WATCH: Video Shows Woman Brutally Attacked at Las Vegas Taco Shop

A woman says she was brutally attacked at a taco restaurant in Las Vegas by a man who had yelled a racial slur at her, KTNV-TV reports.

The assault was caught on the taco shop’s security cameras. You can see the video above.

Carmen Porter told the news station she stopped at the drive-thru of Roberto’s Taco Shop early Monday on her way home from work. Porter said she heard the attacker, who has not been identified, yell a racial slur at her as she drove away from the drive-thru.

“Part of me wanted to drive off and go home, but obviously a bigger part of me wanted to confront him,” Porter said. “I asked him, what did you just say to me, and (he) began shouting and saying ‘It is called freedom of speech. You heard me.'”

(Screengrab via KTNV)

(Screengrab via KTNV-TV)

The video shows the attacker pick up a wet floor sign and hit Porter multiple times. The man then drops the sign and walks back into the restaurant. Porter said he went in to finish ordering food.

The assailant can be seen on video coming back out of the restaurant and picking up the sign to hit Porter again.

“I remember falling towards the rocks, and even when I was on my knees in the rocks he kept hitting me,” Porter said.

The man then was pulled away and left in a car. Police are investigating and trying to track down the attacker.

Las Vegas Police Lieutenant David Gordon told the Las Vegas Review-Journal that Porter is black and the attacker was white.

Gordon said it is not clear if the slur heard by Porter was directed at her. He told the newspaper the man left the scene in a light-colored sedan and was with two other men in their 20s, who did not take part in the assault.

Porter was taken to the hospital and said she received 15 stitches after the attack.

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  1. The Mormons that run Las Vegas will lock that black bastard up !!
    They will put him in a Cell across the OJ. They’ll probably catch him before this weekend.
    They’ll charge that black bastard with a hate crime !
    And is Mommy will come out and say, along with black lives matter!
    He’s my baby he don’t do nothing wrong !

    • You gotta one of the many dumb uneducated white males in this great country. Stupid fucc. This pricc has no blacc in him whatsoever! Hes clearly mexican. We know if he was white he would of probably bit this broad. A la Damer. What a dumb ass. What was your high school years filled with white girls you desired getting taken by that BBC? I bet your in a cuckold relationship now? Chastity excites you while your wife takes blacc men? Keep it real lol

  2. That’s a blackest white man I’ve ever seen he must be one of them mixed race black people ? either that or he’s a real dark Mexican ? or from the Middle East teaching his women to behave ? He don’t look white to me ?

    • wow I guess none of you people have ever heard of a TAN/ not all white people are doughy white bread like drumph, just like not all black people are the color of coal, no wonder you have such a racist outlook you can not tell one color from another unless it is the most extreme shade possible. And really what difference does it make? the guy is a violent threat to civil society, what ever his reasons, if this is how he reacts when he is angry it probably will not be long before he kills someone, probably a woman or old person or child, men who beat woman are basically cowards afraid to fight other men, they prefer to his women and children. they need to find this guy, if he has kids you know he is beating on them too.

  3. You’re right he does look black the guy in front of him with the glasses now he’s white for sure but the guy that did the beating he sure looks black to me

  4. I don’t think this is the whole story lol. They pprobably got into a confrontation of some sort before all this; or, the guy was making racial jokes or something amongst his friends. who knows? Never trust a single storyteller – they will ALWAYS try to make themselves look like the heroic victim – especially women. There’s a chance she got her butt beat for getting into a conversation that had nothing to do with her.

      • Lol you mean like you just did? Oh, let me guess – you’re the exception. Go read Dr. Seuss this is a grown folks’ forum, pumpkin.

    • This is a very fair statement. Black women lie about “racism” way too often, and pretend to be innocent when they’re actually the aggressors. Hispanics and blacks don’t get along with one another.

  5. Hispanics are usually designated as “white,” especially when they are violent perpetrators. Not sure if this attacker was white non-Hispanic or “white Hispanic.” Cops, FBI, etc., historically don’t specify Hispanic for perps.

  6. A’rent his fingerprints on the sign? He looks Hispanic or mixed, not white and he looks under the influence. SHe should have cusssed him out and kept on about her business. Name calling don’t mean shit. Its what you answer to that counts.

  7. The guy was totally out of line and deserves a lot of jail time BUT the victim invited trouble when she ran out of the restaurant

  8. Who cares what he said? You jeopardized your own life and safety. He was absolutely wrong, but why confront an unstable person? SO you got what you deserved for putting yourself in a dangerous situation. Maybe next time you’ll just leave and put your safety first.

    • Ah, I see from others’ comments he is Hispanic!! Isn’t that a little like the pot calling the kettle ‘black’??? HAHAHAHA!