Donald Trump Criticizes President Obama, Says Transition Has Not Been Smooth

Trump Rally warren, donald trump rally, donald trump pointing

Donald Trump holds a campaign rally in Warren, Michigan. (Getty)

President-Elect Donald Trump said this morning that President Barack Obama has not ensured a smooth transition of power.

On Twitter, Trump accused Obama of making inflammatory statements and putting up roadblocks. He then said that he is not receiving the smooth transition that he was promised by the 44th president.

Earlier this week, President Obama said that he believes he could have defeated Trump if he had run for a third term in the 2016 election.

“I’m confident that if I had run again and articulated it, I think I could’ve mobilized a majority of the American people to rally behind it,” Obama said during an appearance on the podcast The Axe Files, which is hosted by Obama’s former adviser David Axelrod.

This comment clearly touched a nerve with Trump, who has tweeted about Obama three separate times since then.

However, today’s tweet is the first time that Trump has actually accused President Obama of preventing a smooth transition of power from taking place. This comes after about two months of Trump speaking positively about the Obamas, much to the chagrin of his supporters.

President Obama has made several decisions since Election Day that have upset Donald Trump and that have been seen as attempts to prevent the 45th president from accomplishing his agenda. For example, Obama recently made use of an obscure, 63-year-old law in hopes of indefinitely banning offshore drilling in parts of the Artic and Atlantic oceans.

Trump also recently criticized Obama for his decision not to veto a United Nations Security Council resolution demanding that Israel “immediately and completely cease all settlement activities in the occupied Palestinian territory, including East Jerusalem.”

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  1. Trump is right. Obama is a thin skinned pathetic arrogant creep who despises america. The American people have finally spoken and put this piece of shit and the rest of his entourage out of office.

    • You mean Don-the-Con who whined to CNN that he didn’t like the picture it used of him? No, that’s not being thin-skinned or uber vain. Yes, the electoral college has spoken, and with the help of failed rust-belt states, Donnie was elected. But the PEOPLE voted for Hillary–and they will not be silenced.

  2. I think you have Pres Obama and Trump confused. Trump is not president YET, but he is putting his 2 cents in every chance he gets and a lot of times, since he IS our president Obama has to clean up the S**T that comes out of Trumps mouth or Twitter. Trump thinks he knows everything when in fact, he knows nothing at all. Pre Obama was gracious enough to offer his knowledge, but I don’t blame him for not kissing the disrespectful orange dum dums ass. If Trump wants a smooth transition, he should shut the f**k up until he is actually the president.

    • Oh, if only that were true. Of course, your “the America hating elitist mooselum” statement says all it needs to about your intelligence. Plus, we all know what a man of the people that ole Trumptard is with his 3-story penthouse and gilded toilets. Kinda’ like Mira-Lago . . . a real “common man’s resort!” LMAO!!!

    • It will be so refreshing to get a Christian hating Jewish hating Catholic hating president out of the White House !!

      Obama’s actions prove that he was never interested in America and its freedoms he was interested in destroying to dismember to dismantle !!

      Wait just a minute here that’s exactly what the Muslim brotherhood’s claim they were going to do !!

      is to destroy America from within !!!

      Thank you Obama and your Administration for the wonderful work you have done to destroy this country !!

      Well we’ll see how much more damage Obama can do before he gets out of the White House !!

      I don’t think we need more proof do we need to know that Obama is a Muslim !!

      He loves America’s money but he hates the American people.

      • Amen to this. You are exactly right. America made a stupid mistake electing this piece of shit twice and now we will pay forever.

        • Can’t wait to see what Putin’s Puppet does next, comrade! I hope you’re all learning to speak Russian. It won’t be long now!

      • Nobody–typical Trumptard rant. All allegations and no vetted facts to back it up., Apparently, you don’t remember where the country was in 2008 and where it is today. Or maybe you don’t have the intelligence to discern the difference?