “allowed” to work or participate in US federal government contracting here, in the nation’s capitol, a black and Democratic stronghold. And as we all saw today, we might not be so far-fetched in the many “reverse discrimination” claims elevated in DC and in Virginia, and Maryland, that were quickly dismissed as “ridiculous” under Obama. (Is there ANY white government leader in the District? If so I must have missed that. Are any white contractors allowed to bid on ANY of the largely MBE-designated (“minority business only”) billions of state- or federal-funded programs awarded in Maryland? I almost feel as if I have no right to breath in that state.I certainly cannot compete for any federal government funding; it is almost ENTIRELY “minority” designated. But yet, being a white single mother is almost like being an endangered species also, here. And oh, by the way, one other little point – IC / Obama / Democratic leadership and Democratic courts – the number of missing and kidnapped children, like the rates of gang violence and hispanic immigrant violence, has almost TRIPLED in the US under Obama’s 8 years: from 295,000 in 2004 to over 800,000 in 2016. 800,000 of our children kidnapped and missing this year alone – that is per USDOJ. And CNN. Where is our Democratic attention to this little woeful statistic? If you people really wish to have a fit over something “wrong,” then why don’t you look at today’s sickening video of the facebook attack; and then look at the USDOJ names of little missing children. And their empty seats in schools all over the US. And then blame YOURSELVES.

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