Who Are Bernie Sanders’ Supporters Voting For?

ESSINGTON, PA - JULY 27: Senator Bernie Sanders exits the stage after addressing the New Hampshire, Maine and Vermont delegation breakfast at the Democratic National Convention (DNC) on July 27, 2016 in Essington, Pennsylvania. The convention officially began on Monday and is expected to attract thousands of protesters, members of the media and Democratic delegates to the City of Brotherly Love. (Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

Who are Bernie Sanders’ supporters voting for? (Getty)

Bernie Sanders supporters are still a big unknown in this election and could, possibly, decide the entire presidential election results. More than 12 million people voted for Sanders in the Democratic primaries, not even including the number of independents who supported him but couldn’t vote for him because of closed primaries. But who are all these people now voting for? Some are following Bernie’s endorsement, but others are launching out on their own and voting third party. After you finish reading this story, if you are a Bernie supporter, take the poll at the end and let us know who you’re voting for. 

Here’s what you need to know.

Some Sanders Supporters Are Voting for Clinton, But Others Just Can’t Make That Switch

Some Sanders supporters are voting for Clinton and really pushing others to do the same. After Bernie endorsed Clinton, some supporters are following his lead and voting for her too:

But despite these endorsements, other Sanders’ supporters are having a hard time switching to Clinton’s side. After the Democratic National Convention, many left feeling alienated by the Democratic party. In addition, revelations from WikiLeaks emails that the DNC was working to support Hillary Clinton over Sanders also fueled that distaste. Donna Brazile gave debate questions ahead of time to Clinton’s campaign. Schultz, who had to step down as DNC chair after the revelations, has since complained that Sanders’ supporters are making her into a scapegoat. Clinton, meanwhile, has supported Schultz, making her an honorary member of her team and having Schultz speak at her campaign rallies in Florida. It’s moments like those which prevent Sanders’ supporters from voting for Clinton.

But still, some Sanders supporters say that they feel the pain from the primary, but they still believe that Clinton is the best choice.

Others disagree. Elizabeth Madison was a  Bernie Sanders “super volunteer” who trained and educated delegates on what to do at the DNC. She spoke to Heavy about her experiences at the DNC in this story. She said about Wasserman Schultz’s speaking at Clinton’s rallies:

If Sec. Clinton is trying to earn Sanders’ supporters’ vote, I do not think that this is the proper manner in which to do so. Although I am a member of that party, I am only so in name, as I witnessed a biased Democrat primary election in which Debbie Wasserman Schultz played favoritism.”

Some Sanders supporters who aren’t voting for Clinton have decided to write Sanders in instead. (Learn more about the write-in movement here.) Sanders told one voter that he really only approved of this write-in effort in Vermont, because he had no chance of winning there. In other states, he preferred that voters cast their ballot for Clinton, not him. Here’s the video:

Many Sanders Supporters Are Voting for Jill Stein

But what about supporters who don’t want to vote for Hillary Clinton but also don’t want to write in Sanders, since he doesn’t seem to want that option himself? Many of these supporters are voting instead for Jill Stein. Stein’s political stances are nearly identical to Sanders’, making her an easy choice for many. Daniel Clark, for example, has been a big supporter of Stein ever since Bernie Sanders lost the nomination for the Democratic Party. Clark was a national delegate for Sanders who now believes Stein is the best choice for America. He wrote on Facebook a few weeks ago:

Hillary is losing to Donald Trump, that’s a horrible way to lose. Jill is handling this better than either of them and I am so proud to be supporting her and not either of them.”

And as more WikiLeaks revelations come out, more Sanders supporters are turning to Stein:

Other Sanders supporters are voting for the other third-party candidate, Libertarian Gary Johnson. Although he’s ranking higher in the polls than Stein and is socially liberal (although fiscally conservative), some of his stances have turned Sanders supporters away. But some Bernie Sanders supporters are voting for him, in hopes that he will get enough votes as a third-party candidate to make a difference in the election and perhaps help start to put an end to the two-party system.

Other Sanders Supporters Have Turned to Donald Trump

Still other former Sanders supporters are actually turning to vote for Donald Trump. They often share their viewpoints on Reddit’s subreddit for Trump, “The_Donald.” One Bernie-to-Trump supporter wrote on Reddit, in part:

In the beginning of the election cycle I was motivated by Bernie and his message of fighting corruption… I saw how the DNC rigged the NYC primary with their Brooklyn voter purge which pissed me off. Then I saw how many other primaries had been tainted by the DNC corruption which began pushing me to Trump… When I read the Podesta emails that sealed the deal for me… I want a president who will help shape a new America and a better foreign policy. We can repair our infrastructure, rebuild our cities with US Steel and help create a new way forward for the next generation of Americans.”

At this time, it’s not known where the majority of the millions of Sanders supporters are going to ultimately go. Ever since Sanders stopped running for President, his group hasn’t been a cohesive whole. But they could certainly wield enough power to make a substantial difference in this election on Tuesday.

Were you a Bernie Sanders supporter? Let us know in the poll below who you’re voting for:

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  1. BERNIE SUPPORTERS! Only certain states will count a write-in for Bernie. Please make sure you’re in a state where it counts if you’re planning on writing him in! Don’t let your vote get thrown away!
    “It appears you can only write Bernie Sanders’ name in for Alabama, California, Iowa, Mississippi (unclear), New Hampshire, New Jersey, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, Washington, and possibly Wyoming (unclear).”

  2. As much as younger people including younger millennials love Bernie and did everything in their power to support him during the primaries they are still hesitant to support Hillary even though Bernie has tried to reassure them that he will hold her accountable should she attempt to backtrack on her promises to implement his platforms.

    Some people still try to disregard the fact that millennials are now the biggest voting bloc in America and that includes the mainstream media who constantly ignores them while conducting polls thus giving people the wrong impression that Hillary has widespread support among all voting demographics.

    Hillary may squeak through and get enough electoral college votes but the rise of the Greens and Libertarian Party this election cycle may finally pave the way for a legitimate third party to emerge since many Americans are sick of both major parties and want a change.

  3. in Oklahoma we had no other choice – there was no green party and there is no write-in. No choice. No good choice. We had to vote for one or the other of the monsters or a nutter. We chose not to vote for monsters.

  4. There is only one reason to vote for Shillary, the supreme Court. After her coronation, let’s get back to the business of setting up NEW progressive party and the issues that will really fix our slowly dissolving democracy.

  5. I’m a Bernie Sanders voter who will write-in Bernie even though in my state write ins for Bernie won’t be tallied. Clinton lost her last chance at my vote when she failed to pick a progressive for VP. The only tactic that has worked for progressives in my lifetime was this year’s primary… refusing to compromise in the primaries… showing centrists that we mattered by backing our longshot candidate until he wasn’t a longshot. This won us a moral victory and forced the centrists to lurch to the left. When we lost the primary I was watching closely to see if Clinton would make enough of a peace offering to buy my vote. Nothing she gave us was concrete… just speaking spots… talking points… platform influence… etc. It’s more important to me that progressives demonstrate recalcitrance to centrists than it is that I get to pick which of the two Iraq-invaders bungles the next four years.

  6. I was a Bernie campaign volunteer, my first time doing something like that. I also donated to him, my first time doing that. I don’t think I’ll ever vote Democrat again in my life.

    • Jill Stein is not on the ballot in Nevada nor is she a write in candidate there. Please consider that 5% needed for third parties though. A “None of the Above” vote actually hurts them because it adds a vote, lowering their percentage. 5% is needed to get federal funding and guaranteed ballot access in 2020. Please keep that in mind when voting. Leaving that part blank actually helps third parties and may help give a legitimate and viable third option in 4 years.

  7. Just don’t vote for the person who cheated Bernie Sanders under any silly justification. Including Bernie told you to do so. You vote for corruption, oligarch rule and death to the middle class unlike voting for Bernie, you will get just that. Corruption, Oligarch rule, and the death of the Middle Class. Please, do not vote for Hillary!\

  8. Heavy-according to Bernie and his campaign and every other reliable source, he received 13 and a half million votes, not ‘over 12 million’

  9. I gave money to Bernie’s campaign. I caucused for him and I went to see him speak. I still think he’s the man to listen to. He is telling us to vote for Clinton and so I’m doing that. He’s not finished. If the Democrats win big on November 8th Senator Sanders with be the finance committee chairman in the Senate. He will be the gate keeper. Senator Warren will work together with him on keeping pressure on Clinton. This is the smartest way forward for people who want to move this country forward. Think about it. Are you smarter than Bernie? Do you have a better plan? If not, join us.

    • Right On!

      An idealized perfection is trumping a realized good by declaring Bernie Sanders has sold out. Accomplish tested progressive activists like Elizabeth Warren has sold out, Ben Jealous has sold out, Larry Hamm has sold out, Danny Glover has sold out, Robert Reich has sold out, Noam Chomsky has sold out. Only the hypothetical untested Jill Stein is pure, arguing that nothing has changed, she dispenses suicidal “Jones Town” political Green Kool Aid with ahistorical self-assurance and arrogance that over 90% of Blacks of all classes would be voting against their interests by voting for Hillary, and are just as naive as the the over 90% of working class white males and a likely majority of white women voting against their interest for Trump.

  10. “Bernie or Bust” people caused Hillary Clinton the election by voting for Gary Johnson!!!!

    So having Donald Trump as president for the next 4 years is your own fault!

    • You’re an idiot. Lol. You do realize Gary Johnson is a radical conservative, right? The ones who voted for him are more likely to have voted for Trump over Hillary in the election if he wasn’t an option. Before you go and try to blame Jill supporters, if you added all of her votes to Hillary’s in swing states, she would’ve only won one that was worth like 4 delegates. She still would have lost. Before you blame those that didn’t vote for her, maybe you should look at why she wasn’t able to earn those votes. Look close into the DNC. Look at how they committed election fraud against the candidate the people wanted to install a candidate that didn’t appeal to them. The problem is the DNC, not those who were smart enough to see through the bullshit the Hillary campaign was putting out. The ones smart enough to actually read the contents of the emails released by Wikileaks. The smart ones are not the ones you blame. You blame the establishment that went against the will of the people and literally committed election fraud to force their candidate on the people. It’s despicable and the fact that anyone would continue to support the DNC after everything they did is inconceivable…

      • The DNC did not commit election fraud. Hillary Clinton received 250 delegates more than Sanders with the total of the primary states won. And the super delegates can support whatever candidates they want.

        Hillary accepted the fact that the super delegates wanted Obama over her in 2008. That’s just the way it works unfortunately.

        • Are you kidding me? There was widespread election fraud during the primaries. The media didn’t cover it because they were working with Hillary from day one. If you looked at the contents of the emails released by Wikileaks, you would see how obvious the election fraud was. Not only the proof in the emails but I know for a fact that a lot of polling places were telling the poll workers that NPP voters get a different ballot that did not include Bernie Sanders. NPP voters were the ones more likely to vote for Bernie in the primaries. Seriously, before you blindly deny that it existed just because the Clinton controlled media said it didn’t exist, look into it. Look at the contents of the emails released. If she didn’t commit election fraud, Bernie would’ve won by a landslide in both the primaries and the general election. The DNC chose to commit election fraud and install a weak candidate against the people’s will. This has nothing to do with the superdelegates, it was literally widespread election fraud and election rigging. Ever notice how the media only denied “voter fraud?” That was to confuse the public. There is no widespread voter fraud but election fraud is a completely different beast and it does exist.

      • Jill voters were the difference. It’s clear from the statistics. So the most “green” folks there are were so taken with their holier-than-thou stance that they directly helped elect the most anti-green candidate in history. Yes, I blame the Stein-ists. Even more than the trump voters.