PHOTOS: ISIS Terrorist Anis Amri Shot Dead in Milan for Berlin Christmas Attack


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Martin Jacoby

Anis Amri – what is done with martyr’s bodies?

Mere force does not inhibit an Islamic martyr because they know for certain that, if they die while killing kaffirs, they will go to heaven and live forever in conditions of perfect pleasure. They also know that they will not, if they are contaminated by, for example, pigs. These certainties were used in John Masters’s novel Bhowani Junction. In the book, which is set in India, Colonel Savage orders his Ghurkhas to urinate on high-caste protesters who are lying on a railway track. They flee in terror, knowing that they would lose caste if they become contaminated. The episode was sanitised to some extent in the film version with Untouchables bringing buckets of pig manure to throw on the protesters. Perhaps, if something similar could be devised for the bodies of Islamic martyrs, might it reduce recruitment of their replacements?

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